Sore left side of the head: drink a pill andforget? How to find out the causes of the problem if the left side hurtsheads

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Headaches can develop against the background of many diseases:
infectious, catarrhal, accompany intoxication and pathology,
associated with circulatory disorders.

Pains могут сильно различаться: быть тупыми,
nagging, shooting, change their intensity.

Regularly occurring headaches should be the occasion
seek medical attention as they may be provoked and
serious illnesses.

The main reason why the headache on the left side hurts
(one-sided pain) are migraines.

Причины, по которым болит левая часть heads

The classic reason why a headache on the left side hurts
является мигрень. In this case, pain
pass to the eye and the area near it, the left part of the jaw, the forehead,
affect the temporal zone.

The onset of an attack is preceded by the appearance of spots, points before
eyes. Migraine pains are accompanied by nausea, chills, vomiting,
hyperhidrosis. A person cannot tolerate loud noise and bright
Sveta. Often in the period of an attack the sense of smell is disturbed, to a person
Seeming unpleasant odors. Migraine attacks can be different in
duration, reaching several days. Aggravated
well-being may persist for some period
time – observed: drowsiness, apathy, fast

Another reason why a headache on the left side may be
стать остеохондроз. On vertebrae are deposited
calcium salts, causing a violation of the trophic brain. Because of this
spasms occur, and hypoxia leads to dizziness. Pains
pulling, aching. It may also increase intracranial pressure,
the background of which begins to throb in the temples.

Метеочувствительные люди часто сталкиваются с
headaches when changing weather or racing atmospheric
pressure. In this case, the root cause why the headache from the left
part, is the relationship of arterial and intracranial
pressure and weather conditions. A person experiences pain in
left temple, near the ear, frontal and parietal zone. Feel cramps in
head, which are accompanied by weakness, drowsiness, begin
whine teeth, bones. Headaches are not strong, but can be quite

It is not always clear why the head is on the left side. And it can
be the first sign of development
инфекционного или воспалительного процесса в
the body. Sharp headaches occur when you feel cold
trigeminal nerve – it can be after a walk in cold weather
without a hat or under the air conditioner, on

Очень часто головные боли возникают из-за inflammatory
процессов в зубах
. If caries, abscess developed from the left
side, it becomes obvious why the headache from the left

Often headaches bother people with spinal problems.
– curvature or injury, as the wrong distribution
load while walking leads to excessive stress in
neck and shoulder area.

Серьезной причиной болей в голове является опухоль
the brain.
Pulling pains are accompanied by vomiting and nausea
throbbing in the head. These symptoms are combined with a violation
coordination of movements, deterioration of visual function and hearing,
loss of memory and appetite, restless sleep. Tumor – frequent
the reason why the head hurts on the left side right after

Burning pains with increasing intensity
характерная для инсульта. At the very beginning of the attack
nausea, vomiting, disturbances of consciousness, fainting,
speech dysfunction. This is a dangerous condition that requires immediate attention.

It is logical that pain in the head can be a consequence and
черепно-мозговой травмы. Feature that
you need to know is that this symptom is not always
appears immediately after the impact. Perhaps the occurrence of pain and through
quite a long period of time (up to six months). Wherein
diagnostics is necessary because it can be normal
talk about developing complications.

What diagnostic methods are used when left sore
сторона heads

There are several research methods that can
apply when you need to know why the headache from the left

Компьютерная томография — уникальный
a tool that allows to study in detail any pathological
processes, anomalies, see signs of hydrocephalus, problems with
blood supply, traumatic lesions.

Also an effective research method is
Magnetic resonance imaging. Magnetic resonance
дает возможность исследовать нарушения в
vessels of the brain, its state as a whole and the state of individual
structures. Thanks to this diagnostic methods can be layers
to study the studied area, to model a network of vessels, to study
separate vessels.

Blood pressure monitoring (MAD)
allows you to identify hypertension.

In parallel, standard laboratory assignments are made.
research to eliminate the presence of inflammatory
processes. It is also recommended to visit the dentist and oculist.

A person who constantly has pains in the head,
It is imperative to contact your local GP
or a neurologist.

What to do if you have a headache on the left side: ways

Independently take measures to combat headaches
allowed only in cases where it rarely worries.

This can happen, for example, due to overwork, after
stressful situation. In this case, help to relax warm.
bath and, of course, sleep. Помогают релаксационные
например, йога.

The cause of headaches at work can be
violation of the rules of the organization of the workplace.
Look around and maybe you will understand why a headache
с левой parties. If during work the muscles of the neck and back are in
constant voltage, it is necessary to organize a working
space is different. During work, you must lean back on
back of the chair, knees should be bent at a right angle, and the foot
stand completely on the floor. Office workers are encouraged to do
small breaks every 40-50 minutes.

При начинающихся симптомах простуды, необходимо
take action to eliminate the root cause.

Избавиться от головной боли поможет массаж. AT
There are certain points in the body that can be affected
eliminate pain in the head. One of them is the point at the back of the head,
located three fingers below the ear – in a small

If the pain is localized in the temples and forehead, it is necessary
affect the points on the forearms, located on the side
thumbs, in a place where the pulse is probed. These points
расположены перекрестно, поэтому при болях в левой части heads,
It is necessary to massage the point on the right hand. Pain in the crown will help
remove the massaging points that are located on the palm above
ankles on the external surface of the calf. To soothe a headache in
neck massaged points on the hands, next to the little fingers. These points
located just below the folds, there is a hand to clench into a fist. Massage
performed with heavy movements for a few minutes.
It is also recommended to massage the nose for 10-15 minutes (without

Из рецептов народной медицины можно принимать отвар
For its preparation tablespoon of Hypericum
pour 250 ml of boiling water and incubate under the lid for 15 minutes.
ATыпивают напиток в течение суток по несколько глотков.

Self-treatment is not recommended for many reasons.

ATо-первых, самостоятельно человек не в состоянии поставить
the diagnosis, but trying to treat the pre-epileptic condition with herbs is just

ATо-вторых, при регулярном потреблении таблеток может развиться
серьезное осложнение — абузусная головная

In other words, it is called drug-induced, then
there is if a person takes painkillers, and he has all the time
headache, forcing again and again to increase the dose of drugs,
ответна вопрос, почему болит левая сторона heads (или правая) —
один: из-за неправильного treatment.

This condition is a serious medicinal
addiction, to which it is better not to bring.

The symptoms, the occurrence of which should cause

• unusual headaches that were not there before;

• pain begins with an incomprehensible “explosion” in the head;

• the pain does not disappear after taking the painkiller; it continues on
for several days;

• at occurrence of dysfunctions of any systems accompanying

• an increase in the intensity of pain with a small physical

• the occurrence of vomiting;

• over time, headaches become more frequent.

What to do to not complain that the left side hurts
heads: профилактика

Those who do not want to understand why the headache from the left
hand, you can give some advice.

Alcohol use and smoking is one of the provoking
factors that increase the likelihood of developing headaches. Therefore
It is highly recommended to exclude them from your life.

Fresh air – the main assistant, as the lack of oxygen
also negatively affects the brain. Therefore it is necessary to constantly
air the room and spend more time outside.

Useful exercise and walking. Of course
it is necessary to monitor the general state of health, to treat any
diseases at the first symptoms, preventing the transition to
chronic stage.

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