Steamed squash in a slow cooker – no vitaminswill run away! Recipes кабачков на пару в мультиварке: с имбирем, медом,cottage cheese and brandy

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Multicooker takes a worthy place among kitchen assistants.
With its help, cooking turns into fast, convenient and enjoyable.
process. In addition, nutrients in products are stored in
significant amount.

This is especially true when the season comes fresh vegetables.
Particularly popular dishes from zucchini. This vegetable
versatile: you can stew, fry, boil, bake,
satisfying not only dieters or vegetarians, but also
Lovers to eat hearty and tasty.

Excellent lunch or light dinner – zucchini cooked in
steam cooker. In a short time it turns fragrant and
healthy dish. There are so many recipes that you can arrange
squash week.

Steamed squash in a slow cooker – general principles

For cooking a couple more, small squash or
medium size.

They need to thoroughly wash and peel. Just
ripened zucchini can not be cleaned, but only cut from both

Vegetables are cut into rings, half-wheeled or diced.

Before cooking, you can salt them, add seasonings and not
touch a few minutes.

Courgettes are cooked with onions, red pepper, fresh
tomatoes Garlic, ginger, nuts and cheese are also added.

Fresh or dried greenery decorates the taste of the finished dish,
oregano, curry, hops-suneli. It is worth experimenting with any
seasoning for vegetable dishes.

The finished dish can be consumed with sour cream or mayonnaise.
Chopped greens not only decorate it, but also enrich the taste.

Время preparations блюда в основном составляет не более
half an hour. Depending on the model of multicooker mode is used
�“Cooking / Vegetables” or “Steaming”.

For cooking, you need a special grill or container
(tray). All these kitchen assistants equipped.

Best of all zucchini steamed in a slow cooker,
употреблять в горячем виде, сразу после preparations.

The dish is much healthier and no less tasty than fried

Recipe 1. Steamed Zucchini in a slow cooker with honey and ginger


• three zucchini;

• 25 gr. ginger;

• onion;

• one sweet red pepper;

• two tsp. honey;

• three spoons of art. olive oil;

• 800 gr. water;

• pepper;

• salt.

Способ preparations:

Cut the prepared zucchini into small pieces and
we put in a tray for steaming.

Pour water into a cup of the multicooker, and place it on top

Select the mode “Cooking” option “Vegetables”. For twenty minutes
we start to work the kitchen assistant.

While the zucchini are cooked, chop the onion half rings. Chop finely
ginger and garlic.

Red sweet pepper cut into straws.

When the set time has passed, we get a tray with zucchini.

From the bowl drain the water. Set it in place and fill
olive oil.

On the multicooker panel, set the mode for fifteen minutes

Give warm oil, and pour half the rings of onions.

After a minute, add sweet peppers, garlic and ginger.

Cooking vegetables before the end of the set time.

In the roasted vegetables pour honey, salt and pepper. All neat
mix it up.

Еще через минутку насыпаем в чашу zucchini. Mix again
vegetables and unload the contents in the plates.

Recipe 2. Steamed Zucchini in a Multicooker with Walnut and Garlic


• kilogram of young zucchini;

• 1000 мл water;

• two Art. spoons of vegetable oil;

• 40 gr. fresh parsley;

• 60 gr. walnuts;

• three teaspoons of salt;

• four garlic cloves.

Способ preparations:

Young squash can only be washed and not cleaned. Cut
them to pieces about five centimeters. Then we cut another
four parts.

Place the zucchini in a deep plate, sprinkle with salt and
mix it up. Leave for about ten minutes so that they start to let
the juice.

We are engaged in the preparation of refueling.

To begin with, finely chop the parsley. Send it to
separate capacity.

Squeeze the garlic in the parsley, add 1/4 teaspoon
salt. All this we shift with tolkushki. Greens and garlic
empty the juice, get a fragrant and tasty dressing.

Fill the cup with kitchen water.

Zucchini shift in capacity, designed for cooking on
a couple. We place it in the multicooker.

We set “Cooking” mode for half an hour, products – “Vegetables”.

Wash and dry the nuts. Crush them with
wooden rolling pin.

Отправляем орехи в емкость с dressing. Pour here
оливковое масло и mix it up.

Cooked zucchini poured into a salad bowl. Fill them
dressing и еще раз mix it up. This should be done carefully so that
squash is not lost shape.

Leave the dish for about twenty minutes in order for the vegetables
пропитались вкусной dressing.

Such food fully preserves its taste in cold
the form.

Recipe 3. Steamed Zucchini in a Multicooker with Tomatoes and Sweet


• two zucchini and sweet pepper;

• one tomato;

• стаканчик water;

• half a bunch of fresh parsley;

• salt;

• seasoning for dishes from vegetables;

• olive oil.

