Slimness by default – how to remove the sidesman?

kak-ubrat-boka-muzhchine-prosto-liAny coach in
fitness club or a dietician to the question: how to remove the sides of a man
will give the answer that in this case will require a comprehensive solution

If the cause of the fat folds on the sides was
improper diet and lack of exercise, it is worth
adjust protein, fat and carbohydrate intake, plus
in parallel to do power and aerobic exercises (walking,
swimming, jogging, active games in the fresh air). About this we
detail and talk.

Another category includes men who are older.
In addition to the problems described above, a decrease is added.
testosterone – the male sex hormone. As you know, this leads to
increase in their body level of female sex hormone –
estrogen – “noble” fat accumulator!

From here, men who do not even drink beer, appear
common “beer” stomachs and fat folds on the sides. Add to
these processes, the desire to lie down at the TV and high-calorie
food – we get an obvious result!

The problem of excess weight in modern men, or how that
is taken?

The achievements of scientific and technological progress have made our work more
intellectual, excluding from it physical activity.

Programmers, designers, lawyers and other modern prestigious
Professions are related to the omnipresent computer and sit-down device.
way of life. Evening relaxation is also unthinkable without a loved one.

  • Lack of motor activity during the workflow
    leads to the deposition of fat on the abdomen and sides.
  • Let’s add here the wrong food consisting of inexpensive
    fast food, convenience food and products with
    high levels of additives (nitrites, nitrates and other chemical
    compounds), lack of fruits and vegetables in the diet, irregular
    meals are all factors that make the male body
    accumulate fat folds on the sides and abdomen.
  • The presence of bad habits. Stress and smoking help
    the deposition of fat on the sides and abdomen. Alcohol (including
    beer) contains a high level of “empty” calories, to which
    salt and nutritional value of snacks are added. As a result
    �”Relaxing” or a holiday feast can get a big
    stock of “abdominal” fat and folds on the sides.

What threatens the lulling opinion that “I should be

Spherical belly and fat deposits on the sides of any man
– not only an aesthetic problem and lack of sexuality. it
also a real threat to overall health.

The waist of a man, whose size exceeds 88-94 cm, may become
a harbinger of the development of diabetes (type II), cardiovascular,
oncological diseases.

  • Abdominal fat (“protective belt” around the waist and sides) –
    stress hormone concentrate (cortisol), which is a factor
    risk of death.
  • In addition, abdominal obesity often accompanies
    visceral when any of the internal organs is covered
    �”Fatty bag”, which leads to serious disruptions in his work and
    critical deterioration of health.

Therefore, the embossed press and strong muscles are not just
guarantee of beauty and health. The man who watches his
figure, self-confident, enjoys female attention and respect in
society. Such a person is more successful in promoting a career.


To remove the stomach and sides of men will help a healthy diet?

Fans of a healthy lifestyle could
make sure that a balanced balanced diet
low-calorie foods not only perfectly satisfy hunger,
but it is the prevention of many diseases of “our time”:
cardiovascular problems, digestive disorders, endocrine
failures and others.

Adequate amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats (in
olive and other vegetable oils) helps not only
get rid of the abdomen and sides, but also restore the correct exchange
substances, normalize the work of many internal organs and

Factors such as:

  • Fractional frequent meals throughout the day (5-6 times);
  • Small portions of 200-300 gr .;
  • Adequate amount of pure water (at the rate of 30 ml per 1 kg
    human weight), but not less than 1.5-2 liters per day,

help to fully compensate for the vital volume
moisture and nutrients for proper metabolism in the tissues.

It is known that fat on the abdomen and sides is most quickly deposited.
due to fatty, fried foods, baking, sweet, salty, smoked
delicacies, carbonated drinks and alcohol, fast food, sauces,
enhancing appetite.

These products must be discarded by replacing them.

