Tasty, low calorie, expensive

Reading the recommendations on diet food, sometimes you ask
The question is: can a working person really
to organize all THAT, without violating the technology of cooking and
prescribed mode?

Not everyone is able to keep track of daily consumption.
calories, the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the diet. And fresh
juices, germinated seeds, steamer in the workplace, for many
just fantastic.

Tasty, low calorie, expensive

Ideally, if the issue of catering – selection
products, cooking, counting calories – fully engaged
professional nutritionist chef. As you know, just like that
Hollywood stars support themselves. In addition, in the West for a long time
There are firms specializing in the delivery of healthy food in
offices and home. It turns out that now there are such services in

Недавно появившийся, сервис Just for you
A new project, which is controlled by a company known
Moscow restaurateur Arkady Novikov. The company has its own
factory-kitchen, where with the observance of all the technologies they cook
This is a healthy, low-calorie meal.

Tasty, low calorie, expensive

Ready meals (you can see their examples in the photo) are packed in
thermo-bag and delivered at a convenient time to the agreed address –
at home or at work.

The daily ration includes 7-8 full meals for
five meals a day. It also includes mineral water, green and
herbal teas, unleavened bread. In the menu orange fresh with mashed potatoes
from kiwi and banana, rice pudding with dried apricots and coconut milk, ear
based on spring water, black cod fillet with mini vegetables on
steamed rabbit braised with vegetables, fresh berries all year round and much

The menu is selected in accordance with the selected program:

  • Intensive weight loss program (up to 850 kcal)
  • Program for weight loss (up to 1300 kcal)
  • Nutrition program for vegetarians (2000-2300 kcal)
  • The program for a balanced diet (2000-2300 kcal)
  • Nutrition program with intense physical exertion
    (2700-3000 kcal)
  • Program for people with diabetes (2000-2300 kcal)

Specialists Just for You claim that in the preparation of dishes
only fresh, not deep-frozen,
organic and organic products, including fresh
salads, vegetables and berries from the state farm Arkady Novikov. Recipes
prepared in such a way that the dishes retain their flavor
qualities in a cold form, however, if desired, they can be heated
them in the microwave. All dishes are cooked without use.
preservatives and chemical additives. Dairy products firm
produces itself from domestic pasteurized milk and
yogurt starter using thermostats.

How much can it cost?

The minimum duration of any program is 10 days.
The cost of a ten-day power supply is 36 000 rubles. Maybe,
just take a trial day. In this case, the price of one trial day
will be – 4 000 rubles.

More affordable prices in the company “Elite Nutrition – Diet for
house”. This company also offers the provision of healthy food
all working day: lunch, lunch, afternoon tea. Service day
worth 1400 rubles.

Tasty, low calorie, expensive

Among the proposed programs:

Low-calorie diet (1 200 – 1 500
Aims to reduce weight in people with excess
body weight and low physical activity.

The usual standard diet (1 200 – 2 000
Stabilized weight and recommended for rehabilitation
after various diseases.

Hypercaloric diet (2 500 – 4 000
For people who are underweight, active
physical activity, weight gain.

The course of nutrition is 21 days. Daily delivered to customer
a box filled with small boxes of food. On each
the box on the clock is painted, what and when to eat.

Tasty, low calorie, expensive

This article is not an ad. It is written in pursuit
to acquaint readers of the site DietPlan.ru with existing today
possibilities of organizing proper nutrition. If you have experience
cooperation with these or another similar service, or you just
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