Slimming tea “Flying swallow”

Tea “Flying Swallow” helps to successfully get rid of excess
weight at home. The drink is composed of natural
plant components that stimulate the body,
helping him get rid of the hated kilos.

Slimming tea


  • What is the secret of the Flying Swallow?
  • Tea composition
  • Cooking method and consumption
  • Contraindications
  • Opinion of doctors
  • Opinion losing people
  • Analogs and prices

What is the secret of the Flying Swallow?

This tea is produced by a Chinese company specializing in
manufacture of health products, which include
vegetable ingredients. Inherently is biologically active.
additive with a laxative, diuretic, cleansing effect.

Intense intestinal work makes a person increase
frequency of toilet visits. The result is a loss of excess
weight due to the withdrawal of excess water, fecal masses and the disappearance of edema.
On the other hand, the drink is rich in macro and micronutrients,
vitamins that the body loses in various diets.

The effectiveness of tea increases and weight loss will be noticeable if
ration to remove high-calorie foods and dishes, keep an active way
life – walking, daily exercise.

Tea composition

It includes the following components:

  • The tea leaf is the basis of the drink, the other components are
    active substances.
  • Pineapple – speeds up digestion, removes slags from the body and
  • Lingonberry leaf has a diuretic effect.
  • Peel of green mandarin has a beneficial effect on
    gastrointestinal tract and liver function.
  • Cassia tori seeds reduce appetite, remove excess water from
    organism, that is, has a diuretic effect, and enhances the exchange
  • Pahima – tree fungus growing on the roots of conifers
    trees. It has a diuretic effect, prevents the development
    bowel disorders, removes toxins and normalizes digestive
  • Fruits of luffa known as natural washcloth. Fibers apply
    in the manufacture of scourers. However, the Chinese successfully use it when
    constipation. It cleans the intestines, eliminates gas formation,
    normalizes metabolism, reduces appetite.
  • Licorice root acts as a laxative agent.

Cooking method and consumption

  1. 1-2 bags of tea pour 200 ml of hot water.
  2. Insist for 3-5 minutes.
  3. 20 minutes before the reception of tea you need to have dinner. Food must
    be easy

Daily dose of drink 1 glass. The course lasts 30 days, but after
every 10 days of drinking is sure to take a break for 5 days,
so that the intestines are not lazy and not accustomed to the action of tea drinking.
It is recommended to repeat the course in 1-2 months.

After drinking tea begins to act after 4-6 hours.
For the first time 2 days the intestine begins to work actively, therefore in the toilet
you will spend quite a long time. To strong urges not
caught you off guard, start the course on a day off. These days
the digestive system gets rid of non-digestible food,
ballast, and then – from toxins and slags.

Чай для похудения

At the beginning of the course allowed the presence of liquid stool, which in
within 2 days must pass. If this does not happen, then tea
stop drinking immediately.

Diarrhea is a side effect that is fraught with health.
losing weight Long-term diarrhea can cause dehydration,
washing out beneficial intestinal microflora, avitaminosis, because
some vitamins are synthesized in the intestines, as well as inability
self emptying the intestines.


Dietary supplements, though not medicinal
means, but also have contraindications:

  • herbal tea is strictly prohibited for pregnant women and
    nursing mothers;
  • as well as people having an allergic reaction to one of
  • acute and chronic gastrointestinal diseases
  • should not be taken by persons under 16 years old.

Opinion of doctors

�”Flying swallow”, like other similar teas, is not
a panacea for overweight. The loss of extra pounds will be
visible only with an integrated approach – the use of herbal tea,
daily exercise and balanced nutrition. AT
противном случае сброшенные килограммы за короткий срок снова
will return.

Experts recommend buying tea in specialized
stores or pharmacies. Be sure to ensure that the product is
original. In the market, unfortunately, you can find a huge
the number of fakes that when used can harm
body or cause unpredictable effects.

Opinion losing people

Tea for a long time already on sale and managed to recruit an army
fans and opponents. It is worth remembering that tea is not
universal remedy. It suits one people and shows
good results, others, due to the nature of the organism, it is not enough
than helps.

AT большинстве случаев худеющие скидывают в среднем 2-3 кг за
course. But they note that within a month after the end of the reception, they
come back again. Some use it for periodic
cleansing the body. Herbal tea is more suitable for emergency
losing weight when you need in a week climb into your favorite dress and go
to archival event.


Most negative reviews are left by people who violated
recommendations on drinking, have digestive diseases
systems or purchased a fake.

Since the tea contains quite active vegetable
components, before use, it is better to consult a doctor
(an allergist or a nutritionist) and make sure you are absent
bowel disease.

Analogs and prices

AT настоящее время рынок заполнен подделками чая «Летящая
Swallow “, which produce both Chinese and Russian
manufacturers. They are united by one thing – in all compositions there is
plant laxatives. But if everything is original
the components are so harmoniously chosen that they do not harm
proportions are not respected in counterfeit teas, and
some components are missing.

ATыпускается три вида «Летящей ласточки». They differ

  • �”Flying swallow” fruit tea;
  • �”Flying swallow” phytotea;
  • �”Flying swallow” tea extra.

AT каждой упаковке находится по 20 пакетиков. Price depending
on the species on average varies from 160 to 300 rubles.

Equal and the only analogue is tea “Siberian
Swallow “, which produces the company” Altai cedar. ” Main
components – tea leaves and cassia seeds. The remaining components
replaced with local flora vegetation – mint leaf, chamomile flowers
and calendula, fennel fruit, dandelion root, St. John’s wort grass,
groundwort and yarrow and buckthorn bark. This herbal tea is valid
on the body as well as the “Flying swallow”.

So tea really helps to lose a few pounds,
but without a balanced diet and sports, the effect will be invisible.
Buy only original product, it will avoid
unpleasant consequences and keep you healthy. AT случае ухудшения
general state of health immediately stop using the tool.

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