Slimming Shaping: Your Way toperfection

Today there are a lot of different ways to lose weight,
after all, the desire to build a slim and toned body becomes
for many women in the world the number one challenge.

Alone all their lives prefer to lose weight with a huge
the number of diets, others with varying success try to visit
gymnasium, someone manages to take off a couple of kilograms without
some effort, well, and someone can’t push himself at all
move towards your goal.

Which of them is doing the right thing is very difficult to say right away.

However, it is safe to say that people involved in
sports, living a longer and better life than
rest. In addition, such activities have a great impact.
on appearance, allowing you to easily correct the shortcomings of your

This is due to the fact that from the moment of introduction to the sports image
life, you begin to change gradually, as food habits and
preferences and well-established diet.

But everything must be done with the mind! Since, firstly, too
intense exercise is not always healthy
(especially for an untrained person), secondly, wrong
A chosen exercise program may not give the desired result.
Therefore, first of all, we recommend that you pay your attention.
on shaping for weight loss.

This type of gymnastic exercises is completely aimed at
the formation of a slim and beautiful body, and a decrease in volume
accumulations of body fat reserves.

What is shaping and what is its effectiveness?

Shaping is a type of physical activity, closely
associated with rhythmic gymnastics, which has long been
recognized as an official sport. The word “shape” is translated from
English language means “form”, that is, with the help of shaping
a person can easily get in shape, heal his
body, make it more slim and fit, lose weight and of course
same, rejuvenate.

Among its main advantages, first of all it is worth noting.
separate approach to each client, secondly, it is purely
individual selection of exercises for practitioners, based on
features of his physique, able to work all the groups
muscles in problem areas of a woman’s body (waist, hips, buttocks), and
also personal selection of diet. Shaping is better
just carried out under the guidance of an experienced coach. Yeah sure it
worth some money, but believe me, the final result will be in
times better than self-training in conditions
own home, as the most effective program to
Corrections of your figure can be made only by a specialist,
there is a coach. He will follow your classes in the hall,
controlling the technique of doing the exercises.

At its core, shaping is a unique method because it
combines several positive aspects that affect
a person and his body are both exercise and exercise.
diet, and, of course, massage. Also you look at yourself
in a completely new way, your self-esteem will improve markedly,
pride in their results, and then surely no depression and
bad mood you will not be scared.


The elements of shaping for weight loss: meals on the day of training

Fitness experts point out that increased protein intake
a day of training will allow you to build up much faster
muscle mass, while their opponents to what was said right there
they add that protein rich food can also slow down
the processes of losing weight and can give the female figure elements

Therefore, on the day of training it is best to refuse to use
(or eat at least 6 hours before the start): meat, eggs, dairy
products, soybeans, nuts and legumes, since it is these products
are the main sources of protein. Instead, you can eat:
cereal cereals, steamed vegetables, fruits, unsweetened tea,
grapefruit juice.

Vegetable proteins are best not to eat, but if you want you
You can eat a spoon of cottage cheese (but only low-fat) on
breakfast, not later. At lunch you can vegetable soup, fruit or
vegetable salad. Immediately before training for 2.5
hours to eat nothing is impossible, as well as for at least
4 hours after.

Strictly prohibited on the day of occupation: mayonnaise, pastries (cakes,
cakes, waffles and more), alcohol, milk chocolate,
sweets, fatty foods.

Method of training shaping

During classes, a person loses a huge amount of calories,
thanks to performing aerobic exercises at a very fast pace.
All groups of large muscles are being worked through, due to which
fat is burned due to constant and repetitive physical
loads. As a result, muscle tissue does not have time to build up, but
problem areas disappear, and the body becomes taut and

Training should take place at least 3-4 times a week, so
Thus, you can lose up to 5 kilograms in one week, and
this, to Moreover, it is not the limit. Thanks right
a well-chosen diet and high physical exertion with
the amount of energy expended, an effective weight loss
body without increasing the relief.

Doing shaping at home, of course, perhaps, because
Today there is a mass of information available that allows
Do some kind of sport at home. She can
draw from videos and books, but still the most effective
Workouts must be combined with diet and proper exercise.
power mode.

Therefore, before embarking on such activities, you need to
will make a list of products that you can
use during the training process. Calculate and
balance the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates for each day,
calorie certain dishes.

It is also impossible to combine exercises with power loads,
because your food will not match this way
life, and you can only harm your health, but not as
improve it.

Classic shaping for weight loss: video from Cindy Crawford

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