Signs for pregnant women

Signs for pregnant women

If you put together all the rites, beliefs and superstition,
that they treated a pregnant woman at such a geographical point in
even a short time interval (as long as these elements are
cultures were in motion), then one can only genuinely be surprised and
admire how women basically managed to bear
children, at the same time keeping house and participating in society
(for example, his village, town).

After all, their every step, dress belt, lunch and business is peculiar
�”Regulated” in order to avoid harm from evil forces
mother and child to stay with other people
benefited … For example, a pregnant woman could throw a little water
to cause rain in a drought, but they could not walk on the water,
so as not to spoil the well.

The superstitions that have reached our days are perceived, naturally, not
as seriously as in the old days and many moms take it
more like original fun (for example, about sex determination). But
some women tend to use them, as psychologists say, in
as a kind of emotional support, persuasion
the fact that everything will be fine, pregnancy and the birth of the baby
will be prosperous.

And while superstition does not obscure common sense, in principle, in this
There is nothing wrong (for example, it is not good to refuse
nutritious fish just because, because of treating it, “the child
will be dumb “).

Child sex

The multiplicity of signs in this category is due to the lack of
Ultrasound in the same Middle Ages – simply, it was an affordable option
support hopes for the birth of an heir (which at that time
Often attached great importance). And here’s how to guess:

  • when it is more comfortable for a woman to lie in bed on her left side – it is worth
    wait a boy, if on the right – a girl;
  • nursing daughter, mother does not suffer from toxicosis, but the child
    �”Takes away” her beauty, that is, the woman’s skin and complexion deteriorate,
    hair fall out;
  • the birth of a boy predicts the rapid heartbeat of the future
    mothers, if the pulse is normal or slow – it means that
    little girl;
  • when looking at the belly it is clear that it is located high, it is
    says that there will be a girl if the tummy is located
    low – surely a son will be born;
  • in anticipation of the son, the pregnant woman can greatly swell the legs and
    freeze your feet;
  • if you offer a loaf of bread to a woman and she prefers a crust –
    she gives birth to a girl, if crumb to taste – such an appetite
    testifies to the boy.

For the health of mother and baby

In the olden days, homework such as spinning yarn, sewing and
Embroidery was a significant part of women’s concerns, so believe
that all this is contraindicated during pregnancy,
naturally, it was often perceived by women with enthusiasm.

But согласно статистке, сегодня мамочки, которые увлеченно
sewed, knit, bear and give birth as safely as those who
not inclined to needlework.

The main thing – do not get involved in a sedentary lifestyle and be sure to
to give rest and reasonable loads to the locomotor system,
time to go lie down and go for a walk.

The ban on red fruits and berries for the mother was associated with
ambiguous attitude to this color in almost all
cultures of the Earth, and in practice, as scientists say, this is explained
the fact that bright fruit can cause allergies. But сегодня
nutritionists insist – it is in such gifts flora most
vitamins and antioxidants.

And unfortunately, if you believe the signs, then every day for
pregnant is full of dangers and it is strictly contraindicated:

  • сидеть на пороге (в сакральном смысле это
    the border between the worlds and its violators is not welcome there);
  • смотреть на волков (они это запомнят и всегда
    will chase the child);
  • кушать яйца с двойным желтком (даже если
    one baby was expected, suddenly twins could be born).

From this, of course, it is better to dismiss (although on the threshold, it’s true
nothing to do). But to sit, throwing his legs on the leg really
not good. But не потому, что ребенок будет косолапым, а из-за
circulatory disorders in the pelvis and limbs of a woman.

Other Superstitions

Back in the twentieth century in the rural areas of Great Britain and the Scandinavian
countries there was a widespread belief that if you praise too much
baby, walking with him in the fresh air, this can
become interested in fairies (they are elves, people in the hills) and, deciding that
such a nice baby will be useful to them, they will steal it.

Nowadays, this belief has transformed into a sign that
not worth strangers (and sometimes relatives) strongly
to extol a newborn – you can inadvertently jinx it.

Also, in order to protect against all evil:

  • pregnant should not comb on Fridays as well
    все время вынашивания ребенка (если
    decide on the latter, perhaps the evil elves just do not dare
    approach the future mommy, who is angry like a hungry tigress,
    because I do not like myself in the mirror);
  • женщина не должна обижать животных (как
    option – fishing, hunting) at any time – so that the baby was
    kind-hearted, generous, brave and is fair.

To the baby was beautiful, pregnant should more often
admiring something beautiful.

Picturesque landscapes and works of art are recommended.
Only the wrong modern one over whose understanding is still needed
break your head. Because according to the continuation of the same omen,
if the future mommy will look a lot at something ugly and
strange, then the child will be born the same.

If it is necessary for someone that on a personal plot all
grew well and abundantly fruited, the decision is simple – you need to treat
the earliest of the collected fruit / berries familiar

Since old time believed, part of its positive “prolific”
Energy goes into the garden. Theoretically, it is quite
a nice reason to have a little during pregnancy
to benefit from the superstitions of friends.

And here it is curious to mention another sign – if
pregnant eats in secret, then the child may be born fearful. Rather
it’s just not useful for mommy in psycho-emotional terms –
for some reason to hide the desire to eat tasty. So definitely
with omens should be fought hard – there is in the open, for your
the pleasures and benefits of a child.

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