Terms of use in cooking greens:fresh, dried and frozen

Terms of use in cooking greens: fresh, dried and frozen

Cooking is an art. From each product you can
prepare hundreds of different dishes, but rarely which one costs
without greens. It is added to other ingredients or used to
decorations. Fresh twigs give a special flavor, taste, contain
incredible amount of vitamins. It is important not to destroy them. how
to use greens in cooking?

Fresh greens in different dishes

Fresh greens – the best that nature has given. She fits into everything
dishes: first, second, salads, snacks. It is used for taste and
decorations. Sometimes greens are the main ingredient, for example,
in a smoothie.

Application features:

  1. Кипятить зелень не рекомендуется. If she
    is added to the pan, then the dish is only brought to a boil, after
    bringing the cooker off immediately.
  2. Leaves, twigs and even
    . For example, in dill they have a very pronounced
    aroma and taste.
  3. If you do not want to swim in the pan
    , можно опустить в готовый суп пучок, оставить на
    half an hour, then take out.
  4. Not all greens are combined with each other. Parsley
    and dill are rarely used together, but shade the taste of each species.
    can basil.

It is important to remember that not all people love greens or are ready.
use it in large quantities. If dishes are prepared for
large company or guest tastes unknown, it is wiser to file
greens on a separate plate.

how хранить свежую зелень

Methods for storing fresh herbs are not very many. She is capricious,
may fade in half an hour after cutting. Therefore, we must immediately
identify all surplus in a suitable place. Optimal solution –

how можно хранить зелень:

  1. Поставить пучок в холодную воду. Stems with
    This is not cut off. It is better to even use greens with roots.
  2. Fold dry greens in a glass jar, close tight
    крышкой, убрать в холодильник
    . If moisture does not get, then
    parsley or dill will last up to four weeks.
  3. Wrap the bundle in a damp cloth, put in
    полиэтиленовый пакетик, убрать в fridge.

If the greens have already withered, then before using it soak,
but not before storage. Wet leaves will become moldy. Languid greens
You can also put it in the fridge or dry it.

Dried herbs in different dishes

Fresh greens are fine, but in winter there is no opportunity to buy
something quality, and the price is often upsetting. But this is not a reason
discard dill or parsley. In the cold season often
used dry greens. It is sold in stores or
harvested in the summer.

Features of use:

  • Dried greens are very light and
    , так как из нее удалена влага. Add
    need it in a small amount. Otherwise, the dish will appear too
    pronounced taste and aroma.
  • Dried herbs are mostly added to liquid.
    : супы, подливы, соусы. It is advisable to pour in the end
    cooking and bring to a boil.
  • If you want to add dry herbs in a salad, rice or
    another thick dish then the best product is pre
    , можно растолочь пестиком либо прокрутить на
    coffee grinder.
  • Дома удобно готовить ароматные смеси. Can
    combine several types of herbs with dry garlic, different types
    pepper, spices. On hand will always be natural

how сушить и хранить зелень

Greens before using must be washed, then
dried. Next, you need to bind it in small bundles (for
вертикальной сушки)  либо оторвать листочки от веточек и
cut (horizontal drying).

how можно сушить зелень:

  • On air. The common way is convenient in
    good and dry weather.
  • In the oven. If the weather is not happy either green
    did not have time to dry, then you can lay out on a baking sheet and dry
    at low temperature, open the door.
  • In an electric dryer. Great
    device that allows to get dried and fragrant
    greens, regardless of weather conditions.

Important! You can not dry the greens in the sun. Light will make
her yellow, ugly, will negatively affect
to taste.

Ready greens are poured into jars, covered with a tight lid and
kept in a dry, dark place. She is well worth the kitchen.
locker or basement.

Frozen Greens

Freezing is a convenient way to preserve greenery. If everything is done
correctly, then the blank will delight in taste and aroma. Only important
know the rules for its use.

What you need to know about frozen greens:

  1. Ее не размораживают перед использованием. For
    decorating dishes this option is blank.
  2. After adding the greens, the hot dish needs to be brought to
    . Since there is a lot of ice in the freezing, moisture.
  3. Frozen greens should be kept tightly closed.
    или запечатывать в пакет, иначе она потеряет

how правильно заморозить зелень

Frozen greens are not found in stores, it is usually
harvested at home. The procedure does not require high
culinary abilities. The main thing – the presence of freezers and places in

how заморозить зелень:

  • spread out into small bags, you can immediately slice;
  • cut, poured into a container with a lid;
  • stuff with greens bell peppers.

Then just put in the freezer, and store there too. In the right
just get time, cut off the required amount. Bulgarian
chop pepper with greens, add to dishes.

Such different greens

Parsley and dill are the most popular types of greens. In asian
countries are joined by cilantro, and in Europe they love basil.
But do not limit your diet only to these species. there is
a lot of interesting plants that can and even need to be added to
the dishes. Each of them has its own taste and a set of useful substances.

howая зелень обогатит рацион:

  • Tarragon He is tarragon. Fragrant plant, from
    which you can cook not only lemonade. Fish, fresh vegetables,
    sauces will also sparkle with a new flavor.
  • Mint. For some reason it is rarely added to meat.
    dishes and soups, although it fits perfectly into them.
  • Rosemary. A sprig of this plant will give
    буженине необыкновенный aroma and taste. Ground and dry
    Rosemary can be added to any vegetable, fish, meat
    the dishes.
  • Чабрец. This plant can be added to any
    first and second courses, but also mixed with crackers is
    fine breading for fish.

Greens can also include cabbage and leafy salads, spinach,
feather bow. They are used fresh, are indispensable.
ingredient of some salads. Now a huge amount
different varieties, you can choose according to your taste and even
grow on the windowsill.

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