Slimming treadmill

begovaya-dorozhka-dlya-pohudeniyaThis is the final article
where we have the opportunity to meet with all the benefits and
benefits of simulators that can be actively used in
conditions at home.

They allow you to vary the level and intensity
resulting physical activity, thereby, contributing more
effective and successful long-term reduction

In previous articles we have already met these.
great home fitness equipment like jump rope, hulahup,
fitball, stepper, led and elliptical trainers that we
analyzed as their price tag increased in sports
the store.

Our guest today, or rather guest, will be the queen
simulators with undeniable advantages and able to provide
full and comprehensive cardio – treadmill.

The benefits of a treadmill for weight loss

1. Беговая дорожка имеет мягкую амортизированную
the surface, while running does not cause undue stress on
body joints. This makes it possible to use a treadmill.
for weight loss at any age.

2. Беговые дорожки имеют возможность визуального
display your results right on the display in front of you. So you
can see indicators such as the amount spent
calories, speed of your walking or running, heart rate
cuts, distance traveled per workout, etc. Control
This data can serve as additional motivation when you
You will see how your workout gradually improves from workout to workout.

3. Вам не нужно беспокоиться о том, чтобы не зацепиться,
to stumble or not to step on a stone, thereby allowing
the occurrence of sprains or injuries as may occur during
Jogging time in the fresh air. Slimming treadmill
save you from such worries.

4. Вы можете сами регулировать скорость, с которой вам
it will be more convenient to carry out training, thus optimizing
amount of energy expended. This will help you avoid unnecessary

5. Беговую дорожку можно разместить перед телевизором и
Watch your favorite shows or movies during your workout.
Thanks to this, the training time flies faster and easier
transferred physical activity. Today there are
models of treadmills for slimming with a little built

begovaya-dorozhka-dlya-pohudeniya 6. Если вы хотите,
so that your workouts are a bit more complicated, you can
adjust the slope of the running belt.

7. Люди предназначены для ходьбы. Daily 30-40 minutes
work on a treadmill for weight loss will allow you to open for
all the benefits of walking. Running or walking on a treadmill
promotes maximum calorie burning with the slightest effort
that is, you can see the results through a shorter
time interval.

8. Использование беговой дорожки является лучшим способом
to ensure good heart health. Being beautiful
cardio training, treadmill speeds up heartbeat and
keeps him on the same level for a certain
of time.

9. Беговые дорожки для похудения предлагают различные
training programs that are written in the program block. it
very useful if you are new and do not know how long and with what
intensity is necessary to conduct training for the most
effective result.

10. Исследования показали, что физическая нагрузка может
significantly reduce the level of stress hormone in the blood –

Choosing a treadmill for weight loss

begovaya-dorozhka-dlya-pohudeniyaThere are 4 main ones
aspects that need attention when choosing
treadmill slimming:

– High power motor. We intentionally do not
consider options for treadmills, in which the movement of a race
canvases are due to the practitioner himself (without
motor) due to their low functionality and the resulting

So, a good engine should be the main condition of your
treadmill for weight loss because it is the most expensive
part of the simulator. The best option is the engine power is not
less than 2 hp

– Depreciation of the running belt. One important aspect of running
very often forgotten tracks is his level
depreciation. Your joints will only be safe when
The treadmill has sufficient cushioning.

– A good guarantee. To get the most out of
investment in a treadmill for weight loss, it should have
obligatory guarantee: at least 30 years for a frame, 5 years for
engine and 1 year for parts and service.

– Qualitative brand of the simulator. Buy a treadmill
famous brands, due to better build quality

Also important are the following treadmill options for

  • The number of pre-installed programs that provide you
    various speeds and inclination during training.
  • Pulse sensor – when you want to monitor your heart
    rhythm, it matters depending on your age and weight.
    If your pulse is too high then you need to slow down if
    your pulse is too low, on the contrary you need to increase
    training intensity
  • Built-in fan to avoid overheating
    while walking or running.
  • Water bottle holder – this feature allows you to put
    a bottle of water is within easy reach so you can
    avoid dehydration while running on a treadmill.
  • The running belt thickness should also be on the priority list.
    because it affects the comfort of the feet and feet when
    prolonged use. Choose a treadmill for weight loss,
    which has a thickness of not less than 2 cm
  • The running belt must be of sufficient length (at least 110 cm.)
    and width (at least 45 cm), so that it was convenient to walk on it.
    Проверьте это еще когда вы находитесь в the store.

Treadmill Guidelines

begovaya-dorozhka-dlya-domaStart with a warm-up: One of
The most important advice before starting a workout is to warm up. Highly
common mistake in which to begin training in the desired
pace without warming up. it приводит к болям в мышцах и к возможным

In addition, it also means that without pre-warming up
you will not be able to use all of your lower body muscles

The best way to warm up is to walk at a speed of 4 km. / h in
for a few minutes. For those who are at a higher
level of fitness, speed can be increased to 7
km / h

Change speed: Another very common mistake is
that, having chosen a certain pace for walking or running, they continue
do all the workout at the same speed continuously. it может
not only lead to more rapid fatigue, but also make of
training is a boring exercise that will definitely affect the quality

It is important to constantly change your speed every 8-10 minutes. Same
you can try to change the slope of the running tape while doing the workout
more interesting and effective.

Interval training: Studies have shown that change
heart rate allows you to speed up the exchange
substances than training at a constant speed for
длительного of time. In fact – interval load means that
you must change the speed and style of the treadmill exercise

For example, it can be a sprint or a run
surface. The interval can be from a minute to 5 minutes, but most importantly,
to make each interval faster or slower than

Охлаждение: itт этап также важен, как и разогрев. Simply
jump off the treadmill after completing a workout is not
a good idea. it риск получения мышечных спазмов или даже

Slow down the treadmill speed and allow your muscles and
heart rate to bounce back before you finish

Regularity: In order to lose weight, it is very important to be
consistent in work with the treadmill. Simply занимаясь один
Once a week, you will not be able to see the results.

It is important to maintain a regular preparation schedule: 30 – 45 minutes per
day at least 4 days a week. Only when you follow
this is meticulous, you can feel the progress.

Treadmill training

begovaya-dorozhka-dlya-pohudeniyaLevel: Newbie

1 minute of running (75% of maximum speed), 4 minutes of walking
x 5 = 25 minutes

At this level, you will jog 75% of your
maximum speed for 1 minute and then reduce
walking speed for 4 minutes. it повторить 5 раз в общей
difficulty 25 minutes. This program interval means that you
You will spend only 5 minutes running and 20 minutes walking.

Level: Beginner

2 minutes of running (75% of maximum speed), 4 minutes of walking
x 5 = 30 minutes

Please note that this workout is almost identical.
first, except for one small difference. In this program
workout you’ll run twice as long when recovering in
for the same amount of time (4 minutes). This training
allows you to spend 10 minutes running and walk for 20 minutes.

Level: Advanced

2 minutes of running (at 75% of maximum speed), 2 minutes
walk x 5 = 20 minutes

it вариант тренировки является более сложным, потому что теперь
you have the same amount of work, but the time for
recovery. You will not have so much time to recover,
therefore, the total training time is reduced to 20 minutes, during
which you will run 10 minutes and 10 minutes to walk.

Which aerobic simulator do you prefer?

  • Беговой дорожке Беговой дорожке 2272голосов
  • Elliptical trainer Elliptical trainer
    7547 votes
  • Велотренажеру Велотренажеру 2737голосов
  • Степперу Степперу 1574голосов

Classes on the treadmill – the word professional

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