Swing calves at home and in the gym

Как накачать икрыUndeveloped and loose calf muscles do not look very nice, especially on female legs. Well-developed calves make the figure balanced and will help to achieve excellent results in fitness, cardio workouts and other sports. To make the legs aesthetic, you have to take for strength training. To please the result, you need to know how properly pump calf muscles.

Muscle groups and their functions

Beautiful legs of girls (women) and men depend on the relief and the volume of the gastrocnemius muscles. This is a strong muscular group that used by people throughout the day. To give caviar beautiful outlines, we must try to increase their volume. Regular workouts in the gym or at home allow pump calf muscles by performing basic exercises that cause stress of this muscle group. Consider more size, location and value of each muscle.

  1. Swing calves at home and in the gymCalf. It is a biceps muscle of the back of the lower leg, consisting of internal (medial) and external (lateral) head. Visually they are in the area of the knee, joining the tendon, which connects to the heel. This tendon is a link and the main the potential for potential growth of the calf in volumes due to genetic predisposition. The calf includes movement of the foot and stabilization of the body when running and walking.
  2. Soleus. This muscle is under sural and visible visually. It originates from the upper tibia bones, connecting at the bottom with the calf tendon, and passes to calcaneal tubercle. The soleus muscle is involved in the flexion process. feet. When a soleus is stretched, a person experiences pain in the posterior surface of the calf and plantar surface heels.
  3. Front tibial. According to anatomy, tissues of this muscle occupy 2/3 of the area between the fibular and tibial bone. It is located in the outer surface. front of the lower leg. Tibial muscle helps man keep balance, and when playing sports or dancing very is active. This calf muscle is palpable under the skin in the transition area shin to foot.


Warming up and stretching before starting the exercise

Pumping calf muscles is difficult, but with intense training quite possible. The main thing is to know which loads effectively train. this muscle group. But before starting a set of exercises for calf muscles, you need to warm them up carefully. Stretching calves in front exercise will make joints move, muscles strong and ready for loads. When performing warming up, the calves are strengthened. cardiovascular system and improved plastic movements. To do stretching special equipment is not necessary, therefore home training will bring the same result as pumping caviar in the gym. So, the basic movements for stretching the calf:

  • Махи. This is a great exercise for warming your calves. While standing, lean your hand on a wall or chair for balance. Back keep straight and make 15 foot swings to the side, back, forward. After each approach, change legs.
  • Растяжка. Сядьте, прямые ноги вытяните forward. Press your body against your legs while sitting. Reaching the extreme voltage points, hold for 2-3 seconds. Make 5-7 tilts.
  • Выпады. Stand with your back straight, legs located close to each other. With your right foot, step forward and transfer body weight to it. The left leg does not move. After 10-15 second feet change. Take 10 lunges for each legs.

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