Strongly sweat palms – what to do? Why sweatpalm – a description of all causes and what kind of treatmenteffective.

Вт, 08 сен 2015 Автор: Ирина Силенко
Wet palms – a weighty reason for experiences and even complexes,
although to cope with this problem is quite possible. Before the first
a date or passing the exam process is quite understandable. But if
excessive moisture on the palms appears constantly – for a start
it is necessary to find out the cause of the anomaly, and then proceed to its
successful elimination.

Palms sweat – causes

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is common and
localized. In the first case, it occurs at elevated
physical stress, increased ambient temperature,
excitement and some diseases. Man is sweating and it is
Naturally, regardless of age and gender. However thermoregulation
palm does not affect the body, so when your palms are sweating –
reasons should be sought in collaboration with a specialist. Possible
factors affecting localized hyperhidrosis may

1. Unpleasant surprises from the endocrine system – incorrect
pituitary or adrenal gland activity, dysfunction
thyroid gland.

2. Frequent stress and psycho-emotional overstrain.

3. Genetic predisposition – usually associated with
increase in the number of sweat glands in the palms or their excessive

4. Vegetative dystonia – especially important in adolescent
age The process is controlled by the vegetative nervous
system and affects not only the palm, but also the foot.

5. Palms sweat – causes способны банально крыться в
unhealthy diet. Do you use too much
spicy foods, and is there enough vitamins in the diet?

To reliably establish the causes of the process capable of developing
self-doubt and excessive shyness, it’s easier to turn to
to the doctor. This problem should be consulted.
a therapist, neuropathologist or endocrinologist. Only acting on
source of trouble, not on external manifestations, can be achieved
effective result.

Sweat palms – diagnosis

The doctor can make the diagnosis of hyperhidrosis already at the first
visiting Having listened carefully to sweating complaints,
its location and circumstances of occurrence, the doctor conducts
a little test. If palms are sweating – the diagnosis is
carrying out the Minor sample, which requires only a solution of iodine and
starch powder. Iodine is applied on clean and dry skin of the palm.
After it is completely dry, starch is sprinkled on top, which
Interaction with then acquires a purple hue. Doctor
carefully measures the diameter of the painted surface and based on
this makes a diagnosis – the size indicates the degree of the disease:

– less than 10 centimeters – weak form;

– from 10 to 20 centimeters – average;

– more than 20 cm – a severe form of hyperhidrosis.

As you can see, if the palms are sweating – the diagnosis does not cause
difficulties. If necessary, to clarify the causes of the disease,
The doctor may order additional tests.

Sweat palms – treatment

When palms are sweating, treatment should be complex.
Using different sprays and lotions will help get rid of
external manifestations of the disease, and drugs and
treatment and prophylactic procedures effectively affect
the cause of the disease. It should be noted that if they sweat
palm – treatment should include, if necessary, and
menu correction, and antidepressants, and certainly compliance
personal hygiene.

For external use successfully used solutions
aluminum hexachloride or glutaraldehyde, tannin and formalin.
However, they all have some toxicity, so they must
prescribed by a doctor and used strictly in the recommended
dosage. If misused, they can
complicate an existing problem with skin rashes and

Sweat palms – treatment может включать в себя новейшие
effective procedures. Botox injections are well known.
representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are unique
properties for the rejuvenation of the skin. Influencing certain
muscle, the drug is able to permanently get rid of the treacherous wrinkles and
to return the former appeal. However, Botox is known to doctors.
for a long time, and previously used in the treatment of various
neuralgic diseases. It turns out not less successful drug
able to cope with excessive sweating of hands. It is introduced under
skin at certain points of the palms and block acetylcholine, without
whose glands cannot secrete sweat. The procedure lasts approximately
hour, absolutely safe and harmless, and effective 100% result
will delight for 7-8 months. However, the cost of it
Not everyone is available, so you can try a different method.

