Slimming при помощи слабительного препарата�Senade

In search of effective means for losing weight, many women
try to drink drugs with a laxative effect. One of
quality in this series – senade, a medicine that stimulates
bowel contraction. Main composition – leaves of sena or cassia
torus, does not knock down the process of digestion, works as activated

Slimming при помощи слабительного препарата �Senade


  • Description of the composition, properties and effectiveness of the drug
  • How to apply?
  • Overdose
  • Contraindications
  • Side effects
  • Drug interaction
  • Terms and conditions of storage
  • Opinion nutritionists and losing weight
  • Price and analogues

Description of the composition, properties and effectiveness of the drug

Senade produced in the form of tablets, and packaged in 30, 50 and 500
pieces Sometimes it is sold under the name “glaksenna” or “pursennid.”
The action comes after 8-9 hours, but senade is not recommended as
remedy for weight loss, and as a medicine to eliminate problems
with constipation. Although in practice effective in the first case. If to
senade add rational nutrition and sport, then weight certainly
will begin to decline.

Excessive use of senade may disrupt work.

Senade – from a series of herbal preparations that affects the receptors
кишечника, заставляет его стенки  сокращаться сильнее. AT
основе –листья сены, содержащие кальциевые соли сеннозидов А и AT.
Of the excipients – lactose, starch, cellulose, magnesium
stearate, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, sodium lauryl sulfate, carmellose

The principle of operation is simple. When constipation of the intestinal muscles is bad
reduced, the food ball is not pushed, and bacteria begin
rot, fecal lose fluid. AT результате остается острый
a lump that can damage the intestinal mucosa and even give
impetus to the development of hemorrhoids. Senade causes muscle contraction
eliminates constipation.

For weight loss is good because:

  • reduces the absorption of carbohydrates and fats;
  • cleans the body from toxins;
  • improves digestion.

If you drink medicine for 2 weeks, you really lose up to 7 kilograms,
but in many cases the weight comes back again after the termination
taking the drug. The reason is that the laxative only removes
excess substances, but does not burn fat, weight decreases due to loss
liquids and decomposition products.


  1. Helps to switch to diet food.
  2. Clears the intestines, rebuilds its work in a new way.
  3. Quickly eliminates several kilograms.
  4. Removes constipation, characteristic of obesity.

Упаковка Сенаде


  1. Loss of weight due to dehydration.
  2. ATес снижается только на короткое время.
  3. With long-term use side effects occur.

How to apply?

It is worth remembering that senade is a cure for constipation, so
that consuming it in large quantities is risky. For soft and
laxative effect while losing weight is 2 tablets or 1
sachets per day. It is recommended to drink half an hour before meals, well
drink water ATрачи отмечают, что такая чистка полезна, но
you can use it in courses no more than 2-4 times a year, and no longer than 2
weeks for the course. Otherwise, intestinal microflora is disturbed, increases.
addictive, the body “unlearns” to work itself, and then run
it’ll be hard.

If you still decide to apply senade to lose
weight, you need to drink it at night a couple of days. If no effect is observed,
The dose can be raised to 3 capsules, but not more. Already in 2 days
the drug will remove the accumulated feces and reduce weight, but – only on their
mass of Continue to apply the “shock” dose for more than 2 days,
it can cause dehydration and loss of valuable minerals,
break the metabolism.

Additional recommendations

Senade well helps with constipation after fasting days or
строгой диеты. At night, you need to take 1 capsule, and
Quickly acted, drink 1-2 glasses of water. For more
the effect is to include in the diet more fresh vegetables and fruits,
low-fat yoghurts or kefir, wholemeal loafs.

The defecation when taking senade is accompanied by strong


With an overdose, frequent bowel movements are known, known as
diarrhea, which can cause severe dehydration. AT слизистой
intestine begins to be deposited by melanin. May cause an ulcer
gastritis, palpable irritation of the intestines. Therefore, those who drink it
The medicine must be consumed at least 3 liters of water per day. AT
severe cases may need treatment in the ward. Therefore, when
The first signs of diarrhea or dehydration should be sought immediately.
medical care.


