Slimming Belt Volcano

The Vulcan Belt is a device that is aimed at burning. fat on the waist, the most problematic place for losing weight. This effect is achieved by heating the skin and micromassage, which possible due to the special structure of the device. There is no the need to exhaust their own body with heavy physical exercises and strict diets. Slimming belt allows reduce discomfort when pain in the spine, lower back, radiculitis, activates blood flow in these places.


How does the belt for weight loss belly?

As already mentioned, the belt for weight loss Vulcan helps get rid of fat deposits, get slender waist and figure. What is the basis of the action of the device? Effect is due three-layer construction of the belt Volcano. Directly to the body the thermosel is adjacent, inside is nylon, and the intermediate layer – neoprene. Together, these materials create the effect of “sauna”, thereby providing micro massage and good thermal insulation by influencing infrared and heat rays to problem areas. However, at using Vulcan, your skin continues to “breathe”, that is, the air penetrates the belt freely.

Can this fat burn fat? If you dive a bit into anatomy, then we can recall that warming up increases the exchange substances, improves blood circulation. It helps a person lose weight. Slimming Belt Volcano не мешает нормальной циркуляции oxygen, which is an important component for fat oxidation. All these properties together make the device work on losing weight, and you can go about your business at this time.


Instructions for use

vilkan-classic-1.jpghow wear a belt Volcano for weight loss, gaining taut, elastic belly? It is very simple. Follow the instructions:

Deploy one Vulcan slimming belt. Wrap around waist and sides, while the body in this area should be bare. Hold with one hand the edge of the belt Volcano near the abdomen, freedom hand tighten the other end with the adhesive tape and put it on top first. Slimming belt should sit tight. If formed folds, straighten them.

You can not use a slimming device for more than 12 hours, sleep in it, which is indicated in the annotations to the product.

To improve the effect of wearing a volcano for weight loss, apply on the skin of the abdomen a small amount of gel before wear a belt

If you need to tighten the stretched muscles, tighten the belt The volcano is a bit stronger.

Attention! If you suffer from irritations, that are triggered by sweat, wear a Vulcan belt over a cotton T-shirt or a piece of natural fabric, wrapped around the waist.

how усилить действие пояса «Вулкан»?

There are some secrets that will help achieve more pronounced effect from the use of this device. how use the “Volcano” slimming belt to achieve maximum result? Before putting on the fixture, It is recommended to apply a variety of tools that are aimed at nutrition, tightening, toning, activation of fat burning. it can be compositions prepared at home or ready anti-cellulite cream.

Before applying the tool, you must take a warm bath with by adding sea salt, or make a scrub in order to active substances absorbed better. When the selected composition is applied on the skin, wrap the belly with cling film that will not help dirty belt volcano. At home you can to cook

Средства для повышения эффективности:

  1. Молотый кофе. Apply crushed grain or coffee grounds on the required area, previously diluted hot water to obtain the desired thickness. itт продукт stimulates the processes of lipolysis, nourishes the skin layers, gives resilience and elasticity, designed to accelerate biological processes, allows you to quickly drain excess fluid.
  2. Мед. Apply pure or mix with mustard powder, milk, orange essential oils, rosemary or lemon. So you will provide stimulation of metabolic processes in cells, cleanse the skin of toxins and slags, strengthen microcirculation.
  3. Ламинария. Dried seaweed needed soak for 20 minutes in water, apply to the waist. Provides saturation skin minerals, nutrients, removes toxins, slags, excess fluid.
  4. Глина. Dissolve the powder to the state of sour cream. water, if desired, add essential oils. Saturates trace elements, minerals, has a cleansing, anti-inflammatory effect, reveals skin pores, removes toxins and metabolic products, increases elasticity and resilience skin.
  5. Диета. Correction of nutrition in the direction of more healthy will provide quick care extra pounds. Make up diet will help you nutritionist.
  6. Спорт. According to expert advice, moderate physical activity, especially cardio workouts, provide fat burning. 

The composition of the belt Vulcan (Vulcan Classic) < / h2>

it приспособление для похудения состоит из внутреннего, внешнего и промежуточного слоев разного material. In combination, they provide the necessary effect on improving the nutrition of the skin, toning the abdominal muscles, and circulation of subcutaneous fat. Each material belt slimming Volcano has its own function:

  • Nylon. It is an artificial fiber resembling silk. Resists air entering at a low temperature. < / Li>
  • Neoprene. One of the varieties of synthetic rubber. Its stretched cells serve as the base of the material, have a high level of flexibility, thanks to which the Vulcan belt is able to fit snugly to the waist. Neoprene layer contributes to the accumulation of heat of the human body. < / Li>
  • Thermosel. The material, which is designed to act as a massager, to keep the resulting heat, to direct it to warm fat deposits. < / Li> < / ul>

    Contraindications < / h2>

    In order to avoid unpleasant situations, it is necessary to know that the belt for weight loss has contraindications for wearing, among which:

    • Varices; < / li>
    • Gynecological diseases; < / li>
    • Pancreatic dysfunction; < / li>
    • The presence of tumors; < / li>
    • Individual intolerance to the raw materials that make up the Vulcan slimming belt; < / li>
    • Skin diseases, open wounds; < / li>
    • Joints contracture; < / li>
    • Diseases of the respiratory system; < / li>
    • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels. < / li> < / ul>

      Where to buy Volcano Classic? < / h2>

      vulkan-classic-3.jpg You can buy a slimming belt in pharmacies of major cities of Russia, order onlinestores. The table below guides you in the prices of the Vulcan device and the addresses of sales points.

      Table – The cost of a slimming belt in online stores and pharmacies < p

      Name, address Cost, rub. Online store “”, 349 Online store “Green ball”, Green-shar.rf 270 Online store “Slimmy”, 449 Pharmacy “Dogovnik”, St. Petersburg, ul.. 7th Krasnoarmeyskaya St., 10 452 Drugstore “ASNA”, Moscow, st. Baumanskaya, 35-1 296 Pharmacy “Farm-Plus”, Moscow, st. Ferganskaya, 15, 382 Note: The given data was obtained by random analysis of the prices of sales outlets in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The information is not advertising in nature and is presented for informational purposes only. At the time of viewing the data may be outdated.


      Doctors Reviews < / h2>

      Doctors receive both positive and negative customer reviews about wearing a Vulcan Classic belt. The medical workers themselves differ in their opinion regarding this device.

      Inna, 38 years old < / strong> : “I’m a practicing therapist for over ten years. My opinion of such that the warming belts for losing weight violate the process of heat exchange, which takes place in the body in a natural way. As a result, a person may complain of overheating symptoms. Everyone should make a choice himself, but my advice is not to overdo it with a belt. ”

      Tatyana, 43 years < / strong> : “I often faced with such a negative effect on the Vulcan belt, as increased inflammation in the pelvic area. Many women complained of kidney problems, which became more pronounced after using this slimming device to lose weight. For men, frequent use of the belt threatens with infertility. “

      Nikolay, 33 years old < / strong> : “I don’t exclude the possibility that the Vulcan belt benefits those people who want to lose weight and get a flat stomach, slender hips. But I recommend resorting to this adaptation only in the case of a completely healthy organism. To abandon this method of weight loss is necessary for women and men who suffer from diseases of the bladder, kidneys, ovaries, prostate. Remember that the belt can trigger the development of dermatitis and allergic reactions. “

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