Step 5. Choosing a diet: rational and medicaldiets

meditsinskaya-dietaThe word “diet” came to us from Greek
language. Translated into Russian – lifestyle, diet,
a collection of rules for the use of food by a person or any other living

Diet can be characterized by such concepts as chemical
composition, culinary processing of food, its physical properties, and
time and intervals between meals. Diets of different countries can
have significant differences, may exclude or vice versa include
some of the products.

Diets are different. They can be divided into two main ones.
Type: rational and medical.


Rational diet – what is its essence?

A rational diet is the fulfillment of certain established
nutritional standards that provide your body with energy in full
volume plus the right balance of essential nutrients
substances. Therefore, if possible, it should be followed at all.
to all people.

In other words – it is a healthy, proper diet, serving
the best tool in promoting health, which is the most
effective prevention of any disease. Naturally
we mean that food should be tasty and healthy.

Deciding to eat right, do not forget that in your daily
The diet should contain the following components:

  • fiber, vitamins, mineral salts – they will be provided by fruits and
  • protein, calcium – present in hard cheese, in cottage cheese
    (preferably low fat);
  • iron is abundant in the internal organs of animals (liver,
    heart …) and in the eggs;
  • Fats – preferably of plant origin, they are not
  • enough water – you can have it either juices
    mineral water.

Whereas, with a rational diet, food should
to be not only useful, but also tasty, some of the usual for you
�”Yummy” will have to be excluded.

It is recommended not to eat large quantities of white flour bread and
another muffin. It is better to replace it with rye or black bread, which
cares about the right level of cholesterol in your blood. Besides
In addition, it contains potassium, so necessary to maintain
electrolyte and water balance in every cell of your
organism. Without potassium, there would be no sustained pressure, no
the muscles would contract, the work of the heart would be impossible.

Still, this diet recommends limiting the use of all sorts of
smoked meat, fatty meats, sauces, mayonnaise. Try
eat less sugar, candy and other sweets.

A rational diet is not only the food we eat, but
and the ability to cook it properly. Meals should be simple,
so that their cooking does not take much time. Also worth
control the amount of fat used in the process
cooking – the less fat, the better your body.

Vegetables are preferably not heat treated, but
eat raw (naturally those that are possible) in
salads. Add more greens to cooked dishes –
dill, parsley – it will only increase the biological value
the dishes.

So, to summarize all of the above. To start the meal
prepare yourself a light vegetable salad, thus you quench
hunger, and as a result, do not exactly translate. Eat more vegetables –
это неиссякаемый источник витамин и минеральных substances. Meat
eat low-fat varieties, this also applies to dairy

Do not forget to eat potatoes, rice and other cereals – they are very
many beneficial carbohydrates. Fat, fried and sweet – not
abuse! While eating you should not hurry, also refuse
�”Snacking” in haste – stuffing a few
sandwiches per minute – has nothing to do with this diet.

Medical diet (therapeutic): highlights

Can only be prescribed by a dietitian. Coming from them
functional, metabolic, enzyme and other disorders in the body
human, nutritionist strictly individually selects the necessary

Often it is combined with the action of other various
therapeutic agents and contributes to a better outcome. Sometimes
medical diet is a means of prevention – it slows down
development of the disease, its transition to the chronic stage.

Developed by a doctor as for compliance at home,
so and sanatorium, medical institution.

In this chapter, you received information about the main types of diets –
rational and medical. You can contact them at
need, not forgetting to go before that consultation for
good dietician. After all, many modern “ultra
эффективные diets» не прошли ни одного клинического испытания,
often their recommendations are in conflict with the basics
scientific nutrition.

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