Slimming cabbage

You can tell about the benefits that cabbage brings to the body.
a very long time. A small head of cabbage is a loading dose of B vitamins (they
improve metabolism), vitamin K (it is responsible for normal
blood clotting) and vitamin C. But for those who dream
to lose weight, the most important plus of cabbage is low calorie (25
calories per 100 grams) and a large amount of fiber.

–  Клетчатка стимулирует работу кишечника – а значит,
cleans our body of metabolic products well, says
Nutritionist at the Weight Factor Clinic Marina Studenikina. – And yet –
lowers blood cholesterol and improves digestion.

Very much will benefit the figure unloading “cabbage” days.
True, it’s impossible to sit on cabbage for a long time. 3-5 days at the most.
Otherwise, protein leaves the muscles, and the person loses strength.

Here is an example of a short cabbage diet:

Завтрак – чай или кофе без сахара

Обед – любое количество капустного салата,
seasoned with one tablespoon of unrefined vegetable
oils. On the second day of the diet, you can add to the salad one cooked
hard boiled egg.

Ужин – 200 гр. boiled lean meat, or 1
a glass of kefir, or 200 gr. boiled fish.

All this is important to use without salt. Between basic tricks
food can only eat fresh cabbage, but in any quantity. AND,
Of course, we must not forget about the liquid – drink at least 2 liters in

–  Несмотря на все полезные свойства капусты,
it is still impossible to abuse it, – warns Marina
Studenkina. – In large quantities, it causes an increased
gas formation. Therefore, people prone to colitis and flatulence,
better to avoid this vegetable.

Special mention deserves sauerkraut. This
popular homemade has a diuretic, laxative
действием, а еще, она – лидер по содержанию витамина С:  всего
150 grams of sauerkraut contains its daily rate.

�”Some people think that sauerkraut only harms the body,
потому что в ней много соли», — говорит Марина Studenkina. –
�“Indeed, it is covered with salt when cooked. But then comes
the leaven process, the cabbage begins to “ferment” and becomes no longer
salty and sour! In other words, milk appears in it.
acid, which kills the putrefactive microflora in the intestines! “.

People with sensitive bowel nutritionists recommend eating
stewed cabbage. It contains softer fiber, which
will accelerate the withdrawal of decay products and will not deliver unpleasant

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