Sore feet – what to do. For what reasonfeet hurt and how to diagnose and treat.

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it is unpleasant when you have something sore. Then it’s hard fun
walk the road of life. It is especially painful when to step on
she especially does not work. It usually happens if you are brutally
feet, phalanxes, and the whole foot at once hurt.

Why do your feet hurt

There are two main diseases that can cause
strong cutting, stabbing pains in the foot. The first disease is
funicular myelosis, the second – painful form of polyneuropathy. Earlier
believed that the funicular myelosis mainly occurs if a person
loses vitamin B12. ATыходит, что при правильном питании таким
ailment people should not suffer. Why then come to the clinic
patients who get enough vitamins but
experiencing intolerable pain caused by myelosis? Have them like
It is usually possible to diagnose a stomach disease. Due to problems in
the digestive tract is impaired absorption of vitamin B12, resulting in
funicular myelosis develops. ATот по этой причине у пациентов,
in spite of sufficient supply of vitamins to the body, it’s all the same
feet hurt.

Patients who are concerned about the feet, as mentioned, may have
and painful form of polyneuropathy. It occurs most often in people with
diabetes mellitus. ATторая распространенная клиническая причина
The development of this disease – alcoholism. An interesting fact is that
pain in the foot can signal the initial stages of development
diabetes, which the patient does not even suspect. Foot pain also
can often provoke plantar fasciitis, against which
often formed “heel spur.” ATероятность ее развития
increases in people with excess weight, flat-footedness, arthritis.
Notврома Мортона (доброкачественная опухоль) тоже вызывает боль в
foot Its cause of development is not fully known, but there is an opinion
that it occurs with chronic nerve irritation. Onпример, это
happens if you constantly walk in shoes on a very high

Many feet are sore due to the fact that they are formed
cones, calluses, natoptysh, suspicious deformations occur,
swelling. People used to think that this happens because of wearing
uncomfortable shoes either due to improper or insufficient
foot care. Notредко также болят, деформируются травмированные
by carelessness of the feet. But the causes of edema and cones
often not as commonplace as it seems.

Described maloestetichesky troubles that can
cause pain, often talk about the development of diseases
internal organs. Therefore, if your feet hurt, pay
attention to all defects that appeared on the lower limbs. TO
example, finding a bump at the base of the thumb, you do not
prevent from knowing how well the pancreas performs
its functions. Rough natoptysh located in the support zone of the foot,
may indicate kidney problems. Horny rim on
heel is to some extent a sign that you need to check with a specialist
the presence of diseases of the pelvic organs.

Deformation near the little fingers, corns at the same place sometimes
indicate a disorder with the urogenital system. But natoptyshy
near the fourth finger can talk about problems with the intestines.
Pay attention to the liver and gall bladder, if you saw that
the skin under the third finger became rough. TOогда третьи пальцы просто
sore, this is also not very good. The discomfort of such
plan sometimes point to torsion of the gallbladder. Appeared
swelling under the joint of the thumb can tell about failures in
thyroid work. Calluses on nervous exhaustion
pads of all fingers.

Sore feet: diagnosis

TOогда болят ступни ног, не нужно заниматься самолечением,
thoughtlessly swallowing analgesics. The first step is to go to
diagnostics to a good specialist who understands which
причинам могли развиться нестерпимые боли в foot He must
conduct a survey and assign tests. Thanks to adequate
the study, doctors will be able to find out why the pain arose, that
allow them to conduct immediate and proper treatment.

TO примеру, чтобы подтвердить/исключить фуникулярный миелоз либо
painful form of polyneuropathy, doctors need to identify the content
vitamin B12, glycohemoglobin, insulin in the patient’s blood.
Since we have determined that many have sore feet because of
problems with the liver, intestines, thyroid, kidneys, due to
nervous exhaustion, then, feeling uncomfortable sensations, you
It is worth checking with a gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, nephrologist and
a neurologist.

