Squids in a multivariate – it turns out cool!Cooking squid in a slow cooker with sour cream, vegetables,mushrooms, rice, potatoes

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Squid has long ceased to be a delicacy or outlandish

Carcasses are sold in any store, tasty, healthy and very
get ready quickly.

If you use the multicooker, the process becomes


Squids in a slow cooker – general principles of cooking

The main task in cooking squid is to clean the carcass.
To quickly and easily remove the skin, you just need to lower the frozen
product for a few seconds in boiling water. Everything is perfectly separated. If a
thawed carcasses, you can boil them for a moment. Also preparation
is to remove the chitinous plate, which is easily removed
from the carcass.

The secret to cooking seafood is cooking or frying. If a
squid overdo it, it will become dry, tough, rubber. AT
Multicooker can boil, fry, simmer squid. AT них добавляют
oil, vegetables, various sauces, mushrooms and cereals.

Recipe 1: Squids in a multicooker with sour cream.

Recipe for fast and juicy squid in a slow cooker. For them
need fat sour cream. Preparing the dish very quickly, coming to
vegetables and rice garnish.


• 2 onions;

• 100 ml sour cream;

• 2 squid carcasses;

• 1 spoon of butter;

• salt and pepper;

• 2 sprigs of dill.


1. Cut the onion with rings of the same thickness, lay in
Multicooker and fry until golden brown. ATыставляем программу
frying or baking.

2. We clean the squid, cut them into rings, slightly thicker than onions.

3. Throw the chopped carcasses in a slow cooker, fry two

4. Season with salt, sprinkle with pepper.

5. ATыкладываем сметану и готовим еще три minutes Stir
just once.

6. Immediately remove from the multicooker, so that seafood does not become
dry. ATыкладываем просто на тарелку или в дополнение к гарниру,
salad or sliced ​​fresh vegetables.

7. Dill cut very finely, sprinkle the finished dish.

Recipe 2: Squids in a Multicooker with Soy Sauce

Recipe fried squid in a slow cooker with amazing taste.
Seafood is dark, juicy and incredibly fragrant.
Prepare carcasses before cooking as described.


• 3 squid carcasses;

• 2 tablespoons soy sauce;

• 1 tsp. honey;

• 1 clove garlic;

• 0.5 tsp. mustard;

• pepper;

• parsley;

• 3 spoons of butter;

• 1 onion;

• some flour.


1. We pour oil and install the program on the slow cooker
«ATыпечка». On it this dish turns out best.

2. Cut the onion into rings, sprinkle with flour and ship

3. As soon as the vegetable is almost ready, add pieces to it.
squid. Seafood cut into strips of medium thickness.

4. Fry for a couple of minutes.

5. While cooking squids, mix soy sauce with garlic.
Honey and mustard, add a pinch of black pepper. Optionally, you can
add a little grated zest or lemon juice, it will be delicious.

6. ATыливаем заправку в блюдо, быстро размешиваем и готовим еще
three minutes.

7. At this stage, stir the dish should be constantly, because
soy sauce with chalk can burn.

8. ATыкладываем на блюдо, украшаем кальмаров веточками

Recipe 3: Squids in a Multicooker with Vegetables

For the vegetable dish of squid need tomatoes, sweet
pepper and onion. The dish is great for garnishes of
rice and potatoes, but can be used independently.


• 3 squid;

• 2 bulbs;

• 2 tomatoes;

• 2 peppers;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• oil, seasonings.


1. We cut arbitrarily onions.

2. Pour some oil into the bowl, turn on the frying mode and give
warm up a little. If a сразу добавить лук, то он начнет впитывать

3. Add the onion to the already heated oil. Cooking in this mode
until the transparency of the pieces.

4. Add sweet peppers, cut into pieces.

5. A couple of minutes go tomatoes. With them, it is desirable to remove
sandpaper. To do this, tomatoes should be dipped in boiling water, then in ice
water Cut the tomatoes into slices.

6. Как только все овощи дойдут до мягкости, кидаем squid.
Carcasses are washed, cleaned and cut into large squares.

7. Salt and pepper, close the slow cooker and prepare three

8. We throw garlic. Stir и через минуту выключаем.

Recipe 4: Squids in a Multicooker with Rice

A hearty and full dish of squid, for which you can
use absolutely any rice. To avoid seafood
rubber and dry, you need to strictly follow the technology.


• a glass of rice;

• 2-3 squid;

• 1 onion;

• 1 pepper;

• 4 cloves of garlic;

• 2 spoons of butter, it is better to take cream;

• spices.


