Super exercises for calves from Americantrainers

luchshie-uprazhneniya-dlya-ikronozhnyh-myshtsBeautiful legs –
the pride of any woman. But how often many beautiful ladies complain
that their calves are insufficiently large and disproportionately small in size.
compared to the upper legs.

There is even a plastic surgery – kruroplastika, the purpose
which is the increase and correction of the shape of the calf.

But why go under the knife? When effective exercises for calves
The legs in the article will help you form beautiful muscles,
and, therefore, attractive lower legs.

But remember that only regular classes will give you the desired
result. Also consider your own genetics and
muscle susceptibility to training – someone will have the first effect
visible after 2-3 weeks, someone – after 2-3 months. But he
will be. Do not stop, do: legs like a model is not
dream, and reality!


On the way to perfection: 7 exercises for perfect calves

These exercises were developed by an experienced American trainer.
especially for women. They are the fruit of many years of work, experimentation.
and long hours spent in the gym. The main thing,
follow the instructions carefully and the result will not make you
to wait.

Exercise 1

Starting position: stand on the right leg, and bend the left in
knee behind the torso. Then start rolling – transfer
body weight, practically becoming on the heel. After repeat to another
the leg. At first glance, this exercise seems easy, but after 2
sets of 10-12 repetitions you will feel tension and fatigue in
muscles. This is normal, do not stop. Increase every week
bar, performing more repetitions. Ideally you need
do 2 sets 25-30 times.

Exercise 2

Two-in-one, we train both legs simultaneously. Stand on
socks, linger, feel your muscles tighten, and
then get down to full stop. And repeat again. Make 2
approach 20 times; in the future, bring the number of repetitions to 30.
By the way, this exercise can be performed not only in the hall, but also on
work and even in the store, waiting for their turn to the cashier.

Exercise 3

Regular squats are ideal calf exercises. Run 2
approach 12 times. Avoid possible mistakes: do not bend,
keep your back straight, do not lean forward, gently exit
bottom squat point. �“Smoothly” means with some slowdown, not
swaying and not jerking. Gradually bring the number of repetitions.
up to 20-25.

Exercise 4

Another good exercise is lungeing. Take your foot in
side, and then transfer the body weight to the opposite side.
Lift the sock up, your calf muscle should be tight
like a string, then relax and return to the starting position.
Make 2 сета по 12 повторов на каждую the leg. Do not forget
increase the load. In a couple of weeks, when you stop
tired, bring the number of repetitions to 15-20. Exercise 5

To complete it, you will need a Bosu platform. This
training accessory is very unstable: you need more
dexterity to maintain balance. Stand on платформу и
do squats. We warn you – the first time may not
work out. But one such exercise of effectiveness is equivalent to
two. Make 2 approach 12 times.

Exercise 6

We won’t open America: regular running makes the legs “turned”, and the body –
hardy, which is useful for other exercises.
Add 5 small 30-minute runs to your schedule.
week and double the result from the running complex. If by
For some reason, running is contraindicated for you – go uphill.
Expose sufficient incline on the treadmill or
select the appropriate landscape in the park.

Exercise 7

Yoga classes also help to improve the shape of the calf. Exercises,
aimed at stretching, make your muscles susceptible to
training, and some poses, for example, the pose of the “tree” –
�“Vrikshasana” strengthen them.

What other exercises for the calf muscles is worth noting?

If the implementation of the above complex seems boring to you, either
you prefer group workouts, try the already called
yoga or ballet. Of course, you are unlikely to get into the troupe of the Big One.
theater – in this case, the latter must be dealt with since childhood, but
exercises at the machine are guaranteed to help become the owner
Miss Perfect Legs title. You can do in the studio or at home,
buying a DVD with lessons for beginners.

Jumping rope – effective exercise for the tone
calf muscles. You can use it as a warm up.
before the main workout. Bring your legs together and go forward – jump
not less than 10-15 minutes.

Doing the whole complex of exercises and warm-ups will take you no
more than 30 minutes. Practice it three to five times a week.

Every woman dreams of beautiful “model” legs. Not worth it
to dream – take half an hour to class and it will become a reality!

Video training for calves – note for beginners

It is useful to know: “Not satisfied with fat calves? Reduce them! ”
and “How to remove fat from the lechek: word specialists.”

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