Slimming with a skipping rope (skipping)

In pursuit of a beautiful figure, modern women often forget that it’s easy to achieve with the simplest things. Regular jumping rope, and in a fashionable skpping, will help not only remove extra pounds, but also contribute to the elasticity of the muscles, getting rid of cellulite, strengthening the breathing apparatus without additional costly procedures.

The benefits of rope for weight loss

Slimming with a rope, reviews are numerous evidence, helps to promote human health. Organism gets the necessary load on the heart muscle, normalizes bowels work, leg shape improves, slimming gets great mood due to happiness hormones released during jumps. Use this inexpensive homemade treadmill for weight loss, legs, hips, and you will always be in excellent shape.


How to choose a rope?

Before you think about how to lose weight with a skipping rope For a week, you need to properly approach her choice. Buy home The simulator needs an optimal length that corresponds with your growth To determine the parameter, fold the rope in half, and the handles Armpit position. If the fold touches the floor, then the size you need fits In addition to the usual skipping rope on the shelves of sports shops now there are newfangled fixtures for slimming:

  • electronic version with a counter that counts the amount jumps;
  • weighted version of the cord or pens;
  • speedy option with which it is easy to achieve up to 6 jumps per second, which corresponds to the three-kilometer cross.

How to jump rope?

Begin training with a skipping rope at a slow pace, so you warm up your muscles and prepare for intense loads. Back keep your eyes straight, try to direct the inanimate subjects not to be distracted. Jump rope rotates only wrists, and elbows are located closer to the body.

If you are engaged in skipping in the apartment, then open the window to have access to fresh air. Minimum training time for beginner takes 10 minutes. Gradually increase the time to walk to 45 minutes. Be prepared for the fact that after the first classes with a skipping rope, your legs, hips, buttocks and muscles will ache abdominals – it was you who made them work.

How long does it take to jump for effective weight loss?

Jumping rope for weight loss needs to be intense. If you if you take care of yourself, you won’t be able to remove the extra weight soon. But too overload the body at the first classes with a rope too not worth it – if you have shortness of breath, then slow down or make minute break. After you get involved, the process will go faster.

How many calories burn rope?

Any jumping rope for weight loss burns a lot of calories. If you jump at an average pace, in 15 minutes you will lose 190 calories, which is equivalent to 1 hour jogging. With intense jumping or when working with a rope with weighting for the same time you will lose up to 250 kcal. Count for yourself how many calories burn jump rope if you jump 45 minutes. But это очень трудная задача!

Complex of exercises with a rope < / h2>

You’ve learned how to properly and how much to jump rope to lose weight. Let’s move on to practice. Exercises on a skipping rope slimming include regular jumps, with the change of legs, to the sides, back and forth and double jumps.

  1. Simple jumps < / strong>. Jump on your toes, rotating the rope. Try to land only on the toes, spring. Do one spin for one jump. < / Li>
  2. Leg change < / strong>. Jump, lifting bent legs alternately. Then modify the exercise, jumping 10 times on each leg. < / Li>
  3. Jumping back and forth < / strong>. Jump up, moving forward. On the next spin, make a jump up and back. < / Li>
  4. Jumping to the side < / strong>. Jump up and to the left. The next rotation is up and to the right. < / Li> < / ol>

    Contraindications to skipping < / h2>

    If you have chronic cardiovascular diseases or varicose veins, can you lose weight by jumping rope, ask your doctor. You should not engage in skpping, people suffering:

    • Injuries or curvature of the spine. < / li>
    • Hypertension. < / li>
    • Joint disease. < / li>
    • Closure of vessels. < / li>
    • Bleeding. < / li>
    • Viral infections. < / li>
    • Obese. < / li> < / ul>

      Video exercises with a rope for burning fat < / h2>

      Judging by the reviews and the results of the use of skipping pins for weight loss, it is easy to conclude about the effectiveness of a home simulator. For feminine beauty, skipping is an indispensable thing: elastic buttocks are formed, fat deposits on the sides and thighs are removed, legs get thinner, and the volume of the abdomen decreases. If you не знаете, с чего начать, смотрите программу похудения по видео, разработанную профессионалами: