Sunflower salad – the best recipes. How toand make delicious sunflower salad.

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Sunflower salad – general principles and methods of cooking

Sunflower salad – a very beautiful dish, really similar to
form on a sunflower. From above it can be decorated with canned
corn, sliced ​​olives or shelled
seeds. On the sides of the salad sunflower decorated with chips. So
original and beautiful in appearance it will take a worthy place on
holiday table. But guests will not only get an aesthetic
pleasure. Sunflower salad, layered, very tasty and

Sunflower Salad – Food Preparation

For a sunflower salad, you will need chicken fillet. Choosing a chicken,
Pay attention to the meat was elastic and the same color.
If a chicken breast with skin was bought, then the skin is necessary
remove, cut off excess fat and cut bones. Hen follows
cook for about 20 minutes until the meat turns white (you can
check by piercing it with a knife – the blade will enter easily, the threads
meat will be separated).

Champignons for salad need to buy fresh or
use canned. Fresh mushrooms, cut into
small pieces, you need to fry with onions on

Sunflower salad – the best recipes

Recipe 1: Sunflower Salad

Very beautiful salad, the center of which is laid out with halves of olives,
which gives refinement to the dish. And boiled chicken fillet and
Marinated champignons make the salad nourishing, spicy and very

Ингредиенты:300 грамм филе курицы,200 грамм
pickled champignons, 3 eggs, 400 grams of canned
corn, can of black large olives, leek, 200 grams
carrots, vegetable oil, salt, oval chips, mayonnaise.

Cooking method:

1. Boil the carrot until ready, then cool it,
peel and grate.

2. Chicken fillet should be finely chopped, and then cook for 10 minutes
in vegetable oil, not forgetting salt.

3. Boiled eggs should be grated finely. Cut in small pieces
mushrooms and half rings – onions.

4. On a wide dish, you must layers in series
lay out products, each flavoring mayonnaise (except
layers of eggs and onions). So, lay out in this sequence:
chicken fillet, boiled carrots, sliced ​​mushrooms, chopped onions,
eggs and corn.

5. Black olives must be cut in halves and put them,
completely closing the layer of corn (if someone does not like olives, then
they can not be used). After that, you need to put in a circle
dishes chips.

Recipe 2: Salad sunflower with corn

The peculiarity of this salad sunflower is that mushrooms
fried, and not used pickled, that is, this option
beloved by many salad more satisfying. In this embodiment, the corn is not
it is used at all, but hard cheese is added.

Ингредиенты:300 грамм куриной грудки, 200 грамм
fried champignons, 3 eggs, a jar of black olives without stones, 100
grams of hard cheese, packing oval chips, mayonnaise.

Cooking method:

1. First boil the chicken and grind the chilled.

2. Шампиньоны прожариваем на хорошо разогретой pan.

3. Separately, grate the boiled eggs and cheese. And
preferably a pair of yolks to rub separately – they are needed for
top layer of lettuce.

4. On a wide dish you need to lay out the prepared
products, each layer is flavored with mayonnaise. At the very bottom lay out
chopped chicken breast, then fried champignons, after grated
eggs and cheese. On the last layer, covered with mayonnaise, gently
Pour grated yolks and spread without mayonnaise cut into
four pieces of olive.

5. Salad preferably 12 hours to put in the fridge. BUT
just before serving the edge of the dish is necessary
decorate with oval chips, gently sprinkle the middle with grated

Recipe 3: Sunflower salad with crab sticks and
sunflower seeds

An interesting option of cooking salad sunflower, in which,
In addition to boiled chicken and fried mushrooms, used crab
sticks and peeled seeds.

Ингредиенты:200 грамм крабовых палочек,200
grams of any mushrooms, 300 grams of chicken, medium size
onion and carrot, mayonnaise, packaging of peeled seeds, 70 grams
chips (packaging, preferably oval).

Cooking method:

1. It is necessary to boil chicken meat and cut it into small ones.

2. Fry mushrooms with carrots and onions on a well warmed
sunflower oil.

3. On a wide dish you need to put chopped crab sticks,
then some mayonnaise, put boiled chicken as a layer
meat, again a bit of mayonnaise, then mushrooms with carrots and onions and
again mayonnaise.

4. Верх салата украсить очищенными sunflower seeds, которые должны
completely cover the dish, stick chips on the sides, making the petals.

Sunflower salad – useful tips from experienced chefs

Some sunflower salad recipes involve the use of
onions, which is laid out in a layer. Best to put it
in pickled salad – it will not have bitterness and taste of salad
get tidier. It is necessary for pickling onions
cut into small cubes, pour boiling water over 10 minutes, drain this
water – bitterness goes away. Then pour cold water, add a pinch
salt, a little black pepper and a little bit of vinegar. Later
half an hour (if time allows, it is better to hold the onion longer) water
pour out.

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