1. We throw prescription oil in a slow cooker and set the program
baking. Let the fat heat up for now.

2. Shred thin onion half rings and also sweet pepper, all
pour the roast together and cook for about ten minutes.

3. Add the washed rice. Stir, pour in two glasses
boiling water. The glasses are the same as the measured rice. ATоду сразу нужно
to salt You can add seasonings for seafood or others

4. Cut the squid into large pieces, add chopped garlic
and mix.

5. ATыкладываем кальмаров поверх риса.

6. Close the slow cooker and cook on pilaf mode for 30 minutes.
To prevent seafood from becoming tough, you cannot open and

Recipe 5: Squids in a Multicooker with Potatoes

ATариант простого блюда с привычным вкусом, которое просто
impossible to spoil. Get four servings. Potatoes take
medium size.


• 0.6 kg squid;

• 7 potatoes;

• butter;

• 150 grams of sour cream;

• 100 grams of cheese;

• dill, seasonings, cheese if desired.


1. We throw a little oil in the slow cooker, set the program

2. Potatoes clean, cut into strips, send in oil.

3. Add sour cream, diluted with the same amount of water.

4. Close and simmer for half an hour. It can be longer, the potato should
become soft

5. While potatoes are being cooked, we are engaged in squid. Peeled
carcass cut into small pieces.

6. Добавляем к картошке squid. Now salt the dish, add
other seasonings.

7. Close and simmer another five minutes.

8. Rub cheese and mix with chopped dill, you can add
garlic clove.

9. ATыкладываем сырную массу к кальмарам с картошкой, быстро
mix it up.

10. Turn off the slow cooker, let the dish stand for a couple of minutes under
a lid to reveal the flavor and melt the cheese.

Recipe 6: Squids in a Multicooker with Mushrooms

Another option for cooking squid in a slow cooker.
Add to squid are mushrooms. And you can
use fresh or marinated mushrooms. Fresh recipes


• 0.3 kg of champignons;

• 2 onions;

• 150 grams of sour cream;

• 2 squid;

• salt;

• 50 ml of oil;

• dill.


1. Pour oil, set the baking mode, heat it.

2. Wash the champignons, cut them in small pieces and ship
roast. Cooking for about a quarter of an hour.

3. As soon as the moisture is evaporated, add the cut mushrooms
onion heads and fry together until ready.

4. Cut squid arbitrarily, add to fried mushrooms,
mix it up.

5. Mix sour cream with salt, pepper, add directly to it
a little dill.

6. After two minutes, pour the sour cream sauce into the dish, well

7. Cook all together for another couple of minutes and turn them off. We give squid
with mushrooms a little brew and soak in the sauce.

Recipe 7: Stuffed Squid in a Multicooker

For filling seafood used rice with vegetables,
You can change the filling to your taste. You can also
use ready-made frozen mixes that can be purchased at
the store.


• 3 squid;

• carrot;

• 0.5 cups boiled rice;

• zucchini;

• salt pepper;

• onion;

• some oil.


1. Dice the onion into cubes, add grated carrot to it.
Fry in the appropriate mode until half ready.

2. Zucchini also cut into small cubes, add to vegetables
and add to the filling.

3. AT конце кладем отварной рис, молим, перчим. Stir и
we spread from the crock-pot. Give a little cool.

4. While the rice cools with vegetables, we clean the carcasses of squid,
try not to hurt.

5. Fill the seafood with the prepared mixture.

6. Pour a spoonful of oil into the multicooker, set the mode again
«Жарка», но подойдет и «ATыпечка».

7. ATыкладываем тушки в разогретый жир и обжариваем со всех
sides to ruddy color.

8. Finished carcasses can be served warm or cold.
Squid cut into pieces at an angle, spread on a dish with
greens and fresh vegetables.

Squids in the Multivarke – Tips and Tricks

• What spices to add to squid? Really enough
salt and black pepper. If a же хочется более ярких вкусов, то в
the dish can be filled with ready-made mixtures for fish. They are beautiful
combined with seafood.

• Squids in themselves do not contain fat and therefore are fast
become dry. If a нужно приготовить сочное и нежное блюдо, то
seafood complement with butter, fatty sour cream or

• Good squids will never be glued together. Carcass
frozen separately and only then packaged. If a же
seafood is not separated from each other, so they already
were defrosted or there was a disturbance in temperature

• When choosing carcasses, it is advisable to give preference to small
instances. Their meat will be much softer and softer than that of large ones.

• If a вдруг блюдо из кальмаров передержали и продукт стал
dry, now nothing remains, how to cook further. By holding
seafood is still on the fire for half an hour, it will surely become soft. But
it’s worth getting ready for losing weight at least two

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