Supplements and drugs for weight loss

No more digging through magazines and surfing the web looking for
reviews and characteristics of drugs for weight loss. We have already done everything
it is for you.

Let’s start with the most current – medical slimming products.
Today, only two drugs are known that have been tested for
efficacy in the treatment of obesity:

– orlistat (Xenical, Orsoten) – sibutramine (Reduxine, Goldine,

They are used only in combination with the diet, which with their
use becomes 15-20% more effective.

Orlistat – a drug that inhibits fat absorption in thin
intestines. Side effect is that the fat that did not have time to absorb
in the small intestine, leading to breakdown of the fat and
getting into trouble with digestion.

Sibutramine acts on the brain centers responsible for
appetite. All anything, but the drug has an impressive list of side
effects: mood swings, sleep disturbances, pressure surges,
deterioration of attention.

Most fat people mistakenly believe the cause of their
obesity excessive appetite and begin a psychological struggle with
desire to eat. In fact, their appetite is quite normal. But
problems with it appear when switching to an abnormal diet.
Orlistat and sibutramine do not affect human psychology. After
the termination of the reception of most people, the weight returns.

The remaining funds are not medical – this is just
biologically active additives. They are not tested on
therapeutic effects, but only checked for safety. Promised
manufacturers mechanism of action on the body – often nothing
nothing less than a publicity stunt. What dietary supplements are commercially available?

Supplements to reduce appetite

The popular supplements “Zhuidumen” and “li-da” reduced
appetite and patients lost weight. The scandal broke out when it turned out
that manufacturers illegally included sibutramine in them. So without
sibutramine herbs are useless? Alas, this is 90% true.

Vegetable buds show good appetite reduction effect.
on the basis of garcinia and hudia of gordonia, as well as complex dietary supplements
such as Supersystem six, Lipo six and others, composed
which caffeine and all the same garcinia and hudiya gordoniya.

Reduced cravings for sweets observed in the intake of drugs
chromium in the form of chromium picolinate.

Fat burners

The means of increasing energy expenditure, includes caffeine and
biostimulants: eleutherococcus, ginseng, commiforum. These drugs
increase the activity of adrenaline and accelerate the breakdown of fats and

Side effect: increased pressure, vascular spasms,
thrombophlebitis, palpitations, anxiety. With increasing levels
адреналина в крови у многих людей просыпается appetite. What follows
behind this – it is not difficult to guess. We begin to eat, eat, and once again
there is.

Supplements and drugs for weight loss

Another small note. In the manufacture of dietary supplements is allowed
include medicinal substances in an amount not exceeding 1/3
minimum therapeutic dose. This concentration is too low to
have a noticeable effect on the body. Make conclusions

Supplements that inhibit the absorption of nutrients

The composition of these funds included fiber, absorbent sugar. From
calorie blockers are expected to have the same result. Overweight
not associated with an excess of sugar, but with an excess of fat. Sugar is not
sucked in the small intestine, will cause in thick fermentation quite
explainable serious discomfort.


Influencing fat and carbohydrate metabolism

Chromium which is part of such preparations affects the exchange
carbohydrates. Based on this, manufacturers claim that he
helps to give up sweets. However, they are silent about the fact that
In large doses, this element is toxic. Plant enzyme from
bromeline pineapple seedlings does not help burn fat
accumulations, and vice versa, the breakdown and absorption of fat in thin

But как же так? After all, there are people who have lost weight due to one or another
addition! Of course, however, this result is most likely not related to
the action of the supplements themselves, and with the psychology of the particular person. Have
passionately believing in the magical power of dietary supplements euphoria from anticipation
quick healing enhances vital energy. There is energy –
reduced need for food.

Prices for supplements for weight loss are ten times higher than
antibiotics, painkillers, heart or antitumor
facilities. In fact, their cost is ridiculous – enough
look at the composition indicated on any of
packages. The psychological state of obese people makes them
pay huge money for the dream of becoming slim and beautiful.
Manufacturers around the world use this — and not always
bona fide.

If you decide to seek the help of auxiliary medical
means or dietary supplements, think. The main thing is to realize that the accumulation
Fat is a natural process, not a disease. Consequently,
there can be no cure for it. Everything you need to achieve
успеха  –  понять, как ваш организм накапливает и
breaks down fat. Then you can build your diet so that
so that fat is deposited much less than burned.

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