Teary method of blood sampling in children

Sat, 24 Dec 2016

American scientists in the course of the study came to a striking
discovery: in order to diagnose the condition of the body
child, it is not necessary to take blood for analysis. Will be
enough tears, the composition of which can be determined
Adequacy of vitamins in the child’s body. Wherein
it is not necessary to bring the baby to tears. For analysis
use a special strip that fits under the bottom
century, absorbs eye fluid. A similar procedure is definitely
is a great alternative to the frightening fence of any child

Scientists who have developed such a research method are confident that
future, it will be possible to create a special way of laboratory
research that allows you to set the number
vitamins in the human body. Scientists are convinced that analysis on
vitamins is one of the most important procedures by which you can
judge human health.

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