Tartlets with caviar – a welcome snack! Recipeselegant and refined tartlets with caviar and otheradditions

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Natural red or black caviar is already gorgeous! We all
used to smear it on a sandwich with butter. But it’s so boring!
Tartlets – the best solution for appetizers with caviar! Sand baskets
give full play of fantasy, allow you to use a variety of
the fillings and turn the appetizer into a little masterpiece.


Tartlets with caviar – the general principles of cooking

Caviar tartlets can be prepared by yourself from
unsweetened shortcrust pastry. In principle, they are made easy if
There are special forms. But more often baskets are bought ready-made,
They are inexpensive, look neat. By size tartlets
are different. The smallest products are used for caviar with butter.
If you plan to make multi-part fillings, then better
buy large baskets so that everything fits in them.

What is used besides caviar:

• cheeses of different types;

• shrimp and other seafood;

• crab sticks;

• eggs;

• mayonnaise;

• vegetables, greens.

Caviar is usually laid out on top. You can make a full layer,
covering the entire surface so that the filling through it is not
peeps. In large salad tartlets, caviar is used to
decorations, laid out in small piles or scattered
surfaces in the form of pearls. Served tartlets immediately after
cooking or a little cooling. Keep cooked
snack is not recommended.

Ordinary tartlets with caviar and butter

The recipe for a delicious snack of tartlets with caviar. The right way
filling baskets, proportions, features. Suitable for snacks
both red and black caviar. Number of products not
is indicated.


• butter;

• caviar;

• tartlets;

• dill greens.


1. Butter should not be hard. Very important to him
Remove from the refrigerator in advance so that the product is softened. Otherwise
the case of oil will lie crookedly when trying to distribute it inside
tartlet baskets are easy to damage.

2. Recruit half a teaspoon of oil for a standard
tartlets. Smear evenly on the bottom of the product.

3. Now a layer of caviar. It should be thicker. We put in full
a teaspoon in each tartlet. You can add 1.5 spoons.
Spread gently over the surface.

4. Now the dill. Wash greens with cold water, shake
droplets, spread on a small sprig on top of caviar. Can
use parsley, but dill has a milder taste, better
coming to the calf.

5. We shift the tartlets on a plate, between them you can
spread out the remnants of greenery. Cool and serve.

Tartlets with caviar and soft cheese

For such tartlets, you can use cottage cheese or any
another soft cheese. To make the filling oily and perfect
combined with caviar, oil is also added to it.


• 120 grams of cheese;

• 30 g of oil;

• 15-20 small tartlets;

• a little dill;

• 100 grams of caviar.


1. Beat the cheese and softened butter until smooth. If cheese
fat, you can cook without oil, but it still turns out

2. Add to the cheese 0.5 tsp. chopped dill. Cut the greens
very finely, rub it all together.

3. Spread the cheese filling in tartlets so that it
filled them up at 2/3. Align with a teaspoon top.

4. Now make a layer of caviar, distribute so that the gaps
was as little as possible.

5. Put a small sprig of dill on top.

6. Shift tartlets on the dish. If cheeseная начинка
left, you can put it in a pastry syringe or bag,
squeeze out little flowers on the calf, write letters or draw
any pattern.

Tartlets with caviar and crab sticks

Option economical people. For such tartlets with caviar is better
use not very small baskets that can fit
about 1 tablespoon of filling.


• 10 tartlets;

• 50 g of hard cheese;

• 120 g crab sticks;

• 1 clove garlic;

• mayonnaise, salt;

• a little dill;

• 2 spoons of caviar.


1. Cut the crab sticks into small cubes. Pour in
a bowl.

2. Add grated cheese, squeeze out a small clove of garlic,
add salt and fill the filling with mayonnaise. The amount of sauce on your
discretion, but do not add much.

3. Can в такой салат добавить 1 порезанное кольцо ананаса,
будет еще tastier.

4. We distribute the prepared stuffing on tartlets. She is
should reach the very top.

5. Make a small dimple in the center of the teaspoon.
pieces, sprinkle red caviar, decorate with a sprig of dill.

6. Either lay the eggs evenly, covering the whole

7. The most economical option is to scatter eggs on top of
chaotic order. But you can lay out a pattern of them. Painstakingly but
very beautiful.

Tartlets with caviar, cheese and eggs

For such tartlets with caviar, you can use any cheese, according to
The default recipe is solid. The amount of mayonnaise needed
to regulate. The filling should be thick, use good


• 2 eggs;

• 100 g of hard cheese;

• 100 g of caviar;

• tartlets;

• 1 clove garlic;

• to decorate greens.


