Squatting for girls

prisedaniya-so-shtangoy-dlya-devushekGirls always
strive for the ideal. But visiting the gym, many of them
diligently avoid any “iron”, mistakenly believing that the bar and
dumbbells can make their figure masculine.

In fact, insufficient synthesis of testosterone – male
hormone of force – in the female body blocks excessive set
muscle mass. Therefore, weight training helps ladies to do
the figure is even more feminine.

One of the fundamental exercises that train all muscle
groups, are squats with a barbell for girls. Change
different types of squats makes the thigh muscles work under
different angles, creating a variable load and keeping the joints

Such exercises are relevant to the muscles of the back, spine, shoulders and
legs – everything that allows hips beautifully and correctly

In addition helping the hip joints, squats with
the barbell attracts all kinds of muscles, big and small,
located around the top, side, interior and rear
thigh surfaces as well as buttocks. The more trained and stronger
These muscles become, so fascinating they look.

Attention! Newbies on the note

No matter what types of squats with a barbell on the shoulders
you strive to accomplish, you must ensure that:

  • body muscles were tense;
  • the gaze was directed only forward;
  • the spine during the squat was straight and the loin
  • knees did not cross the vertical projection of the socks;
  • the toes were open.

Following these rules will help ensure that the work
included target muscles of the hips and buttocks.

Start training: warm up

Any training begins with a warm-up. It is common and
special. The overall aims to prepare the cardiovascular
system and warming up the whole body. Target, or special,
serves as an adaptation mechanism for a specific exercise.

First, we perform cardio exercises for 6 minutes in order to
warm up all the muscles of the body. Then we devote 5 minutes to stretching.
hip flexors, hamstrings, calves (sural

Squatting for girls: программа упражнений

There are several main types of such squats,
different depending on their depth and the location of the rod
(front or rear). Squats:

  • full set – imply lowering with a barbell (on the shoulders
    rear) squat;
  • to parallel – prescribed to descend with a rod on
    trapezius muscle until the upper surface of the thigh forms
    parallel line with the floor;
  • �”Semi-seat” – allows you to lift the weight of the bar, located
    rear exceeding the maximum allowed, and its small
    amplitude strengthens the ligamentous apparatus and makes quadriceps more
  • front barbell squats held by the hands
    front palms up;
  • �”Plie” – squats with legs wide apart and
    turned in different directions socks, instead of the bar for such
    Squat used professional dumbbell weighing 16 kg

Different loads to which the quadriceps are exposed
thighs – quadriceps and gluteus muscles, when performing basic types
squats with a bar serve to strengthen muscle tone,
subcutaneous fat is burned, a sporty silhouette is formed, and “the fifth
point “gets mouth-watering roundness.

Algorithm training

Squat workout that suits any girl
consists of two or three sets of each element with a rest pause between
them (no more than 1 minute). After the last approach (set) do that
pause relaxation for 1 minute and immediately proceed to the execution
next exercise.

The number of repetitions during each approach depends on
athlete’s fitness: for beginners or girls, long
the period of avoiding strength training, it is better to start with 2-3 repetitions,
develop up to 8-10, and further up to 12 squats with a barbell.

The barbell during any exercise is selected with a weight that
allows you to maintain posture, but be heavy enough,
to complicate the last two reps of each set.

I. Zerker squats, called “zerk” among athletes

Perform these squats by holding the bar in front of you for
arms bent at the elbows (the bar is located on the inner bends
elbows). Brushes raised up, turned his palms to his shoulders and
are in a relaxed state. You can slightly squeeze them into
cams without straining at the same time.

Keeping the chest raised, we fall into a squat, reaching out
elbows to the upper surface of the legs. Knees bend to the top
part of the hips was parallel to the floor. We press on the heels to the pelvis
rushed back and up, bending the lower back. Then we rise in the PI
(initial position). This repetition must be done 12 times.

Ii. Reverse lunge chest

Grab the neck with both hands, the width – at shoulder level.
We lay the neck on the clavicle, holding it (palms turned
up as far as possible).

Tightening the muscles of the bark, lunge back with his right foot. Both knees
should be unlocked, and the left – slightly bent. Lower
left thigh down to the “parallel” (while its upper part won’t become
parallel to the floor). Then lean on both legs, stand up,
returning to the PI. This repetition is performed 12 times, we pause
within 1 minute and change the side. This is 1 full set. IIi.
Front barbell squats

This element is a squat, technique
performance of which provides for the initial position of the body, as in
previous exercise (hold the neck with your hands
open palms up).

Tightening the muscles of the body, we place the legs a little wider than on the NW
(shoulder width). Raising the chest, we sit down below the “parallel”, and
then return, aligning it. Pressing on the heels, then you need
stand in the original rack. Then raise your hands above your head,
pushing the bar up. Then slowly lower it to the PI. Making 10
such repetitions.

Iv. Cup squats

Stand straight, leaning on the heels, feet placed on the NB. On
at chest level, hold the “cup” – a dumbbell weighing 16 kg.

Pulling your chest up, lower your hips down, bending your knees like
would be hooking up to weight. Onчиная движение с нижней точки, упритесь
heels on the floor and stand up, lifting the chest up. Repeat motion
12 times.

V. “Pistol” – squats without barbell

Standing exactly, transfer the weight of your body to your left leg. Having found
balance, lift your right leg forward and keep it straight. Arms
pull in front of you at shoulder level.

As you squat, pushing the pelvis back,
bend the left knee, lowering the corresponding hip down to
�”Parallels” or slightly lower. The right leg remains flat,
keeping the position parallel to the floor. Stand up leaning on the left
leg, and return to the PI. After completing the movement 10 times, repeat it.
mirror for the other side. This is 1 set.

To increase the effectiveness of training, all squats are doing
slowly, always paying attention to the exercise technique.

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