Sweating – a new solution to the old problem

Sun, Feb 28, 2016 Nasty, sticky, with a pungent smell – sweat,
so disturbing you to live and enjoy every moment.
People suffering from sweating or, as it is called
in the language of medical terms – hyperhidrosis, ready for anything: from
daily bathing with infusion of oak bark on grandma’s
prescription to radical removal of sweat glands (endoscopic

DRYRU – guaranteed protection from sweat

Among the many tools offered by manufacturers
antiperspirants, deserves special attention TM Dry Dry line.
These unique products have been around for decades.
are absolute favorites in the fight for purity and freshness
bodies everywhere. But, unfortunately, due to unstable
economic situation, the acquisition of Dry Dry funds became available
not every consumer.

Do you have to turn back from self-confident
a person in a twitching subject hiding his palms while
shaking hands and choosing clothes a few sizes larger
to mask the nasty stains of underarm sweat? We found
output! Scandi Line company specialists (Dry Dry brand) are always happy
pamper your consumers. Meet the new Russian brand from
world famous brand – a line of unique products TM

DRYRU – the absolute analogue of TM Dry Dry products manufactured according to
unique patented technology with the guarantee of flawless
quality and safety of use. The only difference is the new
brand – a pleasant low price, which makes its purchase affordable and
easy for any budget. This is made possible by
placing production lines directly on the territory of the Russian Federation,
which significantly reduced the entire range of financial costs and allowed
form an economically justified cost of production
DRYRU even in times of crisis.

Effect without controversy

The DRYRU line is designed for individual
physiological characteristics of people with different types of sweating.
Today you can buy the following products DRYRU:

Ultra (повышенное потоотделение). Perfect choice
for sufferers of hyperhidrosis. Remedy aimed at eliminating
causes of sweat, maximally narrowing the sweat glands in places
excessive sweating and thereby evenly redistributing
sweating to other areas of the skin. Action effect
A single application of DRYRU Ultra lasts up to 7 days.
Versatile in use, it can be used by both men and
women, suitable for any parts of the body (armpits,
palms, feet).

Sensitive (для кожи, чувствительной к спирту).
If you are especially careful about the choice of cosmetic
means in mind the special sensitivity of your skin – means
DRYRU Sensitive is created just for you! The product does not contain alcohol
and gently affects the treated areas of the skin, providing a powerful
antibacterial effect and not hindering the natural
the functioning of the sweat glands.

Light (при нормальном потоотделении). Recommended
for people with normal perspiration, preferring
use modern antiperspirants providing
Absolute protection throughout the day.

November 2015, another product, Foot Spray, went on sale.
One of the most pressing problems during the cold season is sweating.
feet. Lingering between his fingers, in socks and closed shoes, he
creates a favorable breeding environment for bacteria that
are a source of unpleasant odor. AT то время как с других
parts of the body sweat easily evaporates, here he is “in
trapped. Means MT DRYRU in a convenient form of spray with menthol
подарит ATашим ножкам полный комфорт: избавит от потливости, охладит
and refresh.

In the fall of 2015, all products of TM DRYRU were presented on
international exhibition INTERCHARM and caused genuine interest
among the Scandi Line partners and potential

ATсе средства создаются под контролем шведских специалистов,
products meet Russian quality standards. But due to
the fact that these products are manufactured in Russia, the price
product is much lower than the Swedish counterpart.

Taking care of your every day

We know how important it is for you to feel comfortable and
confident in any situation, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365
days a year. We are sure that the problem of excessive sweating is not
should prevent you from enjoying life, building a successful career and
have a bright time. We want effective products to be
available for everyone. Therefore, we created TM DRYRU – exclusively
for you! Try and enjoy unparalleled benefits.
unique products DRYRU.

Спрашивайте средства DRYRU в аптеках и магазинах ATашего

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