Slimming Enema

klizma-dlya-pohudeniyaEnemas have long been used as
natural colon cleanser.

The most common is the use of enemas for
relieve constipation.

But in recent years, enemas have once again acquired
popularity, thanks to the enthusiastic statements of celebrities.

In particular, Courtney Love and Britney Spears argue that
tried on themselves the incredible effectiveness of enemas for
losing weight

According to some sources, thanks to the enema, you have
it became possible to lose about 7-8 kilograms during
one hour due to waste disposal
digestive system of the colon.

On the use of enemas to clean the intestines as
The therapeutic event has been known for thousands of years. This
the principle has been applied throughout our history and especially
popular in high society. Even the ancient Egyptians and Greeks believed
that the body needs help in disposing of its waste and

Types of enemas for weight loss

The most common option for filling an enema is
water. Although you can use plain water, it’s still better
just fit the filtered.

Water from the tap is not recommended because it has
many chemical and inorganic substances, such as chlorine,
which may irritate your intestines. The water in the enema should not be
too hot or too cold – optimal temperature 39

But beyond that there are other popular enemas for
slimming, which can also be used:


Coffee enema

Coffee enema в большей мере ориентирована на печень, так как
caffeine in coffee is actively absorbed into the intestinal wall
and activates the liver to produce more
bile, which in turn removes more from the body

Method of making a coffee enema: 2 tbsp. spoons of ground coffee
on one liter of water.

Enema in salt water

Mix 1 tbsp. a spoonful of sea salt (but not iodized) for one
litere of water. Salted water will prevent absorption
fluid by the walls of the intestine thereby prevents you from frequent
the urge to urinate after the introduction of such a large number

It is important to use distilled or filtered water.
because tap water contains chemicals that
may cause adverse reactions.

Enema on yogurt

This и последующие типы клизм следует использовать, только если
You already have experience in this business. Enema on yogurt помогает
patients who have inflammatory bowel disease, cancer
colon, irritable bowel syndrome or hemorrhoids,
due to the content of live bacteria in yogurt.

Enema on garlic and english salt and enema on lemon

Such enemas are known to cause convulsions, but they
also have benefits. To prepare the enema, three small
chopped garlic cloves pour two liters of boiling water and add
2 tbsp. spoons of English salt when the water has cooled can be used
for enema.

Для приготовления клизмы для похудения на лимонном juice
the following proportion is used: for every liter of water 1/3
cups of pure lemon juice.

Enema on mineral oils and glycerin

Such an enema, as is known, shows an effect during
two or three days later. To prepare for every one and a half
литра воды добавляйте по 2 tbsp. spoon – sea salt, mineral
oils and glycerin.

How to use enema correctly?

1. Определите, какой тип клизмы подходит именно вам. AND
prepare its contents.

2. Выделите час времени для использования клизмы. Before
By this, try to eat or drink at a minimum, because you will
do a belly massage while applying an enema. Try
self emptying the intestines for maximum effect.

3. Подготовьте клизму – установите шланг и наконечник на
enema bag. Lubricate the tip with cream.

4. Лягте на спину, колени согнуты, ноги широко
set apart. Insert the enema tip into the anus,
relax and let the flow of water fill you. If a
convulsions appear, perform a light massage of the abdomen.

5. Когда пришло время, идите в туалет. Do deep
inhale, remove the enema tip and empty your intestines.

Side Effects of Using Enema

Although many people feel relief after an enema, and quite
may lose a few pounds, but there are also
complications and risks that may occur during the procedure
cleaning up.

  • First, equipment must be sterile to avoid
  • Secondly, excessive use of enemas can lead to
    dehydration, anemia, inability of your intestines
    feces naturally.

Therefore, use enemas for weight loss no more than once / twice.
in year.

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