Sore ankle – causes persistent andshort pains. What is an ankle, why does it hurt, how is itheal: surgeon’s answer

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The ankle is a portion of the fibula.
ankle and performs the role of its stabilizer. This
part of the bone is located laterally on the leg just above the foot. It is for
The ankle count per foot transmits the entire body weight.

The ankle is quite a weak spot on the foot, which is often
is the cause of injury. Damage in this area is fraught
the occurrence of pain, accompanied by the development
pathological process.

In addition, these manifestations can provoke joint manifestations.
diseases requiring serious complex treatment.

Sore ankle – causes

Many people encountering such problems
the question is: why does the ankle hurt and what are the reasons
due to?

For example, when careless walking or getting injured, stop
can wriggle out, resulting in excessive ligament
load. As a rule, this leads to their stretching and occurrence
pain in the ankle.

Severe pain can be caused by muscle breaks and fractures,
especially with sudden and unanticipated rotational movements. With
similar circumstances, the main symptoms are accompanied
edema of the lower limb in the injured area, which is significantly
makes walking difficult. The skin surrounding the site
Damage may change color.

As another reason, which results
palpable pain in the ankle, tendonitis may occur, representing
is an active inflammatory process that occurs on the site
tendon and bone connections. The disease is characterized by partial
tendon rupture suggesting gradual healing. A is
it is usually quite painful.

Tendonitis occurs due to two

• excessive load on the feet (most often the disease
subject to athletes and people leading an active lifestyle);

• the presence of age-related changes in humans,
stepped over forty years.

Sometimes infections can cause the development of the disease.
autoimmune plan, metabolic disorders, injuries and
stretching Achilles tendon.

Excessive loads caused by long walking and long
standing in one place can provoke the development of brucite. With
In this scenario, the occurrence of pain is inevitable.

Particular danger is a broken ankle. Such manifestations
most often inherent in basketball players, football players and categories of people
engaged in other active sports. Pain in
areas of the ankle tend to last long enough
a long period of time, so as to identify the root cause
not easy. For example, after a serious injury, identify a fracture.
succeeds only after two months.

Ankle pain may be due to an abnormal
shoes. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase shoes easier in full
according to foot size and, preferably, with the presence of
arch support.

Sore ankle – what to do: first aid for injury

When the ankle hurts, the most common cause is dislocation
ankle joint.

In this case, you need to know what measures to take when
domestic injuries and how to provide first aid.

In medicine, there are three degrees of dislocation:

• injuries affecting the muscle fibers of the ligaments;

• partial ruptures and damage to the ligaments themselves;

• rupture of the ligament.

To establish the degree of damage is possible when
X-ray assistance. Therefore, in the event of severe pain
in any case it is not recommended to postpone the visit to the traumatologist
and self-medicate.

Whether dislocated or sprained in a given
case takes place, the need is to render the first
assistance that involves the following actions:

• the injured limb is placed on a pillow or roller,
thus providing her with a state of rest;

• fix the foot with an elastic bandage;

• apply cold to the affected area.

You can relieve severe pain with an anesthetic. Further
should call an ambulance or try to deliver
injured person in emergency room. The doctor will be able to determine which
treatment must be prescribed, and it depends on the severity
contusion and developing consequences after injury.

If it’s a matter of stretching, then most likely it will cost.
the imposition of an elastic bandage, which is recommended to wear two
weeks in a row.

When your ankle hurts because of a strain on your ligaments, it is superimposed.
removable plaster cast. In parallel can be assigned
physiotherapy and exercise therapy. Rehabilitation period
is about a month, and the full course of treatment usually takes
two months.

Local anesthetics are prescribed in the form of creams and ointments and
used to reduce pain. Physical Therapy
it is desirable to continue after the main treatment for
some time. This will provide an opportunity to strengthen the weakened
связки ankle joint.

Hurts ankle – what to do if there was no injury

If the ankle hurts and there was no injury, then most likely
place articular diseases caused by the development of internal
degenerative changes.

In this case we are talking about such diseases

• arthrosis;

• arthritis;

• tends;

• crunches.

• and so on.

Such manifestations are characterized by a sharp nature of the pain, which
tends to intensify, accompanied by inflammation. With этом у
patients mobility is significantly limited. Arises natural
question: what to do in such cases? First, you should refer to
to specialists:

• rheumatologist;

• traumatologist.

In these cases, strongly discouraged
self-treatment, as the outcome of the disease depends on
correctness of the established diagnosis, medical appointments and

After removal of severe symptoms, the root cause should be treated.
– Ailment, as a result of which the ankle constantly hurts.

Hurts лодыжка: в каких случаях нужен врач

Such a serious symptom in which the ankle on the leg hurts
since it’s impossible to ignore, even when
manifestations have no apparent reason. Have in mind
injuries, bruises and all sorts of mechanical effects.

If the pain is not strong and is random, then it passes
by herself.

In all other cases it is recommended to immediately apply for
medical and advisory assistance to a specialist.

The fact is that recurrent pain in the ankle does not occur on
empty place. As a rule, they are due to the development of internal
pathological processes, the presence of concomitant articular
diseases and tend to increase in the absence of proper

Complex physical therapy, designed to strengthen

The composition of therapeutic measures to eliminate pain
sensations in the ankle, includes a complex of physical therapy. Exercise therapy
направлен на закрепление результата, укрепление bundles и мышц
ankle joint and blood circulation stimulation. For most
people performing the proposed exercises does not represent much
labor. Итак, Exercise therapy в себя включает следующие

• Starting position: Sit on the floor, knees straight;

• capture the feet with a scarf or towel, holding
its edges;

• pull on the scarf and slightly bend the foot, keeping it in such
position at least 15 seconds. Repeat the exercise 5 times

Such a simple gymnastics will prevent the development of
consequences and reduce the likelihood of subsequent injuries.

Another point that is recommended to pay attention –
these are shoes. Oddly enough, the development of pathologies and injuries of the ankle
due precisely to the incorrectly chosen shoes or the inability of her
to wear. First of all, your legs should feel comfortable.
Patients are recommended orthopedic shoes, the selection of which should
carry out especially carefully so otherwise
there is a chance to tuck the foot.

People with flat feet should use insoles or
shock-absorbing insoles.

In order to achieve the desired result should
be sure to give your feet rest, it is recommended to have
leg on a special cushion or roller, providing it with a full
daily rest for 2-3 hours. The fact is that the cause of pain in
the ankle can be like an excessive load on the legs during
walk, and long standing in one place. That is why
This nuance plays a significant role.

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