Slimming pool or how to quickly swim togoals?

basseyn-dlya-pohudeniya-uchimsya-plyt-k-uspehuThat came
long-awaited spring, and therefore summer is just around the corner! Many
girls at this time are beginning to actively put in order
own body after a long winter rest, good ways and
weight loss products today exist quite

Today it will be about swimming in the pool, which for many people
is one of the most favorite activities.

And this is not at all surprising, because how easily water is capable
fill us with invisible energy. Besides, it allows
get rid of excess weight and at the same time tighten everything
body muscles.


The advantages of swimming in the pool for weight loss

Swimming is an excellent option for physical activity.
while the load on the joints is virtually absent,
the spine is unloaded, but the useful work
the musculoskeletal system on the contrary increases significantly,
which helps to lose extra pounds.

It also stimulates the lungs and lymph nodes,
vascular system strengthens, immunity increases, accelerated
metabolic processes in the body, the nervous system relaxes, everything
troubles fade into the background. That is, swimming has
anti-stress effect and extremely beneficial effect on
moral state of man.

During classes in the pool for weight loss a person loses by 25%
more energy than normal running (maximum full
weight management for runners for beginners read in
this material), and with an increase in pace calorie consumption reaches
marks 800 units per hour, which is very serious
indicator. In addition, the plus is the intensive work of all
muscle groups of the body that are not always active in other types
physical exertion.

People with a lot of weight are simply vital
swimming, since the effect of hydro-weightlessness helps them lose
extra pounds without much stress for the body, which allows
they do physical exercise of any complexity. Same
important for older people or with limited

But keep in mind that just being in the water without sufficient
Activity is hopeless! Therefore, if you still do not
you can swim, it is worth going through special courses, where
professional trainers will teach you this and also help
to make an individual set of exercises.


What newcomers need to know for swimming in the pool:

  • The first time swimming lessons should not exceed 30 minutes.
    Only from the third week of regular workouts can you think about
    increase the length of stay in the pool to 45 minutes and
  • Occupation must begin with a good warm-up to
    warm your muscles well, which are already from the first minutes of swimming
    will work in full force. To do this, follow the slopes
    squats, jumps, legs and legs. Then go into the water and
    continue the same set of exercises.
  • Not able to swim at first, you can use inflatable
    around or vest.
  • During the training session in swimming pool you need to lay out
    as much as possible! After all, in order for the body to get the desired shape, above it
    need to work!
  • Do not forget to alternate different types of exercises that will help
    you achieve the best results.
  • Before swimming for two hours, refuse to eat, otherwise the water will be
    exert a strong pressure on the belly that will cause
  • After class, almost everyone wakes up a strong feeling.
    hunger, however, to maximize efficiency, it is necessary
    restrain your emotions and satisfy hunger with a maximum of one apple, but
    no more.
  • The temperature of the water in the pool should not be below 24 degrees
    Otherwise, the effect will not be, as the body will be forced
    protect yourself from the cold, not fat.

Exercises in the pool for weight loss: we build a workout

If you don’t want to be wasted for you,
need to clearly know what you need to do. For this there is
several techniques and exercises that will help stimulate
the fat burning process is even more efficient.

Schedules of many clubs include water aerobics (carries
gentle load and suitable for almost everyone), but for weight loss
You can choose and strength training with dumbbells (use only
after the approval of the doctor), and even dancing. But now go
directly to the tips and exercises!

1. Use attributes. Today in the pool
there is a mass of special equipment that is used with
the purpose of creating additional stress on the muscles. This and dumbbells
low weight for water aerobics, which allow
Strengthen arms, shoulders, back and chest. And also in water activities
use fitness blades, gloves, balls and noodles (sticks).

2. Dance. Today, no one will be surprised by dancing on the water,
so many types of dance classes, such as aerobics, step,
aqua-step and others, relocated to water spaces. Under
fun music people dance and enjoy the extraordinary
a process in which they simultaneously engage and favorite thing
and bring your body in order, and even lose weight.

3. Meditative lessons. Help a person to relax. This
The technique is designed for those who do not want to lose weight, but want to
increase and strengthen muscle tone, develop flexibility and improve
posture. In this they will be helped by pilates, yoga, tai-chi and
stretching on the water.

4. Swimming “crawl”, “butterfly”, “breaststroke”. Technology data
allow you to tighten the press, well cope with cellulite,
they tone the muscles of the arms and legs and straighten them very well
spine. With a “crawl”, a person loses more than 600 kcal !!! And at
swimming on the back go extra inches from the sides and waist.

5. Water polo. This is a game that can be used not only in
training program in the pool, but also at sea or
river. At this time, all the muscles of the body are being worked out: backs, abdominals,
arms and legs, strengthens the cardiovascular system, increases
feeling of stamina, speed and strength as well as developing
team spirit.

6. Running in the water. This is the usual method we use on land,
However, running in water twice as intensively helps to lose weight. For this
you need to run aground and run in a circle there, creating
resistance with water.

7. Gymnastics. In the water, you can also do gymnastics,
for example, perform sharp jumps up from a position on
squatting, forcefully pushing against the bottom of the pool. Standing chest up
water, swing your foot forward and use your opposite hand
to reach her. You can make a mill: sitting in polupristest, wave
hands, as if raking water, and back. You can still do
exercise “bicycle”, “scissors”, and much more.

Do not forget to alternate the intensity of swimming (about unique
principles of interval load read HERE), for example, active
load for 25 minutes, replace the 5-minute relaxed
rest on the surface of the water. End the class is necessary in
calm pace. Contraindications

You can usually swim in the pool, but you can
aqua aerobics for people with asthma,
must be extremely careful, only in the presence of an experienced
instructor and not at depth. This is due to the fact that
hydrostatic pressure causes a feeling of constriction in the thoracic
cage, which can lead to difficulty breathing or an attack.

If you have back problems, you have cervical osteochondrosis.
spinal or tympanic membrane damage
swimming should start only at shallow depths and with minimal
loads. Because these people have impaired vestibular activity.
apparatus, and they are more difficult to maintain balance in water.

Allergy sufferers, remember! Water in pools is usually chlorinated,
therefore, in order not to harm your health, always use
swimming goggles or look for a pool with simple water that
now quite real.

Use of the pool for weight loss: Visitor reviews

Svetlana: “… This year I was at sea for seven days, and all the time
spent in the water. Total for this short period, dropped a couple of kg.
Immediately upon arrival enrolled in the pool. 4 months have passed, and
The effect is simply amazing! Not only did I lose weight by 15
kilograms, I also began to feel very good! Everybody
I advise! … “

Lyudmila: “… I love to swim. If I could, probably,
would settle in the water. With the help of active swimming, I lost weight and
completely got rid of cellulite, although for years she struggled with this
a problem. After all, the constant resistance of water makes this
массаж тела, при этом нагрузка практически не ощущается… “

Julia: “… I have been visiting the pool for more than half a year, but so far I have managed
lose only 6 kg. I’m not going to throw, because I really love
плавать и жду запланированных результатов… “

Katerina: “… They gave me a subscription to the pool for my birthday.
I went for a month and just fell in love with him. As for me, so
work in the water is much more efficient than even the gym. I think my
45 minutes three times a week will be enough to get
ошеломляющий результат… “

Ksyuha: “… In the fight against cellulite of the hips after each session
By swimming, I also rub with a special hard washcloth and
I apply anti-cellulite cream. After the cream, my skin has become more
fit and clean, so this method suits me completely.
In general, you can still go to the bath. By the way, I put on the pool
шапочку, чтобы волосы от хлорки не портились… “

Is it possible to lose weight in the pool – a word to the professional:

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