Slim Waist: slimming exercisesbelly

effektivnye-uprazhneniya-dlya-pohudeniya-zhivotaIf you
want to burn fat on the abdomen, the better way than active
упражнения для похудения belly и не придумать! Not miraculous
pills, ointments or superdies, but only the hard old-fashioned work
able to make your waist elegant and thin.

Fat on the stomach – the colloquial name of abdominal obesity, called
in medicine central obesity.

When the human body accumulates excess fat,
expressed in the increase of the waist, there is not only the need
buy a larger clothing size. Together with the extra centimeters on
Waves come to our lives.

There is a proven connection between the accumulation of belly fat and
the occurrence and development of cardiovascular disease. Before
than you become the owner of irreversible problems, you need to do everything
dependent on you to get rid of the disastrous abdominal

Today we will present 3 types of effective loads directed
to burn belly fat:


Cardio exercise

Do not be surprised at the apparent simplicity of cardiovascular activity: walking, swimming and
jogging. Starting to burn fat on the stomach should be with these
simple exercises.

Они помогают, в первую очередь, сжечь внутренний жир belly в
the layers that surround your stomach. If you skip this step and
go to the pumping of the abdominal muscles, then these fat layers and
останутся внутри belly, скрытые под мышечным корсетом.

Thus, the most correct start of the process of losing weight
belly будут простые упражнения: прогулки или плавание, легкий бег
or playing in the fresh air. Such training will help not only
speed up your metabolism (metabolism), but also increase the frequency
heart rate. High metabolism will help burn faster
calories that will reduce the amount of fat on the abdomen.

Targeted abdominals

After the first stage, consisting of walking, swimming and running
трусцой, можно переходить к укреплению и развитию мышц belly.
Only at the second stage of training there is a chance to create yourself
perfect press.

Exercises in which lying on the surface, you need to get
knees of the upper body (like “bicycle”) – great
Suitable for dealing with fat on the stomach. Even yoga fans can
give you an asana in which there is a similar posture. Lying on
back, raise your legs at an angle of about 30 degrees and keep them not
less than half a minute, then lower. This action needs to be repeated.
at the initial stage 8-12 times.

Exercises: the top 5 most effective

1. “Bicycle” – the best exercise aimed at training 6
прямых и косых мышц belly. Lying on спине, руки сцепите на затылке.
Raise your knees to your chest, lifting your shoulders from the floor, move the right
elbow to the left knee, straightening the right leg. Then continuing
imaginary pedal movement, perform the exercise in the mirror
reflection. We carry out from one to three approaches, in each of
which are 12-16 exercises.

2. «Капитанский стул» – Lying on спине, положите ноги на сиденье
chair at a right angle of 90 degrees. Put your hands on the back of your head.
Climbing up, hug your knees with your hands and push the body against
your lap as close as possible. Then go down, taking the original
position. The number of approaches and exercises, as in №1.

3. “Ball”. For this exercise you will need a fitball or ball for
fitness Lie down on him and stabilize the situation so that he
fully supported you. To fasten hands on a nape, a bottom chest
cells pull down to the hips. The goal is to stretch the muscles as much as possible.
belly. Then raise your knees, curled up, then – again
stretch the muscles. Repeat the same number of times as in # 1.

4. Vertical crossing legs. Lying on полу, руки скрестить на
nape, legs lift at an angle of 30 degrees, crossing each other
a friend. Slightly lifting the shoulders, feet to keep in a fixed
position as you can. Repeat as much as in # 1.

5. Vertical crossing of hands. Lying on полу, руки держим прямо
along the body, then lift them up and cross over their heads.
At the same time, we lift the body, lifting our shoulders from the floor, on
maximum height. Затем возвращаемся в исходное position.
Repeat 1-3 sets of 12-16 exercises.

Interval training

The meaning of the next stage of training to increase their effectiveness,
укрепив мышцы belly. Interval intervals are excellent for this purpose.
workout. They are performed by alternating high-intensity
exercise and low intensity. At the same time interval training is not
provides for breaks for rest.

Exercises performed with high intensity make
your body is actively working, and low-intensity exercises help

For example, on a treadmill to keep warm, on the initial
stage you need to run for 5 minutes, then 2 minutes – on the sprint
speed, then slow down the pace of minutes by 5, and again “turn on”
speed of a minute by 2. You can complete this interval training
jog for 5 minutes.

Пройдя все три этапа похудения и укрепления мышц belly, вы
be able to rate this program for real!

Exercises for похудения belly: видео материал

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