Slimming honey

med-dlya-pohudeniyaRegular use of honey and weight loss
often tightly interconnected.

The good news is that honey is natural.
sweetener – contains 22 amino acids and other various
minerals that contribute to increased metabolism and, therefore,
It is incredibly useful in the prevention of excess weight.

Honey is actively used by mankind for the last 2500 years. That
what makes it so popular?

This is the ease with which it can be used. Eat honey
You can directly spoon, you can spread it on bread, like jam, you can
add it to any juice or drink instead of sugar, honey can
mix with warm water, lime juice, cinnamon and other herbs.

Advantages of honey for weight loss:

  • Sugar substitute. Sugar can be replaced with honey in many dishes.
    and drinks. Honey contains about 72% fructose and glucose, which
    allows him to easily be used as
    natural sweetener.
  • Source of energy. In a tablespoon of honey about 65 calories,
    consequently honey is also used by many as a source.
    energy. Honey carbohydrates can be easily converted to glucose
    even the most sensitive stomachs, thanks to his very light
  • Weight loss. Although honey has more calories than
    sugar, but consumption of it, stirred in warm water, helps in
    active digestion of fats stored in your body. Similarly
    You can use honey with lemon juice and cinnamon.
  • Source of vitamins. Honey contains many beneficial for
    organism vitamins and minerals. Their type and quantity depends on
    groups of flowers used for beekeeping. As a rule, honey
    most of all accumulates vitamin C, calcium and iron.
  • Antimicrobial properties. Honey has strong
    antibacterial and antifungal properties and therefore
    can be fully applied as a natural
  • Antioxidant properties. In honey in significant quantities
    contains nutraceuticals that effectively remove from the body
    free radicals, resulting in improved overall condition
  • Skin care. The combination of ingredients like milk and honey
    help to get smooth and velvety skin. Therefore consumption
    honey and milk for breakfast is a common practice
    women in many countries of the world.

How to use honey for weight loss?

1. Аюр-веда – известная система традиционных индийских
knowledge, recommends using honey for weight loss by various
in ways. Every morning, start with a tablespoon of honey,
stirred in a glass of warm water, with the addition of fresh juice
lime or lemon.

This drink can be taken several times a day, but not before.
30 minutes before meals. Also honey goes well with mint.
or ginger tea. Ginger slices can be consumed in
food with honey to stimulate metabolic processes.

2. В древних индийских учениях Унани мед также часто
used as a basis. Slimming honey сочетали с

Initially, the essence of the recipe was as follows: half
cups of boiling water added a teaspoon of cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey.
But when it turned out that boiling water destroys important enzymes in
the composition of honey, the recipe was slightly adjusted – a teaspoon
cinnamon is filled with half a glass of boiling water, and honey is added by
taste after the water has cooled slightly. 3. Небольшое
the amount of honey with fruit puree will help you overcome cravings for
junk food. Place approximately 100 grams of your choice.
each of the three types of fruit (such as banana, pineapple, strawberry,
mango, blueberry, grape, apple, peach, etc.) in a blender together
with a tablespoon of honey and a few ice cubes and beat until
mashed potatoes. The dish can be decorated with various options.

4. Многие травяные чаи, как известно, могут помочь в
loss of extra pounds. Slimming honey добавляется в чай, не
only improving the taste, but also helping to curb hunger. Green tea
speeds up the metabolism, tea with nettle suppresses appetite, and tea with
гвоздикой уменьшает тягу к junk food.

5. Попробуйте «спящую» диету, которая была совместно
developed by nutritionists and pharmacists. The main feature of the diet
is that you need to take 2 teaspoons of honey
daily at bedtime.

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