Slimming Cocktails: Drink and Lose Weight

kokteili-dlya-snizhenia-vesa-telaCurrently there is
many different advertised cocktails possessing
antioxidant properties, so it’s very important for us
understand exactly what makes them a healthy and safe choice for
weight loss.

Many of the popular slimming cocktails on the market, despite
on large sales volumes have not yet been investigated on the subject
their effectiveness.

Yes, we know that antioxidants are a healthy addition to
virtually any diet and their consumption in the composition of non-alcoholic
drinks adds variety to your efforts to normalize
body weight, but still – before you opt for
one of them, let’s analyze this situation.

What kind of cocktails for weight loss?

Asay Berry Cocktails

Researchers have noted the high efficiency of the Brazilian berry
asay as an effective supplement in the fight against obesity.
Accordingly, it is often found as a leading component.
cocktails for body correction, increasing energy and possessing a huge
abundance of antioxidants.

Despite the fact that not all experts unanimously support
the asy-berry success hypothesis in reducing
weight, but in any case – it is definitely a great source
fiber and antioxidants, two components that support
the body’s immune and digestive systems, which means asai berry
Cocktails can be added to your healthy nutrition program.
Dark fruit smoothies

Blueberries, cranberries and raspberries are all rich in antioxidants.
Therefore, by mixing mashed berries and adding sparkling water, we leave
get a fragrant refreshing drink without extra calories from
having alcohol that will support your efforts in fighting
excess fat.

Antioxidants are also widespread in other
dark fruit smoothies containing grape juice or red
wine. But researchers note the fact that increased
consumption (more than one glass of wine during the day) slows down
beneficial effects of antioxidants.

Green Tea Cocktails

Green tea belongs to the minimally processed varieties of tea,
providing the greatest health benefits. He is quite rich
antioxidants due to the fact that a large amount of polyphenols
green tea is found in the leaves.

But not only these properties contribute to weight loss.
Drinking green tea reduces the rate of cleavage and absorption
The body fats and reduces appetite. Enjoy hot or
cold green tea, adding ginger and lemon to taste. Other
cocktail ingredients

Not only antioxidants in cocktails contribute to the loss
weights, but these drinks also contain fiber and caffeine – the other two
leading component in the fight against excess fat.

In addition, antioxidants are nutrients
contained in food products that help repair and
protect cells from damage caused by free radicals,
that are formed at the moment when the body uses oxygen
through cellular metabolism.

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