  • Low-fat varieties of meat (beef, poultry without skin), fish, sea and
    river species (cod, pike perch, carp, tuna, salmon, flounder),
    milk and dairy products (kefir, cottage cheese, low-fat
  • Seafood (squid, shrimp);
  • Eggs;
  • Legumes (peas, chickpeas, beans);
  • Healthy carbohydrates that are absorbed extremely slowly, giving
    saturating the male body and helping to maintain stamina:
    cereals (buckwheat, oatmeal), brown rice and wheat bran,
    rich in zinc, which is necessary for the synthesis of the main male
    hormone – testosterone. Also in the diet should include grain
  • From sweets you can eat a little honey, dried fruit;
  • Vegetables and fruits;
  • Vegetable oils for salad dressing;
  • Green tea, weak coffee without sugar, fresh juices.

It is best to eat dishes made from these products.
boiled, baked or steamed. Stews are allowed.

Fitness trainers claim that reducing calorie intake
only 1000 kcal per week helps to lose about 1-1.5 kg
overweight, including reducing the volume of the abdomen and sides.

What exercises can effectively remove the sides?

Local weight loss of the abdomen, the sides, which does not affect others
parts of the body, experts believe a myth, since our body, losing
calories, burns fat at the same time around the “depot”.

1. Jump rope. Very effective for this purpose jumping rope
help to significantly reduce the total amount of body fat.
You need to start with 20 minutes, adding 10-20 minutes of lessons on this
simple shell daily. Men with a high body mass index
should take this load carefully, as there is
risk of injury due to heavy weight. They better start with
active walking, continuing classes after a certain time easy
run, both on a flat surface, and on a ladder.

2. Fitball. Ball for fitness – an ideal sports equipment for
in order to pump up the sides. We fix on it, lying on its side, with
with the help of legs stretched out into the string and we rest our hands on the floor.
Alternately lift one of the lower limbs. This exercise
strengthens the oblique abdominal muscles, which helps to get rid of fat
accumulations in this area of ​​the body. Repeating the rise of the leg at least 10
time, turn to the other side and do the exercise

3. Hula-hoop. Choosing a sports band with massage balls and
decent weight to effectively remove the sides. If he first
falls – it does not matter, after strengthening the abdominal muscles to engage with him
it will be easier. Training with a hoop for 40-60 minutes, which
we spend three times a week, already after the expiration of the month will give noticeable

4. Dumbbells. We perform bends forward and in different directions,
raising the opposite hand with dumbbells. The weight of the projectile is not
must exceed 2 kg!


Also the following simple ones will help the man to remove the sides.
Exercises that must be done intensively in a cyclical

  • Raising the body in a prone position, and twisting it in
    one side and the other 15 repetitions;
  • The same, but lifting his legs at a right angle. When twisting
    elbows reach the opposite knees;
  • The bar of the rod, or the corresponding projectile, you need to put on
    shoulders and, keeping your back in a straight position, the body alternately
    rotate left-right. The abdominal muscles while keeping in
    voltage, 15 repetitions in each direction;
  • Deep bench press and squatting. Between sets of 12
    repetitions make a mandatory break for 3-5 minutes;
  • On the “wall of Sweden” or the crossbar you need to hang, lifting
    legs at right angles. Turn your knees left and right, by 12-15
    repetitions, strengthening the oblique abdominal muscles, as well as the wide muscle
  • Push up – 12 times.

The second interesting question that men are interested in: how many
will it take time to get rid of the sides? it зависит от
individual characteristics: metabolic rate, degree
diving into the problem, the regularity of training.

An effective method that accelerates the burning of subcutaneous fat and
working out a large number of muscles, is considered a combination of running
the stairs (or on any climb) and classic exercises with
dumbbells. At the same time, cardiovascular activity is noticeably strengthened.

Whichever way of life you are on the eve of having attached regular
efforts and having worked on yourself, you can get in 3-5 months
well-deserved reward – beautiful slim body! Will only
keep healthy eating and muscle
feasible loads to keep your figure for a long time!

How to remove the sides of a man – the word coach

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