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stepper-dlya-pohudeniyaThis is the fourth article about how easy and
effectively burn those extra pounds using the most
conventional simulators that can be used even in conditions
own home.

We have already learned with you how useful – jump rope, hulahup
(hoop) and fitball.

Gradually, we are moving from the most simple simulators to more
complex and expensive. And today we will talk about one of the most
effective aerobic simulators – stepper for weight loss.

The stepper is a simulator that simulates the movement up the steps
stairs. Structurally consists of two pedals and a simple
mechanism (for the cheapest option). Some of the samples
equipped with handrails for the hands to connect to the workout and
muscles of the upper shoulder girdle.

But why is the stepper so good? And the list of benefits of this cardio
simulator speaks for itself.


Stepper Benefits

  • Full training for the lower body. In my opinion,
    This is one of the most important benefits of a stepper! During each
    workouts include all major muscle groups –
    gluteus muscles, thigh and calf muscles (calf muscles). Such
    wide range of impact will be the key to durable and taut
    muscles of the lower body. And as a result you will become proud
    the owner of a beautiful, emphasized ass and slim legs! BUT
    This means that the increased attention of men to you now
  • Training the cardiovascular system. This simulator gives
    the opportunity to conduct an effective cardio for your heart,
    forcing him to work hard and beneficially affecting the overall
    endurance. Since most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle,
    then such exercises 3-4 times a week will have the most important
    value to maintain the health of your heart.
  • Burning calories. Classes with stepper actively burn calories.
    Their number will depend entirely on the duration of the workout,
    your fitness and speed
    exercise. Calorie consumption when working with the simulator is about
    500-600 per hour (depending on intensity). When combined
    regular exercise and a healthy balanced diet
    You will very quickly get rid of all unnecessary kilograms.
  • Reducing stress and anxiety. In response to regular
    classes with stepper, your body produces a special hormone
    dopamine – relieves stress and anxiety – that will help you
    feel better than before.
  • Portability (for mini-stepper). Well, finally, what
    The simulator is quite compact and portable. This means that he does not
    will take up a lot of space and you can easily train on
    choice in any of your rooms, and if you want to take a stepper with you
    on trips to keep you in top shape!

How to choose a stepper for weight loss?

stepper-dlya-pohudeniyaThe first thing you need to decide when
choosing a simulator is with its size.

Compact steppers (ministepper) are ideal for home with
limited space, while full-sized – convenient
use only when there is enough in the house
places where to place it.

The second thing to pay attention to when buying is the choice.
between dependent and independent pedal travel.

If in the first cases the movement of the pedals occurs according to the principle “
ala ”bike, that is, when one pedal is at the top, then the second
necessarily below. In the second version of the pedal movement between each other
not interconnected, which is much more effective for more complete
working out the muscles of the legs, because you can adjust the load separately for
each of the pedals.

Additionally increase the effectiveness of classes on stepper
functions such as LCD monitor, computer programs will help
workouts (regulates the frequency of the step and the load), stand for
water bottles (for full-size models).

Also, it would not be superfluous to pay attention to the brand of the manufacturer,
Read the warranty, the possibility of repair and return.

How to organize exercises with stepper?

As with any simulator, in order to get
maximum benefit and avoid possible injury when performing
exercise, you must maintain proper posture and posture during
use of the simulator.

Only when you will adhere to the following
rules, you will get the most optimal result:

  • Keep your back straight when practicing with a stepper.
    pens are provided, then use them only as support (but not
    lean on them). This position will help distribute body weight.
    evenly on both legs and lower body muscles.
  • the entire foot area comes into contact with the stepper pedals, and not
    only with your fingers – this will significantly affect the efficiency
    leg muscle training and your safety. Knees and toes
    clearly looking forward, because the inward-pointing knees can
    стать причиной потери равновесия при выполнении exercise.
  • control the exercise of both legs
    the entire range of motion, not just when going up.
  • make easy steps before starting stepper classes
    warm up the muscles of the thighs and calves to avoid muscle spasms.
  • Do not chase the number of repetitions (no longer means that
    better), and pay attention to the correct implementation of each of
    of them.

The stepper is definitely one of the best cardiovascular machines for
burning extra weight but assuming that you use it

Start your workout with a 5-7 minute workout. You are taking
minimum tempo and load level, focus on
synchronize your movements and maintain the correct posture.
Let your muscles warm up enough, and your heart get used to
load. Gradually increasing the pace of movement, go to
basic workout.

You will get maximum efficiency of exercises with stepper,
when your pulse will lie within 65-75% of the maximum
allowable (maximum = 220 – age). In this corridor
values ​​of the rate of metabolic processes in the body most
optimal for burning fat tissue. To control the pulse better
just purchase a quality heart rate monitor on your wrist or

Finishing the workout, the last 5-7 minutes, go back to
slow pace so that your heart rate stabilizes.

Also within one class with a stepper for weight loss you
you can alternate exercises with simulators already familiar to us, as
jump rope or hula hoop.

Which aerobic simulator do you prefer?

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