Slow carbohydrates for weight loss

Slow carbohydrates that make up the daily diet contribute to the normal operation of all body systems. Use food rich in carbohydrate elements, replenishes energy stock, promotes the absorption of fats and proteins, supports proper balance of blood sugar levels, ensures effective brain work. According to nutritionists, the proportion of carbohydrates, related to the slow, in the daily diet should be at least 50%. This will provide the person with a balanced right. nutrition.


What is slow carbs?

Carbohydrate foods of the slow type are called complex. This is due to their structure. Complex compounds (polysaccharides) contain many simple molecules of glucose, fructose unlike simple carbohydrate elements (monosaccharides), which consist of one or two molecules. Difference between monosaccharides and polysaccharides:

  • Slow carbohydrates. Learning begins at the time of chewing, когда активизируется выработка слюнного фермента. For cleavage of polysaccharide molecules takes much longer than for monosaccharides. Because of this, a person has a long feeling of saturation, energy is produced for a long time.
  • Fast carbs. Simple structure of these compounds ensures their quick processing. Molecules of glucose and fructose quickly enter the bloodstream, insulin production occurs due to a sharp rise in sugar levels. With a lack of physical exertion not processed monosaccharides are involved in the construction of fat cells.

The rate of assimilation of products with different types carbohydrate compounds is the glycemic index. Polysaccharides as a rule, have a low value – up to 40, and monosaccharides high – above 70. In some cases, complex elements can turn in simple – it depends on the type of heat treatment. For здоровья важны both types of carbohydrate compounds, but low glycemic foods index in the diet should be more.


Types of slow carbohydrates

To build healthy diets with healthy foods need to know what applies to slow carbohydrates. Polysaccharides differ in the combination of molecules in their structure. Main types complex carbohydrate elements:

  1. Крахмал. Common polysaccharide which found in many foods: rice, wheat, corn, potato Starch is gradually broken down in the body, providing glucose in the blood.
  2. Гликоген. This is a “spare” polysaccharide element of the body. Use продуктов со сложными соединениями forms glycogen reserve in the liver. When the body needs energy, the body splits matter.
  3. Клетчатка. Element contained in wholegrain bread, legumes, raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, mushrooms, buckwheat. The substance does not provide the body with energy, since almost no splits in the digestive tract, but it helps the work of digestion, accelerates the process of passing digested food through the intestines.
  4. Целлюлоза. Another name for fiber. Refers to coarse dietary fiber, not split, improves the work of the gastrointestinal tract, removes toxins and harmful substances.
  5. Инсулин. A hormone that plays an important role in metabolic processes upon entry into the blood of simple or complex carbohydrates. Reduces the amount of sugar, increases fat and protein synthesis.
  6. Пектин. Type of fiber, soft dietary fiber. The substance reduces cholesterol, is useful for diabetes. Sources of pectin: apples, carrots, cabbage, dogwood, dates.

The role of slow carbohydrates for weight loss < / h2>

Complex carbohydrate compounds are not deposited in the fat, if used moderately and at the correct time of day. The daily rate of products with a polysaccharide content is not more than 60% of the total diet. For обеспечения организма калориями принимать пищу со сложными соединениями нужно в первой половине дня, на завтрак. Dishes with polysaccharides at night, when it is better to eat protein foods, load the body, become an aid to gaining weight.

If a person is on a diet and is not involved in sports, dishes with monosaccharides (honey, pancakes, soft pasta, confectionery, white flour bread, sweet fruits – bananas, oranges) should be completely excluded. In the case of a combination of proper nutrition with intense physical exertion, fast carbohydrates can be consumed after training, and before training for several hours – polysaccharides. Bread, oatmeal, cottage cheese are suitable for snacking during the day.

Sources of slow carbohydrates < / h2>

Knowing where slow carbohydrates are contained, a person can make a list of foods that are suitable for proper nutrition at home. A balanced diet benefits and supports health. Providing the body with energy, improving the work of the gastrointestinal tract, stimulation of the brain – all this helps to achieve slow carbohydrates.

List of products for daily use < / u>:

  • cereals: oatmeal, buckwheat and other low-fat cereals; < / li>
  • muesli bran; < / li>
  • legumes (beans, peas); < / li>
  • vegetables (cabbage, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, potatoes); < / li>
  • savory fruits (avocados, grapefruits, apples, lemons); < / li>
  • bread products: whole grain bread, pita; < / li>
  • durum pasta; < / li>
  • mushrooms. < / li> < / ul> |

    Table: list of products containing slow carbohydrates < / h2>

    Knowledge of the glycemic index of different foods will help to make the right diet. The lower this indicator, the more useful the product is for the body. Polysaccharide table:

    Product < / th>

    Glycemic Index < / th> < / tr> < / thead>

    Avocados < / td>

    10 < / td> < / tr>

    Peanuts < / td>

    15 < / td> < / tr>

    Squash < / td>

    15 < / td> < / tr>

    Mushrooms < / td>

    15 < / td> < / tr>

    Cucumber < / td>

    15 < / td> < / tr>

    Colored, headed, Brussels sprouts < / td>

    15 < / td> < / tr>

    Eggplant < / td>

    20 < / tr>

    Artichoke < / td>

    20 < / tr>

    Currant (red) < / td>

    25 < / td> < / tr>

    Tomato < / td>

    30 < / td> < / tr>

    Carrots < / td>

    30 < / td> < / tr> < / tbody> < / table>

    Polysaccharide elements for the normal functioning of the body, maintaining good health and health. The complex structure of carbohydrate compounds provides a person with energy for a long time causes a feeling of satiety and prevents the accumulation of fat. Knowing which foods contain slow carbohydrates will help you create the right balanced menu for your daily diet.

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