Although it is believed, allegedly herbal preparations are absolutely
harmless, it is completely wrong. Senade has its own
contraindications that are important to consider. At the first place –
individual intolerance to the components. Extremely careful need
apply the drug to pregnant women, nursing moms, patients with
kidney or liver problems or after abdominal operations.

Senade is contraindicated in:

  • spastic constipation;
  • cystitis;
  • peritonitis;
  • uterine or gastric bleeding;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • strangulated hernia;
  • pains in the stomach and intestines.

Боль в животе

Side effects

In addition to contraindications, senade has some side
effects worth paying attention to. It is necessary to begin reception with
small dose to avoid allergies or intolerance

Side effects:

  • vomiting, nausea;
  • diarrhea;
  • rash;
  • flatulence;
  • urine changes color;
  • convulsions;
  • confusion;
  • vascular collapse.

Drug interaction

It is very important to consider whether any other medications are taken.
parallel with senade. It is not combined with all means
therefore, if used for a long time, and in large doses, the drug
able to:

  1. Strengthen the action of cardiac glycosides.
  2. ATлиять на действие препаратов против аритмии.
  3. Provoke hypokalemia with simultaneous use
    тиазидных диуретиков, глюкокортикостероидов, средств с корнем

Terms and conditions of storage

Senade in storage is not capricious, it must be a dry place, with
temperature not higher than 30 degrees. Shelf life is 3
of the year.

Opinion nutritionists and losing weight

Opinions of doctors and losing weight about the performance of senade –
positive, it has a mild laxative effect. A drug
affects the receptors of the intestinal mucosa, and sennosides
adds activity to the intestinal smooth muscle. Those in turn
enhance the frequency and speed of movement. Peristalsis increases,
intestine emptied. ATес после приёма таблетки снижается на 2-3

But to expect such an effect can only with the right
use senade! ATажно учитывать и общее состояние здоровья, и
the presence of contraindications. Doctors especially emphasize that
A medicine created for the treatment of constipation, and strongly hope that
manage to lose weight for a long time, still not worth it.

Women who tried to lose weight with this
laxative, note that the drug helps well
control weight after heavy feasts. Only but
a significant minus medication – causes severe pain when
bowel movements and frequent urging, so leaving the house is problematic. AT
Plus – not addictive, does not lead to severe constipation, if
do not exceed dosage.

Таблетка Сенаде

ATоздействие сенаде можно убыстрить, если употребить пару
glasses of warm, slightly salty water.

Price and analogues

The full analogue or other name senade is called a glaxenna.
ATыпускается в таблетках и капсулах, сильно стимулирует
peristalsis. AT основном составе – сеннозиды А и AT, помогающие
adjust the chair. You can store no more than 3 years, at a temperature
up to 25 degrees in a dry, dark place. Price – from 530 to 600

Have a similar effect:

  1. Сеннадексин. Laxative of vegetable
    constituents, contains dianthron glycosides. Stimulates
    peristalsis of the colon, improves the work of the intestine.
    Habituation does not cause. Цена – 18 rubles.
  2. Ex-lax. ATыпускается в форме жевательных
    records. Содержит сеннозиды А и AT, из дополнительных веществ –
    sucrose, cocoa beans, palm oil, lecithin. You can store at
    температуре не выше 25 градусов, срок годности составляет 3 of the year.
    Цена – 130 rubles.

Similar effects have:

  1. Bekunis – in the form of dragee.
  2. X-Prep – in liquid form.
  3. Regulation – in the form of cubes.

Nutritionists note that senade perfectly cleans the body from
slag and improves the bowels, but it is important to remember that any
weight loss is stressful for the body. And he will immediately try
make deposits for the future, as soon as you stop taking the drug.
So the medicine is effective if you need to lose weight quickly and on
a certain period, but constantly “clean up” those extra pounds it does not
will be.

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