Simple cherry jam in a slow cooker. Recipescherry jam in a slow cooker, with brandy, nuts and jelly

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Cherry jam is a wonderful sweetness.

And in the compote add, and stuffed pies, and just with bread and
butter for tea. And, because you can cook cherries at all
exotic sweets, yes, such that experienced gourmets will be only
shake your heads.

Cherry jam in a slow cooker – general principles

• For jam, take a well-matured cherry. To juicy
the berries have not lost their juice, they are washed first and only after that
tear off the stalk, if necessary, remove the bones.

• There are many ways to cook cherry jam. It is cooked with
pits and without them. Berries are taken whole or crushed. Often
Cherries stuffed with pistachios or other nuts. Unusual
original cherry jam is cooked with gooseberries in large berries
which lay the pitted cherries.

• The main components of any jam are cherries and sugar, which
fall asleep berries. Often syrup is cooked separately from granulated sugar.
which can be added water. In a hot syrup dipped berries and
further come according to the recipe.

• To make cherry jam have a thicker texture
often gelatin or alcohol is added to it when cooked, often
flavored delicacy cinnamon. Special sourness and tender
citrus flavor can give it lemon wedges.

• Ready cherry jam is packaged only hot and
tightly corked for long term storage.

Cherry jam in the crock-pot – “Cherry in jelly”


• full liter jar of cherries with remote bones;

• 400 gr. sugar;

• 25 gr. �”Fast” gelatin.

Способ preparations:

1. Place the prepared seedless berries in advance.
cooking capacity, and combine with sugar.

2. Start the slow cooker in the “Quenching” mode and cook, slowly
stirring until the crystals completely dissolve and boil

3. Pour gelatin with 500 ml of cold water and leave. He must
swell well.

4. When the jam in the bowl boils, add to it the swollen
gelatin and mix well.

5. After that, boil the cherry jam in the slow cooker
a minute

6. Then stir well again, put up and cork in
clean cans.

Cherry jam in a crock-pot with raspberries


• два кило рафинированного sugar;

• one kilogram of ripe raspberries;

• pitted cherry berries – 1 kg.

Способ preparations:

1. Pour sugar into the bowl and cook the syrup, melt it in
mode “soup”.

2. Then pour a little less than half a liter of water into it, lower the cherry
seedless and bring to the boil in the same mode. Turn off

3. After half an hour, turn on again and bring to a boil. Again
disconnect for half an hour and so repeat five times.

4. The last time, five minutes before boiling, pour in the bowl
enumerated dry raspberries and immediately after boiling, turn off

5. Pour the hot cherry raspberry jam over clean cans.
and roll up sterile caps.

Cherry jam in a slow cooker with pistachios


• pistachios – 300 gr .;

• one kilogram of sugar;

• half a small lemon;

• one kilo cherries.

Способ preparations:

1. Pistachios clean, rinse and fry in a dry frying pan.
about 10 minutes. Cool and remove all husks.

2. Scald lemon with boiling water. Cut lengthwise, cut in half and cut
each half thin half-rings.

3. Remove bones from the cherries, and in their place lay

4. In a cooking container, mix granulated sugar from 100 ml of water and in
In the “Soup” mode, cook the syrup. Cool slightly.

5. In a warm syrup, lower the cherries stuffed with pistachios and
bring to the boil as before. Do not forget to shoot
the resulting foam.

6. After the boiling jam, turn off the slow cooker and let
stand for at least two hours. Repeat the procedure three times.

7. По окончании preparations положите в вишнёвое варенье
lemon half rings, mix well and packaged in cans.
Roll up clean, boiled metal lids.

Simple cherry jam in a slow cooker (seedless)


• one kilo of ripe cherries;

• kilo of sugar.

Способ preparations:

1. Rinse the cherries with cool water and dry. Remove
bones, twist in a meat grinder.

2. Move the resulting berry mass to the slow cooker and
add sugar.

3. Start the “saucepan” in the “Quenching” mode and, constantly
stirring, wait for boiling.

4. From now on boil exactly five minutes, spread the ready
jam in clean containers and roll up. If the berries are allocated too
a lot of juice, increase the cooking time to a quarter of an hour.

Cherry jam in the crock-pot – “Drunk cherry”


• ripe cherry with pits – 1 kg;

• 200 ml of brandy;

• granulated sugar – 250 grams;

• ground cinnamon – to taste;

• one and a half glasses of filtered drinking water.

Способ preparations:

1. Pierce clean berries in several places.

2. Pour water into the brew bowl, pour half into it
cooked sugar and melt it in режиме preparations супа,
to get a thin syrup.