Another nice innovation is the drion machine. Twenty Minute
immersion in water through which a weak discharge is passed
electric current, eliminates the total increased sweating.
Local application based on the same principle and called
iontophoresis helps protect the handles from excessive moisture. Baths
fill with a special medicinal solution and put there
electrodes. Under the influence of current ions of the active substance inhibit
sweat glands, and for half a year palms will remain
dry even in extreme situations. However, you must pass
several sessions, until the disappearance of unpleasant symptoms.
After 6 months, the treatment can be repeated.

Sweat palms – treatment может быть и хирургическим. Operation under
The name sympathectomy is to block the nerve
trunks responsible for the regulation of sweating. Operational
intervention is carried out at a high level and in most cases
helps reliably get rid of the problem. The disadvantages can
include the possible manifestation of excessive sweating elsewhere
and, as a side effect, the occurrence of compensatory
sweating that sometimes can exceed the initial

Summing up, we can state that if palms are sweating –
treatment can be both long and pleasantly fast. Most
effective and do not require lengthy procedures – prompt
intervention and botox injections. The remaining methods induce to
patience and careful execution, but the result is
will be positive and will allow you to forget about discomfort in communication.
In parallel with the treatment prescribed by the doctor, it is very effective.
use of traditional medicine recipes that reliably relieve
from external manifestations of the disease.

Sweat palms – treatment народными средствами

Ointments, infusions and baths prepared according to our recipes
grandmothers, successfully help solve an unpleasant problem. This is great
supplement to drug treatment or temporary solution for
those who can not find time to visit the doctor. Sweat palms
– treatment of folk remedies contains many options, you can
choose any of them.

1. Lemon is an affordable, fragrant and effective remedy in the fight.
with excessive sweating of the palms. For the preparation of therapeutic mixture
need to mix a spoonful of lemon juice, the same amount of alcohol and two
spoons of glycerin. Mix thoroughly and lubricate the handles somewhat.
once a day. Their tenderness and pleasant dryness will surprise and delight.
in 3-4 days. Useful and regular bath with lemon juice – on
liter of water will need only one tablespoon.

2. Tablespoon of ammonia per liter of warm water –
the secret of making therapeutic bath for hands. The procedure lasts 20
minutes and held twice a day. Instead of ammonia can
use sea salt.

3. A few drops of geranium oil or cypress oil added in
favorite hand cream will turn it into an effective remedy for
sweat palms, and at the same time and will contribute to strengthening the nails.

4. Homemade cream – do not be lazy to do, its effectiveness
verified. Dry nettles, dandelion, calendula and plantain mix
in equal proportions. A tablespoon of the mixture pour a glass of boiling
water and insist about an hour. Take 50 grams of chicken or interior
pork fat, add 2 teaspoons of castor oil, 1
A tablespoon of honey and herbal infusion (2 tablespoons). Spray the pens for the night,
the result is not long in coming.

5. Contrast rinsing and subsequent baths with
using natural ingredients is a great way to treat
when sweat palms. Excellent results give sage, oak bark,
black tea, plain or sea salt, chamomile, nettle.

When palms are sweating – treatment with folk remedies is enough.
effectively, although it requires regularity and time. A little bit
patience, desire and perseverance will surely be rewarded
successful result.

Sweat palms – профилактика

If sweating of hands worries only occasionally, preventive measures
will avoid more significant problems in the future. Performing
simple tips, you can significantly reduce the frequency of manifestations
unpleasant processes and their intensity. When sweat palms –
prevention in the form of weight loss, normalization of the menu
or avoiding stress is quite effective. Additionally

– regularly visit the sauna or bath to remove toxins;

– Do not eat too hot food;

– love the daily douche;

– apply special cosmetics;

– use antibacterial soap for washing hands.

And in conclusion, I want to hope – science does not stand still,
In recent years, active work has been carried out to find new methods.
getting rid of the problem of hyperhidrosis. If sweat palms –
prevention will help you safely wait for the time when
a reliable optimal cure will be successfully found
excessive sweating.

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