Способ preparations:

We clean the courgettes and cut half-carcasses per centimeter

Pepper is cleaned and cut into half rings.

Grind the tomato just like on a salad.

All vegetables are placed in a deep bowl. We sprinkle and sprinkle
seasoning for vegetables.

After ten minutes we shift them to the cooking form on
a couple.

Pour water into the slow cooker and turn on the Steaming mode.
We set the right time, namely – thirty minutes, and run
Assistant to work.

Sprinkle the prepared dish with plenty of chopped greens. Pouring
spoon or two olive oil. Slightly shuffle and can
start a pleasant meal.

Recipe 4. Steamed Zucchini in a Multicooker Stuffed


• one zucchini and a tomato;

• 150 gr. chicken breast;

• 1/2 onions;

• one spoon of Art. sour cream;

• 50 gr. cheese;

• salt;

• два стаканчика water;

• 1/2 tea l. dried garlic and parsley.

Способ preparations:

Clean the zucchini and cut along.

Spoon out the core.

Cut chicken flesh into small pieces.

Grind the onion into small cubes. Add to the meat.

Mix the chicken pieces and onions with the flesh of zucchini, dried
garlic and parsley. Add a little salt, be sure to try,
is it enough?

Fill stuffing zucchini pieces.

With a tomato, remove the skin and chop the vegetable as small as possible.
Fill with sour cream and add grated cheese. Stir.

Put the mixture on the surface of the zucchini.

We send our semi-finished products to a container intended for
готовки на a couple.

Pouring в емкость кухонной помощницы воду. Turn on for half an hour
mode “cooking for a couple.”

Let’s wait a couple of minutes to slightly help the kitchen assistant
warmed up. Send the container to the slow cooker and cover
a lid.

The resulting dish will surprise with its aroma and beauty. Taste of food
also will not disappoint.

Recipe 5. Steamed Zucchini in a slow cooker


• three medium-sized zucchini;

• half tea l. curry and hops-sunels;

• salt;

• два стакана water;

• two l. tablespoons of grated cheese.

Способ preparations:

We clean the courgettes and cut them into centimeter circles.

We put them in a basket-double boiler. Sprinkle with seasonings and
добавляем немножко salt. Lightly mix squash circles,
to more evenly distribute the seasonings.

Fill the bowl with water. Place the top container with
zucchini. For twenty minutes устанавливаем программу «Варка на
a couple. “

When the multicooker signals that time is up, we open
cover and sprinkle with cheese zucchini. We set the same program for five

Cooked food should be unloaded on the dish, lightly pour
vegetable oil and sprinkle with fresh, finely chopped greens.

Recipe 6. Steamed Zucchini in a multicooker “Variations with
herbs ”


• two zucchini;

• one teaspoon of dried oregano and parsley;

• 1/2 tsp. Provencal herbs;

• two Art. spoons of any vegetable oil;

• two garlic cloves;

• 400 ml of water;

• salt.

Способ preparations:

Wash zucchini and clean. Cut into rings about

Place the vegetables in a deep bowl. Sprinkle with salt, herbs and

Chop the garlic, crush it in the garlic press, mix with
oil and add to zucchini.

All mix again and leave for about twenty minutes.

Pouring воду в чашу multicookers. Steam from above
решетку и лоток с zucchini.

Close tightly the lid of the kitchen assistant. Run the program
�”Cooking / vegetables” for half an hour.

The prepared dish is dietary, tasty and fragrant.

Recipe 7. Steamed zucchini in a slow cooker with curd and


• two zucchini;

• 250 gr. cottage cheese;

• Art. spoon raisins;

• Art. spoon brandy;

• два стаканчика water;

• two eggs;

• 25 gr. butter.

Способ preparations:

Peeled zucchini cut along. Carefully remove the seeds. Their
can be thrown away.

Изюм заливаем brandy.

Mash the cottage cheese through a sieve and put it in a separate

Add eggs, softened butter and rub the ingredients.

Raisin mix with curd mass.

We start both halves of courgettes and move them to the container

Pouring воду в чашу. Place the container on top.

Готовим блюдо в режиме «Варка/овощи» двадцать minutes

Такие кабачки особенно вкусны в холодном the form.

Steamed Zucchini in a Multivarke – Tips and Tips

  • The circles of zucchini can be laid in a multicooker container in
    several layers. Для равномерного preparations между ними следует
    leave gaps.

  • Cut the zucchini into too small pieces is not worth it,
    since in the process of cooking it can spread out.

  • Vegetables will become more spicy if sprinkled with minced
    garlic about two minutes before the end of the time specified

  • The prepared dish can be easily turned into mashed potatoes and
    feed the baby. But then in the dish should not be spices and

  • If the squash is no longer young, you should not only remove it from it.
    peel, but also remove the seeds.

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