Simple Christmas Rites: On Love, Onstrong marriage for children

Simple Christmas Rites: On Love, On strong marriage for children

Every woman is a little witch, and Christmas
Christmas time – the best period to make sure. Any thoughts
aspirations and intentions from January 6 to 19 acquire a special
force Knowing how to concentrate and direct positive energy,
you can drastically change your life for the better, and here on
help will come in the Christmas magic.

On the essence of magic and Christmas rites

Many consider magic and witchcraft as a collection of strange rites,
supported by even stranger words. However the magic is much
deeper and is the very essence of man. Waving magic
stick and cooking strange potions should be left bookish
Wizards and Harry Potter, because in reality everything is much more complicated
and more interesting.

Magic is a process of interacting with
The universe. Her strength is the energy of the person himself who requests
help or blessing, with questions of faith and religion here
fade into the background.

All ceremonies and rituals have the same goal – to help people
concentrate your energy on achieving the desired. Conspiracies and
spells play the role of a transport or transmitter of the will into space.
By understanding this simple truth, everyone can create
magic without asking for help to collections of spells and
rites of white and black magic.

Christmas yarns were perceived by our ancestors
as the most favorable period for magic and witchcraft.
It is believed that at this time the fabric of the universe becomes especially
fine, so any action aimed at achieving
desired, simply doomed to success.

The power of Christmas cards is explained in different ways.

  1. According to one version, in the period from January 6 to 19, the Christian
    egregor is the strongest, because in all churches and churches are
    holiday services, and millions of people fill the world with their
  2. Pagans associate the power of this period with the thinning of the line between
    the world of the living and the dead. Each person can turn to ancestors and
    will be heard in response to receiving power or protection of the race.
  3. But psychologists believe that during this period everyone needs
    miracle and it really happens as in our life
    what happens is that we pull ourselves into it.

Believe in mysticism, ancestral spirits, or the power of one’s own
Mind is everyone’s business. We are sure: every woman –
a sorceress, regardless of the presence of magical paraphernalia and great
sorcerers and healers among distant ancestors.

A simple rite of fulfillment of desires

For this ritual, you must purchase in advance
beautiful notebook. That he will become a kind of battery
energy that will later be spent on the fulfillment of desires.
Notebook should be memorable, bright and high-quality – so
so that from one glance at the binder one feels the thrill and

The ceremony is held on the night of January 6th to 7th. Required
retire in a separate room, light candles, incense or
aroma lamp – in general, create a pleasant and intimate atmosphere.

Then take a notebook and write into it everything that a person wants.
receive. And you need to record absolutely any desire – from
buying new shoes before moving to another country and getting your
first million. Every desire must be described in detail,
evoking the feeling that it is already fulfilled.

When everything is written down, the notebook should be closed and hidden in
discreet place.

In the following evenings, until January 19th, you must take
hands notepad, slowly read every desire and imagine which
feelings will arise when the dream comes true. In the evening of the 19th
(always before midnight) need to light candles, take a notebook in hand
and say in a loud, confident voice: “Letting dreams go to space.
Let them come true, but my mind no longer bother! “. After notebook
need to hide in a secluded place and not open for a whole
of the year.

Divination and the rite of love

This is a very simple fortune telling, known to all women since childhood.
Required подготовить множество небольших листочков, написав на
every man’s name. Then roll them up into tubes
bag or box. Be sure to leave 4-5 blank notes on
the case if the betrothed will have a rare name that the woman has for now

The ceremony is held on the night of January 7th. The bag needs to be put under
bed and go to bed, and in the morning, immediately after waking up, take out one
note with name.

After reading the name, you need to burn the note, three times

�”Come, (name of man), rather, in the winter cold of me
warm, from all adversity save, firmly and gently love.

Why burn a note? Only to provide energy transfer.
into space, because the energy of fire is one of the most powerful available

Rite of passage on strong marriage

To perform the ritual need any skills embroidery.
Required взять любую вещь супруга, иголку и красные нитки.

Be sure to light the candles and hold the needle a little over by flame
candles Then embroider from the seamy side of the rune Gebo, so that when
wearing clothes she touched the skin.

This rune means unity and partnership. During
work on embroidery should visualize marital relationships,
presenting how they will change in 5, 10, 15 years. Embroidery
repeat on your clothes.

The same method can be used to bind to
imagine a man and push him to a marriage proposal.
The main condition is that love and support should reign in the pair. Rune
magic will not work if the heart of a man belongs to another
to the woman. It is best to conduct the rite on January 9th.

Rite of birth

On the night of Christmas it is necessary to draw over the matrimonial bed
rune Inguz. And it should not be visible, so they draw it
plain water. This rune means fertility, the conception of an heir,
joy and love.

During работы нужно представлять будущего ребенка в мельчайших
details – eye color, voice, nose shape, etc. Night is needed
to spend with a partner, giving each other tenderness and love. On
dawn take a strand of hair, their own and her husband, weave a small braid
and burn it, releasing energy.

As you can see, all the rites are fairly simple. The key to success is
belief in yourself and visualization of the desired.

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