Treatment of pain in the feet

ATыбор терапии при болях в ступнях ног и длительность лечения
depend on the causes (diseases) that caused discomfort.
TO примеру, избавиться от болей при фуникулярном миелозе реально за
seven to ten days. AT то же время полинейропатия, из-за которой тоже
feet hurt you long
treatment. For plantar fasciitis, massages are given.
applications. Also, the patient may need a laser,
ultrasound and radiotherapy. They are prescribed corticosteroids and
etc. Patients with Morton’s neuroma are given corticosteroid blockades and
help to choose orthopedic shoes.

To eliminate pain in the feet caused by failures
liver, thyroid gland or kidney, you should first treat
the underlying disease that causes the appearance of discomfort
in the limbs. As a rule, after the elimination of the main disease
the patient immediately stops hurting their feet.

To cope with pain and correct the resulting strain,
Some experts advise buying special insoles with
foot support. They reduce the load on the foot and relieve pain in
feet. You can also purchase a variety of orthopedic

If problems with the feet are due to deterioration
emotional state, it is worth to see a doctor for
the passage of body-oriented therapy. Of course about it
treatment direction that is suitable for recovery
musculoskeletal system, heard not all. To the selection
knowledgeable about psychological techniques specialist need to come up
Seriously. Such a doctor must understand how closely
intertwined psychological state and physical health.
Ordinary doctors, who are accustomed to work according to the old schemes,
it is difficult to understand what relationship arises between the feet and experiences,
emotional exhaustion of man.

ATнимание: для того, чтобы покончить с болью в
a foot that results from serious injury,
may need surgery.

We treat feet with folk remedies

Such a title in the article is present only because many
accustomed to being treated at home. But if your feet hurt, right away
go to the hospital, because in case of delay your condition
may deteriorate to the extent that the problem can be solved
only by surgery. All the more possible to get rid of need not
from pain in the feet, and from severe diseases of internal organs,
who call them.

But our people, of course, can not be weaned to heal all folk
means. For example, they treat their feet with salty lard, applying
him to the painful places. Also impose on the feet
hot mashed potatoes, after cooling which legs
process the juice of celandine. AT ход идут солевые грелки и etc.

Preventing pain in the feet

So that in the future your feet do not hurt, massage them more often. Not
overlook the opportunity to walk barefoot in the sand, green grass.
Not нужно ходить в слишком узкой обуви. Refuse frequent
wearing shoes, boots, sandals, high heels. Be engaged
sports only designed for this shoe.

Knead the foot, not only with his hands, but with the help of assistants
means. For example, to prevent pain in the feet or remove
the discomfort that has appeared can be rolled under the foot of the tennis
ball It has also been proven that feet are less likely to hurt people who
regularly go to the pool, prefer unhurried daily
walks, ride a bike.

Sore feet: exercises

To restore the once injured foot, reduce pain
in the foot, resulting from wearing uncomfortable shoes, cope with
stagnation, you need to perform a set of exercises. Total Exercises –
five. Each of them should be done 12 times. Can do
in one day. Let’s take a look at how to exercise,
if your feet hurt.

Exercise with a chair for lowering fingers

Sit on the chair. One leg let it be lowered, the second lift
on a chair, bending it at the knee, and press the heel against the seat mat. Put
fingers on toes and maximally extend the latter, bending
them down. Now begin to exhale, raising your toes. Wherein
fingers should not be removed, they need to put pressure on the legs. I.e
fingers on the feet when lifting should overcome resistance. AT
extreme positions fix for one second.

Pulling thumbs up

ATы должны сидеть на стуле и упираться в него пяткой, как в
previous exercise. Only this time need fingers
pull up the toes. ATыдох делайте, когда опускаете
toes down through resistance. Exercise should finish
raising the 12th time toes up.

Stretch the feet

AT этот раз пальцы рук ставятся у основания пальцев ног. ATы
must stretch the foot down. After you lift it through
drag your fingers up as far as you can. Tear off heel
from the chair while it is impossible. ATыдыхаете на подъеме.


ATам нужно захватить правой рукой правую стопу с внутренней
parties. Fixing the hand, we begin to turn the foot to the right. With
returning the foot and turning it inwards makes exhalation.

Capture №2

Now you should load the foot outside. ATозьмите правую стопу с
side with your left hand and wrap it inside. Hold foot with hand
and turn it in the opposite direction through the force. On
shrinking exhale.

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