1. Cook the eggs. We clear from the shells, finely crumble, pour in
a bowl. Eggs need to cool well, you can put on a few
minutes in the freezer until the rest of the ingredients are prepared.

2. Hard cheese rubbed on the grater with the smallest cells.
Immediately with the cheese, you can chop a garlic clove.

3. Mix it all together. Can добавить немного зелени.

4. Add mayonnaise. We put on a spoon, every time it is good
mix, monitor the consistency. We taste the stuffing,
You can add black pepper and other spices, but do not add salt.

5. Spread the minced cheese in tartlets, leaving room for

6. We put a layer from eggs, we decorate snack with greens,
spread on a dish.

Tartlets with caviar and shrimps

The option of chic appetizers with amazing taste and royal
kind of. Shrimp can be used any, but better fit here
small. Baskets are better to use not small, so that you can
place them all.


• 150 g of mayonnaise;

• 10-12 tartlets;

• 2 eggs;

• 120 grams of cheese;

• 100 g of caviar;

• 250 g shrimp;

• garlic clove.


1. Eggs are used boiled hard boiled. We chop their autumn finely.
Add the grated garlic and cheese, dressed with mayonnaise. amount
The sauce indicated is approximate. If you want to make more fat
the filling, add the softened butter.

2. Boil the shrimp in salted water, peel the shell,
cool well.

3. Открываем баночку с икрой, подготавливаем tartlets.

4. Fill baskets with salad.

5. Выкладываем слой из красной caviar Can сделать экономный
option or impose a product from the heart.

6. Now we put a shrimp in each tartlet to make a tail
stuck up. Distribute all the shrimp.

7. We transfer tartlets on a dish with greens, further
they do not need decoration.

Tartlets with caviar, mozzarella and Bulgarian cheese

A variant of very appetizing tartlets with delicate mozzarella cheese.
Of course, you can take any other kind of cheese, but it’s better if
will be just as gentle and soft.


• 150 g of mozzarella;

• 1 yellow pepper;

• tartlets;

• a little sour cream;

• 1 egg;

• 2 sprigs of dill;

• 100 grams of caviar.


1. Rub the boiled egg finely.

2. Grind mozzarella, mix with egg.

3. Рубим пару веточек укропа, насыпаем в stuffing.

4. Yellow bell pepper free from seeds. If a
the pod is large, then use half. Cut into small cubes,
the size of an egg.

5. Fill the filling with sour cream or fatty mayonnaise, carefully
stir Garlic, black pepper can be added to taste.

6. Fill tartlets with minced meat. If a используются
large baskets, you can lay with a slide. In small
тарталетках нужно оставить место для слоя caviar

7. Spread the eggs on top and you’re done! At will we put
small sprigs of dill or decorate a piece of Bulgarian

Tartlets with caviar, cream cheese and cucumber

Another option tartlets with cheese. In addition
used fresh cucumber. Choose a vegetable with a thin skin and
small seeds, it is important that the cucumber was tender and fit
taste in the dish.


• 10 tartlets;

• 1 small cucumber;

• 100 g cream cheese;

• 80 g of caviar;

• greenery.


1. Stir cream cheese to achieve a uniform
consistency. We put in tartlets, fill in 2/3

2. Wash cucumber, cut into circles of medium thickness.
amount кусочков должно равняться тарталеткам, то есть нам
need 10 pieces.

3. We put on the side in each tartlet cucumber mug on
edge, let him look out of the basket a little.

4. Between a cucumber and the opposite edge of a teaspoon
выкладываем горку из caviar

5. Decorate with a small sprig of greenery and you’re done! Can закуску
Serve immediately or stand for a quarter of an hour in the refrigerator.

Caviar Tartlets – Tips and Tricks

• When buying caviar, it is advisable to see the date of manufacture. If a
product released in the winter, it is most likely used
frozen caviar. Therefore, the bank will be more moisture on
tartlet product will flow and sand dough may liquefy.
Lay such caviar less and not to the brim to avoid

• Real caviar is soft, when crushing with fingers it spreads
and does not splash. If a раздавить икринку сложно, издается щелчок, а
the internal content flies away in all directions then you bought

• Most often tartlets are decorated with dill, as it is ideal
сочетается со всеми начинками и coming to the calf. But this is not the rule.
Parsley can also be used if present in tartlets
cheese. Choose the most tender and young leaves.

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