3. Add a small pinch of cinnamon, cherry, and mash berries in
syrup five minutes.

4. Shumovka carefully lay the cherries out of the syrup and dry on
sieve When cool, transfer to sterile containers.

5. Add the rest of the sugar to the syrup and dissolve it, not
сменяя режима preparations.

6. After that, boil the syrup for another two minutes and add the brandy.
ровно столько, сколько получилось syrup

7. Mix well and pour sugar-cognac mixture
laid out on the banks of the berries. Roll up.

8. This jam must be insisted for at least a month.

Cherry jam in the crock-pot – “Marmalade”


• one and a half kilograms of cherries;

• 500 gr. белого sugar;

• a quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon powder;

• 10 ml of alcohol.

Способ preparations:

1. Tear off the stalk, wash the berries with cold water and well
dry it. Remove bones.

2. Crush an incomplete handful of stones with a hammer and tie
bag in folded three layers of cheesecloth.

3. Twist the berries in a meat grinder or perebite blender.

4. Pour the cherry mass into the cooking bowl and place into it.
pouch with pits.

5. Start the slow cooker in the “Quenching” program and cook,
constantly removing the foam from the surface until it starts

6. Lay out a bundle with bones. Add in three steps all
sugar, stirring well when adding the next portion.

7. After that, boil the jam for another quarter of an hour.

8. По окончании preparations добавьте корицу и, быстро
Stir in alcohol.

9. Pour the thickened jam over the dry, prepared for
canning cans and roll up.

Cherry jam in a slow cooker with bones


• one kilo cherries;

• 1,5 кг рафинированного sugar;

• 800 ml of drinking filtered water.

Способ preparations:

1. Separate the stalks from the cherries, wash the berries and pierce
each in several places.

2. Start the multicooker on the “Soup” option. Connect in the cooking room
A little less than half a liter of water with 800 grams of granulated sugar and
boil, achieving absolutely complete dissolution of the crystals.

3. Prepared berries put in a hot syrup and soak in
it is not less than 3 hours

4. Again turn on the “Soup” option and, after waiting for boiling, boil
jam for another 7 minutes.

5. Then put the cherries in a separate bowl, and cook five syrups

6. Again переложите ягоды в чашу с сиропом и добавьте остаток
Sahara. Cook while stirring until it dissolves.

7. Then close the lid, change the option to “Quenching” and bring
until ready.

8. Prepack on clean, prepared for canning.
cover them with sterile metal lids and close
sealer key.

Cherry jam in the crock-pot – “Original” (with


• large berries of gooseberry – 500 gr .;

• 0.7 l. drinking water;

• half a kilo of cherries;

• a quarter cup ground cinnamon.

Способ preparations:

1. Sort out the cherry, tear off the stalks and rinse well.
Use a special tool or hairpin to choose from the berries.

2. At the gooseberry pinch off the tails and remove the stem.
Cut each berry of gooseberry on the side. Select seeds carefully
and put cherry in their place.

3. In a slow cooker, boil the syrup on the “Soup” mode from sugar
sand, cinnamon and water.

4. Put boiled gooseberries in boiling syrup and cook
about a quarter of an hour.

5. Remove the bowl from the body and set the jam aside for 4 hours.
Then again boil a quarter of an hour and again set aside for four.
hours Repeat this procedure from three to five times to the desired
густоты syrup

Cherry jam in a multicooker with walnut kernels


• 200 gr. nut hearts;

• 1,5 килограмма sugar;

• kilo cherries.

Способ preparations:

1. Выберите из промытых вишен bones. Put the berries in
варочную ёмкость и пересыпьте сахаром, оставьте постоять полhours
If you like sour jam, reduce the amount of sugar to
one kilogram.

2. Then insert the bowl into the multicooker housing. Set to
timer time one hour and turn on the device to “Quenching”.

3. No sooner than half an hour add the walnuts. Good
stir and continue cooking until the end of the program.

Вишнёвое варенье в мультиварке — хитрости preparations и
useful tips

• There may be worms inside undamaged berries. If for
boiling jam need whole cherries with pits, soak them
pre-saline, the pests themselves crawl out

• If you are not the owner of a special device.
to remove pits, use a hairpin or
a match. The hairpin is introduced into the berries from the curved side of the stem
side, hook the bone with it and remove it. A match is pushed out
bone through the hole left by the stem, pressing down on
her from the opposite side.

• Gooseberry seeds are convenient to choose a hairpin.

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