Stories slimming Hollywood stars. Part2

Pop divas are famous, rich and very beautiful! They are like no other
know how you can quickly bring yourself and your body in order
before an important ceremony or any other event.

And the main trend of recent years in Western stars is
total commitment to a balanced diet. Also the former
fans of diet therapy often give their preference to losing weight
according to the method of Dr. Pierre Ducane.

Among the latter is to highlight such individuals as Jennifer
Lopez and Carol Middleton, very seriously interested in this system,
which, in their opinion, is the most effective. And, perhaps,
no one will argue with them, because their elegant forms we can
witnessing the red tracks, which cannot be hidden under
magnificence of luxurious dresses.

But this is far from the limit of all dreams: there is a mass
other equally effective techniques by which
Hollywood beauties bring their bodies into a beautiful view. This and
lemon diet, and egg, and drying the body with a laxative, and
diet pills, and lots of others.

But let’s remember in order all those who managed to reach
desired results and pleased his fans and admirers
its beauty, and at the same time and try to figure out how to actually
lose weight stars.

Weight Loss Stories: Straight from Hollywood

Kelly Osbourne: before and after

This girl amazed everyone with her appearance at the Emmy ceremony.
in 2010, where she changed so much that some of her colleagues
just did not know. 25-year-old actress and singer looked like this
slender than ever before. She lost more than 20
kilograms, which was hard not to notice.

Fortunately, Kelly did not make a special secret out of this sensation.
shared with journalists the secret of losing weight. It turns out
The first step on this path was her participation in the show “Dancing with
stars “, in which she needed under the terms of the contract
lose at least 10 kg. And as we see, she succeeded perfectly.
After the end of the television show, Kelly spends every day out of habit
minimum 30 minutes on the treadmill. She radically changed her
diet, removing from it all the heavy food, fast foods, which
more recently, were for her an indispensable product. Refused
from alcohol and drugs that were also present in life
girls, and thus overshadowed her.

And after some miserable 5-6 months, the result exceeded all
expectations that made her completely change her wardrobe. From now on
Kelly Osbourne looks just fine.


How thin is Sharon Osborne?

Looks like Kelly’s mom, Sharon Osbourne, wanted to follow suit.
my daughter when I decided to throw off my birthday
a couple of extra pounds. And she did it just
excellent, so Sharon tried to continue a successful adventure
and a total of over 13 kilos of fat. In this to her
helped Atkins diet.

Not only does Osborne now look slim and more
feminine, so she is also very prettier. True recently
she had severe breast surgery, but this is her event
not overshadowed. Even in such a situation, Sharon did not lose heart
learn from her to all our readers. Never be disheartened and
Go forward to your goal!


Angelina Jolie Slimming History

The most important beauty of all Hollywood – Angelina Jolie – know
all, and few can blame her for being overweight. However mother
six children did not always look that way. Now she is more
than slender, you can even say skinny. It all started with the fact that
before filming the movie “Salt”, where Angie had a chance to play the main
role, she needed to lose about ten extra
kilograms, just so thought the director of the picture.

For the sake of her desired goal, the actress sat on a very extreme
detox diet, the principle of which was as follows: man,
wanting to lose weight, you need to lose exactly a pound over
21 days (by our standards it is about 9 – 10 kg in 3 weeks). And she is
succeeded! Angelina ate only the first liquid dishes (vegetable soup)
every two hours, which was, of course, not easy, but the role obliged. But
once a former actress nutritionist (after breaking a contract) reported
the press that Angelina was an ardent fan of the deadly diet
IV, in which it is allowed to use daily not more than 400 kcal.
Moreover, according to her, a lot of celebrities are sitting on such
diet, which is very dangerous for human life, because this
daily caloric intake corresponds to the needs of a five-year

To date, Angie is quite the opposite trying to score
a bit of weight, but because of her busy work schedule, she’s not
always work. But, несмотря ни на что, Анджелина Джоли – это
a woman with a capital letter that won the hearts of people not only
acting talent, but also his life position.


The lessons of a beautiful body from Demi Moore

In April 2012, beauty Demi weighed only 41 kg. How is she
can you ask !? It’s very simple, according to the actress, she
gives his preference more fresh natural
fruit and vegetable juices which, in her opinion, help her
cleanse the body of all bad things. And after seven days this
diets her skin shines, her eyes sparkle, and lightness appears in her body and

Is it really or maybe Demi hides something from
it’s hard to judge your fans. One thing is for sure – in
its almost 50 years old, this woman looks just amazing. Let it go
this is the result of even 8 cups of laxative tea per day, according to
many journalists, but most importantly, not to harm.


Master class from Alessandra Ambrosio

Top model, and now twice the young 31-year-old mommy,
Alessandra Ambrosio – a girl who goes to the end. She is
incredibly stubborn and his goal certainly achieves, what would it
it was not worth it. And when after the birth of the second baby she scored
overweight, naturally it didn’t even matter for her to get rid
from him or not.

She managed to get in shape a couple of months after birth.
baby She is очень старательно трудилась в спортзале, тягала
iron, doing pilates, eating properly – and as a result,
her beautiful forms, which pleased not one man’s gaze, to her
soon returned. Therefore, let’s wish mommy’s two children to be
beautiful, and her kids healthy!


Renee Zellweger’s weight loss history: before and after

What are not ready to go Hollywood stars for glory and
preserve the former slimness of the body. But ни одна актриса не худеет и не
grows fat as often and quickly as the incredible and talented Rene
Zellweger. For the main role in the movie she twice managed to recruit
on 12 kilograms, and then ruthlessly to part with them.

According to the girl, fruit helps her to get in good shape.
diet and diuretic drugs. The essence of the diet is as follows:
day you need to eat 1 grapefruit, 1 apple and 1 orange, plus
drink at least 2 liters of pure water. Additionally also
need to take a lot of laxatives. Maybe someone like that
the method will seem strange, but the actress is completely satisfied
the result.


René rejuvenated after appearing in public
not everyone, someone asked the question, where did the former magnificent
forms, someone wondered why only skin was left of her, yes
bones. Let’s hope that Rene feels in a new image
comfortable and confident, and all the others will get used to it over time.

It is also interesting: “The history of weight loss of stars of the national
show business.

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