Slimming herbs

travi-dlya-pohudeniyaLosing weight and finding the perfect figure
– This is a complex and multifaceted process. This can help various
methods and techniques. And do not forget about the help that
can render gifts of nature. It’s not just vegetables, fruits, or cereals,
but also herbs.

The number of plants that can be considered beneficial and
healing, very large – and many of them can become faithful
assistants for those who seriously take care of their physical
form. Using them, you can lose weight safely for health,
efficiently and permanently.

There are several main groups of herbs for weight loss, taking
which has on the body of a particular type of impact.

Classification of the main types of herbs for weight loss

The first group can be attributed to grass, the reception of which will allow
suppress hunger. The action of many of them is based on
that, getting into the stomach, they cause the release of mucus. As a result
less gastric juice is secreted and hunger does not occur in

The action of others is based on the fact that, once in the body, they
as if they swell, become larger in volume, and a feeling of fullness
comes faster. And the amount of calories consumed is reduced.
Over time, the person begins to eat less, which, undoubtedly,
a positive effect on its weight.

This group of plants can be attributed angelica root, flax seed,
corn silk, spirulina, marsh mallow, Siberian buzulnik. Ways
reception may be different. Usually made from herbs infusion, which
take before meals. In the composition of the infusion of herbs for weight loss

travi-dlya-pohudeniya The second
the group is a diuretic plant that allows you to remove from the body
excess water. Very often, an increase in body volume is associated with
fluid retention. Simultaneously with the liquid, slags are removed,
swelling is removed.

However, these herbs should be used with caution, because
with water, the body can lose and the substances it needs
example, potassium.

Therefore, taking diuretic herbs for weight loss and their dosage
it is necessary to coordinate with the doctor. To this group of plants
include birch buds, oregano, sage, wild rose, leaves
nettle, cornflower. The diuretic effect can be achieved by using
in food dill, parsley, melon, watermelon, gooseberry, green

The third group of herbs for weight loss are such, when taking
which the body begins to release more bile, as well as more
actively display it.

It is known that bile is responsible, first of all, for splitting
food components, as well as the removal of their products from
organism. If the body secretes a sufficient amount
bile, pigment spots are eliminated from the skin, not only improves
state of health, but also the condition of the hair.

This group includes herbs with a pronounced bitter taste:
corn silk, valerian root and calamus, mint, dandelion,
oregano, chamomile, fennel. Reception can be very pleasant
leaves of lingonberry, blueberry and wild strawberry, as well as these berries
plants. Another group of plants that may be
effective weapon in the process of losing weight, allows you to normalize
digestion. At the same time, there is a slight laxative.

As a result организм избавляется от продуктов
life activities that have not been bred for years and are one
of the causes of excess weight. In addition, the intake of these herbs causes
accelerated elimination of split fats.

Among these herbs for weight loss are the most effective
buckthorn bark, cumin, anise, nettle, sunflower, aloe, chamomile, and
dr. And among food products that have a similar
action, can be identified such as grapes, cabbage, rutabagus,
red currant, pumpkin, quince and sea buckthorn. Believed to have
certain herbs that can increase the intensity
metabolism and energy expenditure. For example, this is turmeric,
which is part of the popular curry seasoning, ginger and
rosemary. However, the consumption of these plants, which
belong to the group of spices, can lead to an increase

Taking herbs for weight loss, under certain conditions,
can be considered one of the safest and beneficial to the body
ways to rule with extra pounds. However, since
most of these herbs are medicinal, their use
must be agreed with the doctor.

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