Step 1. How to calculate your ideal weight?

rasschitat-idealnyi-vesFighting obesity becomes for
humanity is increasingly relevant. After
�”Pioneers-Americans” faced with the problem of excess weight
And we.

It has long been known how overweight has a devastating effect on
the human body and what the consequences are.

First, increased body weight leads to cardiovascular
diseases and their complications. Known to raise the ideal
body weight of 10% leads to an increase in systolic and
diastolic pressure at 5mm Hg. Art., to increased mortality from
stroke and heart attack.

The second group of complications – the development of diabetes, the third –
increase in the number of oncological diseases.

�”Disease disease” – this is exactly what professor V.M. Dilman called

The main part of publications in information sources
tells us about health problems associated with elevated
weight, but also a lot of trouble may occur
human, if his weight is insufficient, based on his
anthropological data.

So, how to calculate the ideal weight for any person?

Body type

Science distinguishes three main types of figure, which are still
called somatotypes:

  • asthenic (ectomorph) – refers to the type of fine bone, with
    which longitudinal dimensions prevail over the transverse, long
    arms and legs, thin neck. Have an increased metabolism
    resulting in heavy weight gain, low fat content.
    With age, body fat is mainly concentrated in the area
    belly. Muscles are underdeveloped.
  • normostenic (mesomorph) – refer to the normal bone type, with
    which body has proportionality of main dimensions and their
    correct ratio. Men have broad shoulders and narrow
    hips Women, unlike asthenics, seem more dense,
    due to the greater muscle mass.
  • hypersthenic (endomorph) – refer to the type of broad-boned
    which transverse dimensions prevail over longitudinal, thoracic
    the cage and hips are wide, the legs are rather short. Possess slow
    metabolism, as a result, it is easy to gain excess weight, the body
    has a high fat content.


In order to determine which of them you are,
it is necessary to measure the circumference of the wrist with a tape
hands and compare the results with the data in

Type of figure For men For women
normostenic (normal) 18-20 cm 15-17 cm
hypersthenic (wide bone) more than 20 cm more than 17 cm
asthenic (fine bone) less than 18 cm less than 15 cm

There is another way to determine body type by
the intercostal angle, which is formed by our lowest
ribs. To do this, place your thumbs under the lower ribs and
Determine what angle you have turned out.

If the intercostal angle is acute, that is, less than 90 °, then your type
figures asthenic. If the angle is straight, exactly 90 ° –
normostenic If the angle is obtuse, your type of hypersthenic.

Next, proceed to the next step to calculate your
perfect weight …

Body Mass Index (BMI)

The body mass index makes it possible to determine the amount
allows to assess the compliance of a person’s height to his weight,
most find out whether his body weight is insufficient, perfect
or overweight for its growth.

To calculate BMI use the following
формулой, где I и есть величина ИМТ:

I = m / h²

m — вес в килограммах,

h — рост в метрах.

BMI range Evaluation
Less than 16.0 3rd degree chronic energy failure
16.0-17.5 Grade 2 chronic energy deficiency
17.5-18.5 1st degree chronic energy deficiency
18.5-20.0 (20.0 – 22.0) Perfect weight range, female (male) asthenic
20.0-21.5 (22.0 – 24.0) Perfect weight range, female (male) normostenic
type of
21.5-23.0 (24.0 – 26.0) Perfect weight range, female (male) hypersthenic
23.0-30.0 (26.0 – 30.0) Overweight, female (male)
30.0-35.0 1st degree of obesity
35.0-40.0 2nd degree of obesity
More than 40.0 3rd degree of obesity

Let us give an example of calculating the BMI and correct interpretation.
obtained results. Calculate – how much weight is desired
для девушки ростом 170 см. нормастенического like телосложения. For
This we learn the minimum and maximum values ​​of body weight,
using the extreme values ​​for the range from the table.

Minimum weight (Mmin) = Imin * (h * h) = 20.0 * 2.89 = 57.80
kg То есть, 58 kg

Maximum weight (Mmax) = Imax * (h * h) = 21.5 * 2.89 = 62.13
kg То есть, 62 kg

It turns out that for a girl 170 cm tall.
like идеальный вес для здоровья считается в диапазоне 58-62 kg

Body fat percentage

It often happens that two girls of the same height and weight, and
имеющие одинаковый type of телосложения, могут иметь абсолютно разные
figures. One may have a taut sports figure, and the other
visible problem areas with excess weight.

Why is this happening? It’s all about the percentage of fat
tissue in the body of each of the girls.

Average The percentage of body fat also depends on age.
Because of the hormone estrogen, women have more body fat than
men. An average woman has a percentage of body fat.
about 23%, and for an average man – about 17%. With age
the amount of fat only increases and muscle mass
going down.

Body fat level men women
Competitive 3-6% 9-12%
Very low < 10% < 16%
Low 10-14% 16-20%
Average 15-19% 21-25%
Above the average 20-25% 26-30%
Tall 26-30% + 31-40% +

For men ожирение начинается, если телесный жир достигает 25
%, clinical obesity, if – 30%. For women эти цифры 30 % и
35% respectively.

At the same time, adipose tissue is vital for perfect
the functioning of the body. It is necessary for the insulation of the body,
protection of internal organs. Therefore, an excessive decrease in the percentage
body fat can cause many health problems.
Especially susceptible to this female body.

How to calculate the percentage of fat in your body? One of the most
The available methods are measurement of fat folds and diagnostic

izmerenie zhirovoi skladkiMeasurement of fat fold
characterizes the amount of subcutaneous fat, which is an indicator
total body fat percentage. For оценки отложения жира
use the measurement of the thickness of the folds in the abdomen, upper
parts of the back, thighs.

Measurements are made with a special object resembling
caliper – caliper, on a scale on it and find out the thickness

Three measurements of each section are made and the average
the value is inserted into a special formula for calculating
the proportion of body fat. Huge role in the right
getting the result is the correct procedure
measurements, it is therefore very important to select an experienced specialist.

In diagnostic scales (fat analyzers) measurement of fat in
the body is produced by passing an impulse through the body
human: two electrodes are mounted in the floor platform
electronic scales. Using the measurement result of electric
resistance, a series of constants of the human body and
individual characteristics of a person (age, height, gender)
calculate the percentage of adipose tissue and other parameters
human body.

For мышечной ткани и водной среды характерна хорошая
electrical conductivity and therefore slight electrical
resistance. Bones and fatty tissue, by contrast, have low
electrical conductivity, because the cells of adipose tissue and bone due to
very high resistance practically do not conduct electrical

Attention! It should be noted that the fat analyzers do not
can be used by people with an implanted pacemaker,
as the principle of the fat analyzer is built on transmission
low frequency electrical signals through the human body that
may result in failure of the pacemaker.

P.S. Thus, having studied this article, you can already calculate
the ideal weight of your body and determine whether it lies within

If yes – heartily congratulate you! If your weight is
Above, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the further steps to bring
your body weight to the desired.

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