Sore neck and neck – how to get rid of pain,symptoms and diagnosis? Why does the neck and neck hurt, if notvisible reasons

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Pain in the back of the head and upper neck, may occur in different ways.

It is sometimes difficult to understand where the pain is located, since
it is felt simultaneously in the neck and in the back of the head.

In order to get rid of permanent discomfort, you need
identify the main causes of the source of pain.

Sore neck and neck: causes

Many people are confronted with what suddenly begins
hurt neck or neck. At first glance, there may not be any
reasons, so some expect, when the pain subsides itself. but
it’s dangerous enough because the pain will continue until
until the cause of the source of the pain is identified.

Pain in the neck and neck of a person occurs for many reasons, to
it may include the following:

1. Cervical spine is sick: stretching, osteochondrosis –
can cause pain. When turning the head and her
movements, it will intensify.

2. Arterial hypertension is the most common and common
cause of pain in the neck and neck, in the morning time of day
it increases. Throughout the day, pain can
subside, but with the onset of late evening, she again gives about herself

3. Stress is another source of discomfort. Mental
tensions may eventually develop into severe pain in the head.
This applies especially to women over 30 years old. It also depends
from the profession of man.

4. Intracranial pressure is increased – pains are frequent, stop
seldom. In addition, severe nausea and vomiting may occur,

5. Occupational diseases. If you are forced to long
be in one position, then sooner or later you will feel
there is pain in the neck and neck. But with this problem you can easily
to cope, you only need to take short breaks for

6. The growth and deformation of osteophytes is a rebirth.
tissues of ligaments, they turn into bone tissue, thereby causing
man has severe pain. This disease got its name.
– spondylosis, it mainly affects people in old age, and
also those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. In order to
to alleviate this condition, it is necessary the intervention of specialists.

7. Miogelosis – muscle leaking occurs, occurs due to
stays on drafts, violations of posture. Pain with disease
goes by itself, but you can improve it by

8. Cervical migraine – besides the fact that there is a strong pain in
neck and neck, a person can observe that his vision is slightly
clouded. This is the first call to urgently turn to
to the doctor.

9. Muscular tension – with a long stay for
computer or with documents, severe pain may occur
which will gradually move to the frontal part of the head. Other
a symptom of this condition is an increase in blood pressure.

Sore neck and neck: medications and procedures

Every disease has certain symptoms, which is why
Many people, when asked why the neck and neck hurt, decide to look for
answer yourself. But without medical education and
special equipment to find the cause of the pain almost no
possibly. Medical workers in order to deliver accurate
diagnosis, use x-ray or magnetic resonance imaging.
Only based on reliable results, you can assign

Before you go to a medical facility, you can try
relieve symptoms, for this you need to take anti-inflammatory
means, for example ibuprofen.

If discomfort appears often enough, you need to reconsider.
the diet of your diet. First you need to eat more
fish, as it is able to withstand many inflammatory

Massages and physiotherapy procedures are enough
helpful. For example, using electrophoresis, you can increase
blood flow to stagnant muscle cells, and also increase the outflow
various negative lactic acids.

Relieve pain can be a warming massage
neck and back.

If the cause of pain in the neck and neck is osteochondrosis, then
It is necessary to engage in physical therapy. In addition to certain
exercises, the patient will be assigned ointments and vitamins, aimed
to improve the general condition.

To relieve permanent discomfort in problem areas, you need
relax as much as possible and stretch the muscle tissue of the neck. Sit on
chair, but so that the back does not touch the back. Grasp hands
behind the head so that the thumbs are placed on the cheekbones, and
the rest at the back of the head. Lean back with your head
keep your hands holding it up, hold out
In this position, you need at least 5 minutes, and then return to
the original. You need to repeat it several times a day.

If the cause of pain in the neck and neck is itself
neck, then ensure peace is quite difficult. That is why
there are situations when cure the disease is possible only with
using the operation.

Operational intervention occurs solely with debt.
sensation of symptoms that become an obstacle to movement and
human activity. Also, surgery is possible in cases where
the disease interferes with the normal functioning of other organs.

To prescribe drugs for the treatment of the disease may
only the doctor, relying on the data of examinations and individual
patient features.

Sore neck and neck: folk remedies

In addition to traditional methods of treatment, you can use other
methods of treatment that have been tested in a dozen years.

The measures presented below are

• in order to get rid of cramps and severe pain in the area
neck and neck, you can put a warm heating pad;

• use a hard pillow for sleeping;

• keep track of your posture, you can sometimes wear

• if someone in the family can do a massage, be sure to ask
its about it. But movements must be neat, without strong

• every day, perform a therapeutic set of exercises: several
minutes per hour devote to kneading the neck. Perform circular
movements as well as slopes. All movements must be

For the treatment of pain is often used precisely drug
facilities. But it is necessary so to master a series of exercises from the medical
gymnastics, learn how to do self-massage. It is important to be resistant to
stressful situations, you can not overwork and worry.

You can also use folk remedies to treat pain in
neck and nape:

1. Get rid of the pain and improve the condition of the blood vessels, you can with
помощью обыкновенной душицы. Decoction of grass need
brew every day, then drink it.

2. Снять болевые ощущения помогут листья
. Just attach to the place where more
all hurts. A compress is recommended for the neck.
Take the leaves of the plant, finely chop them, then pour
one cup of boiling water. Let the drug infuse
some time. Put the mixture on the gauze, wrap it and
Attach to the sore spot, secure with plastic. For
better effect you can wrap something warm, for example
a scarf.

3. Летом можно срывать капустные листья.
Remember them in your hands and put on the neck and neck, above
cover with a handkerchief.

4. Хорошими полезными свойствами обладает лук и
. Take the ingredients in the same proportions,
mince. Put the mush in the gauze,
wrap, place on the sore spot. In order to было удобно,
wrap a plastic bag, go with such a medicinal
means one to two hours.

5. You can take tea on the basis of medicinal herbs: pick
цветки липы и примулы. Few leaves of plants
put in a mug, and fill with boiling water, let it brew a little,
strain and take inside.

If you have severe pain in the neck and neck, you can not
smoke and take alcoholic beverages, as pain will
only intensify.

If the pain is caused by professional activity, make your
workplace more comfortable, you can purchase orthopedic

Sore neck and neck: how to protect yourself

It is better to prevent the symptoms of the disease beforehand than later
fight with her. It is necessary as soon as possible to pay attention to
a number of preventive measures, which include the following:

1. Try not to bend down sharply, and also not to bend down.

2. While at the workplace or at the computer, knead the neck
every 40-60 minutes.

3. Lifting is not recommended.

4. Dress according to the weather, not in place.
drafts, do not allow hypothermia.

5. Stay healthy, eat

6. If you can, buy an orthopedic mattress and pillow.
and sleep on them.

7. The body must be hardened, thereby increasing

It can be concluded that pain in the neck and neck can occur
for different reasons, but each requires treatment.

Leading a healthy lifestyle, you can get rid of
various health problems. If necessary, try
Refer only to good specialists.

Self-medication can cause great harm, especially if it is
concerns drug administration, so be sure to
consult with doctors.

Do not forget about prevention, watch out for your health and
then there will be no problems with it!

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