Strengthening bones with hard water – right? howuse hard water as a source of minerals

Пт, 24 ноя 2017 Автор: Юрий Федоренков

Hard water can clog your kettle, but there is
strong evidence that it helps protect your
a heart. Certain impurities in water can be very useful for
health of your body and immunity.


What is called hard water?

Hard water is simply water that contains a large
amount of minerals. These minerals are mainly
magnesium carbonate, calcium and manganese. However, stiffness may be
caused by several other dissolved metals; these forms
are bivalent or multivalent cations,
including aluminum, barium, strontium, iron, zinc and manganese. Usually
monovalent ions, such as sodium and potassium, do not cause
hardness But divalent cations tend to combine with
anions in water and the formation of stable salts. Anion type,
found in these salts, distinguishes two types: carbonate and
non-carbonate stiffness.

Carbonate stiffness due to metals in combination with
alkalinity. Alkalinity is the ability of water to neutralize acids,
attributed to compounds such as carbonate, bicarbonate,
hydroxide, and sometimes borate, silicate and phosphate. On the contrary
non-carbonate hardness is formed when metals combine with

Carbonate stiffness is called temporary because it can
remove by boiling. Non-carbonate hardness cannot be removed.
by boiling, so it is also known as constant

The clearest evidence of hard water in the faucet
is that soap and shampoo are badly washed out, baths,
washbasins and shiny parts plumbing have a raid, linen after
the washing is dirty, and deposits accumulate in the kettle.

Minerals that are most commonly found in water represent
are carbonates of calcium, magnesium and manganese. These minerals
appear in the water in a natural way since water
seeps through calcium or magnesium-containing minerals.
The most common sources are limestone (which
introduces calcium into water) and dolomite (which introduces magnesium). Usually
they are beneficial to the human body. Groundwater is often
have greater hardness than surface water.

The classic measure for measuring the concentration of calcium cations and
magnesium in water is mol / m3, in practice commonly used
degrees of hardness and milligram equivalents per liter (mEq / l). WITH
01/01/14 a standard has been introduced in Russia according to which rigidity is expressed
in degrees of hardness (° W), 1 ° W = 1/2 mmol / l = 1 mEq / l.

Различают воду мягкую (<2 °Ж), средней жёсткости (2-10 °Ж) и
жёсткую (>10 °Ж).

howовы же могут быть преимущества, связанные с употреблением
hard water?

The benefits of hard water

Calcium intake

Calcium is essential for your health. One of the most important
the properties of this mineral is the strengthening of bones; its quantity
contained in the body, determines the strength of the skeleton.

Calcium and vitamin D are recommended if you or members of your
Families, including children, want healthy, strong bones.
Since calcium is one of the main ions in hard water,
its use helps to add to the body the necessary amount

An adult without calcium in his body experiences
great difficulties, especially when performing complex work requiring
extra effort. This is because he has weak bones.
(hypocalcemia). The latter leads to serious consequences, including
including fractures.

Hard water makes a significant contribution to the overall supply
body calcium.

Also, studies conducted by WHO have proven that calcium
tends to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. Though
too much calcium can lead to prostate cancer,
the level of calcium in hard water is much less, therefore its
enough to prevent diseases, not their

Another advantage of calcium in water is risk reduction.
cardiovascular disease. However, still held
studies to determine the amount of calcium suitable for
профилактики заболеваний WITHWITHWITH.

Magnesium intake

Magnesium intake through water can also serve as prevention.
for some diseases. Magnesium regulates about 350 cellular
enzymes in the body. These enzymes control important functions,
such as regulation of blood pressure, stabilization of the heart
rhythms and muscle contraction. Magnesium intake reduces arterial
hypertension (high blood pressure), the risk of developing diabetes and
improves heart health.

WITHогласно исследованиям ВОЗ в 2009 году: «Низкий уровень магния
has been associated with hypertension, coronary heart disease, sugar
diabetes and metabolic syndrome. “

In one meta-analysis, researchers concluded that the additive
magnesium per 100 mg was associated with an 8% reduction in the risk of developing
stroke, especially ischemic strokes.

In general, future research in this area will be able to give us
better understand the importance of magnesium for protect our hearts.

how кальций, так и магний необходимы для организма человека.
In addition, hard water leads to less corrosion of pipes;
provided it is not too hard. Soft water with more
probability will begin to dissolve the metal walls of pipes,
which flows.

Hard Water Lacks

Hard water does not adversely affect health
organism. However, daily use of hard water may
cause chores in everyday life, during washing and cooking.

Some of the problems associated with stiff

• Pipe closure;

• Increased consumption of soap and detergents;

• Slight increase in wear of household appliances and plumbing
(this is especially true for fittings in toilet bowls);

• Spots on shiny surfaces and glass.

WITH забитыми трубами ваша техника будет работать менее эффективно.
This often leads to higher electricity bills and even
to damaged devices. Blocks may cause leakage.
pipes and reduce the life of your equipment. Also possible
permanent stains on sinks, showers, baths, glass and even

Also one of the most noticeable effects of hard water.
is irritation and dryness of the skin. Eczema
как раз связана с этим фактором.

Жесткая вода очень полезна для человеческого organism. Her
positive impact cannot be ignored and it is completely
cover the problems associated with it. Drinking soft water
deprives you of valuable minerals that can be easily obtained from drinking
hard water. These minerals помогут повысить общее состояние вашего
health and reduce the risk of certain diseases.

Those who find hard water annoying when it comes
to domestic affairs, may have water softeners for such
goals like washing, washing dishes, making tea, watering plants and
etc. At the same time, you can have hard water in your home for
drinking. It will help you get the benefit of drinking hard water.
and avoid negativity.

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