Slimming coffee

Takeaway coffee has long become a fashion accessory in America. Which one
you would not open a celebrity magazine, be sure to meet there
photo of the actress or singer with a paper cup of coffee in hand.

And it’s not just that everyone really likes the taste.
drink. Simply, coffee has the ability to repel appetite, which means it
absolutely necessary rich and famous for losing weight and
maintaining the figure.

Slimming coffee пьют голливудские актрисы

The feeling of satiety appears in humans when the body
glucose enters, after which the blood sugar level rises.
The trick is that after drinking coffee, blood sugar levels
rises even if you did not add sugar to the drink itself.
 After drinking coffee without sugar and without milk, getting almost zero
calories from unsweetened black drink, you still feel

Происходит это от того,  что кофеин обладает способностью
break down the body’s own glycogen – an energy reserve that
stored in muscles and liver. Glycogen breaks down to form
huge amounts of glucose that goes into the blood. A cup
unsweetened coffee, and the blood emit sugar and insulin, in
the brain receives a signal that saturation has occurred and an appetite

Because of the habit of Hollywood starlets using coffee from
appetite, in America there was even a comic expression “Starbucks
diet”. So called the lifestyle of girls who eat little and
constantly walk with a paper cup of coffee in your hand so as not to
feel hunger.

Opinion nutritionist

The ability of coffee to quickly reduce appetite can be very
useful for those seeking to lose weight.

�”A cappuccino, better with cinnamon, in the middle of the day is fine to
kill your appetite and not get enough, says nutritionist Alexey
Kovalkov – but the habit of drinking coffee after a meal is bad. The thing is
that coffee, entering the body, activates, speeds up everything
processes, including digestion. Under the influence of coffee food is not
digested better, and just flies through the stomach and intestines, not
managing to digest and digest. It sounds tempting, but
nothing useful for losing weight in this. Keep fit
disturbing digestion, preventing food from digesting, injuring intestines
– the same wild way to lose weight as enemas. In the body, everything should
working properly and all organs must be healthy. ”

Completely different use for losing weight green coffee. Him
drink in the form of capsules containing green grain extract, especially
rich in chlorogenic acid. This acid has a property
stimulate fat burning, and on the background of a low-calorie diet
significantly speeds up the weight loss process. Green coffee for sale
in the form of ready-made dietary supplements.


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