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Mon, Feb 15, 2016 Wonderful winter days: kids and
asking for the street: snowballs to drink, lick icicles. And now
ships in streams, large, alluring, spring puddles and hats with
scarves, “accidentally” forgotten houses. And then sore throat, aimless
sitting at home and treatment is the care of parents. And do not stop
the entire autumn-winter-spring period, and even in summer, epidemics then
flu, then colds — SARS – alternately stretching one after another.
Is the only way to avoid a sore throat?
to winter in warm countries? Although … and there are sick! In fact
do not exaggerate. The main thing is to know your enemy by sight and
understand how to deal with it. Let’s figure it out.

It’s all about immunity.

It is of two types: congenital and acquired. People with weak
innate immunity get sick more often. It is clear that the acquired
immunity is acquired throughout life, from birth to
old age itself. As they get older, children face everything new and
new infections for them and produce a protective reaction to them.
Since the baby’s immune system is still being formed, it’s still
�“Builds up” its immunity, the child usually gets sick more often
an adult. Unfortunately, this is how we would like

The discovery of “wonderful” cells.

Not so long ago, scientists have made a serious discovery. Under all
human congenital mucous membranes are
immunity – macrophages and dendritic cells, on the surface of which
toll-like receptors inhabit. �”Toll” translated from German –
�”Wonderful”, “fantastic.” That’s the name scientists gave them!
The magic is that these are the first receptors
react to the hostile invasions of viruses and bacteria, and they
mobilize the entire body, all the protective forces to fight

How to help wonderful cells?

Usually do not want to hurt. But, usually, really want
Get well quickly and easier! Can you help these invisible
brave warriors guarding our health? To strengthen
immunity in recent years has become a habitual use
immunomodulatory drugs. But as you know, not all
immunomodulatory drugs are the same. There are funds for
maintain immunity based on artificial, synthetic
interferon, and there are, which instead of the finished, introduced,
foreign interferon, only induce the body to produce
own. One of the representatives of the immunomodulators of this
types that activate the activity of toll receptors and
stimulate the body’s production of its own interferon, is
Derinat spray. Derinat – an immunomodulator with antiviral
activity and additional reparative (regenerating,
healing action on the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx. This is very
Derinat’s important property helps to strengthen the very first, main,
The most important protective barrier of immunity is the nasal mucosa, and
means to strengthen its protective functions.

Prevention is better than cure.

a few simple steps to prevent sore throat like
children as well as adults. First, regularly air
the room. It is not so difficult to do, but very effective. Yes and
fresh air will not hurt anyone. Secondly, in the period of active
heating season, watch for humidity in the room, especially
child’s room. Dry air – a direct way to weaken the protective
properties of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx and easy penetration through
her malicious viruses. And finally, third, purchase Derinat
spray and make it a rule to use it regularly in dangerous
periods, as well as the first signs of a sore throat.
Derinat spray has a protective effect, and not only contributes to
strengthen the immune system, but also has a beneficial effect on the mucous
nasopharynx due to reparative, regenerating effect. is he
promotes faster and easier recovery without

Proper treatment – quick recovery.

If preventive measures did not help, and the wave of colds and flu
so strong that it still covers almost everyone, it is not worth it
despair. Derinat-spray is equally effective at all stages.
diseases. His reception in the first days of indisposition helps to break off
catching a cold and avoiding not only a lingering illness, but also
complications. Derinat-spray has a neutral color, smell and
taste, so like even kids. Often, SARS and especially
flu causes bacterial complications, even as severe as
pneumonia. It is very important that due to its properties Derinat
helps to avoid the addition of a secondary infection, complications
diseases, including pneumonia.

Modern, correct moms always know how to protect and
properly cure your baby, because what could be more important
child health!

Derinat-spray – the correct treatment of sore throat
kids and moms!

Consult with a specialist, specify possible

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