Strawberry sorbet without sugar

You can pamper yourself with a delicious dessert even when
diet How? Very simple! You need to make a light dessert,
например, вот такой клубничный сорбет, без сахара, без сливок,
with lemon and lime juice.  

Something he recalls homemade ice cream, the same “real”
natural, refreshing, and most importantly – affordable.


– fresh strawberries – 200g – lemon juice – 1 tsp – lime juice – 1
h. spoon – mint – 2-3 leaves – water – 10ml

How to cook strawberry sorbet. Recipe:

Rinse strawberries with cold water, tear off the leaves. Further
you need to send it to the bowl of a blender or food processor.


Beat at medium speed until a homogeneous slurry forms. AT
conventional recipes at this stage add sugar, but we will not
do this AT самой клубнике есть фруктоза, которой более чем
enough. And we do not need extra sugar.


Now you should prepare the ingredients for sour syrup.
To do this, cut off half of the lime and lemon.


We squeeze the juice into a separate dish, add water to the same place.
(regular, clean) and mint leaves. Insist 10 minutes.

Pour lemon-mint some water in strawberry gruel. Good
mix it up.


Try the puree to taste, just do not get carried away
strongly, otherwise there will be nothing left to freeze. If the mash is thick,
you can add more water. Отправляем сорбет в морозилку на
3 hours. If possible, take a dish for sorbet, which
closes the lid.


AT течение этих 3 часов периодически открывайте контейнер
с пюрешкой и размешивайте его. This is done in order
to create a slightly friable structure, otherwise the puree will harden with a piece


Do not overdo the strawberry sorbet in the freezer and do not cook
large portions with a reserve, because this dish can be made quickly in
any time.

Enjoy your meal.

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