Signs and superstitions about housewarming

Signs and superstitions about housewarming

Moving to a new home is for many
modern people by the very event that necessarily requires
observance of “some” ancient traditions, in other words, he, along with
with the wedding, exams and the opening of the summer season most often
surrounded by superstitions and omens even from those in ordinary life
to mysticism is not inclined.

However, in our culture there is no single ritual
standard for newcomers. From the point of view of historians, in various
regions of Russia for centuries taken
paranormal sense to ensure happiness and other things in the new
The house was more than different.

So the signs that have come down to our days are actually
averaged samples of ancient beliefs, some of which,
By the way, continue to undergo changes under the influence of reality
cultural features of the modern world.

What do astrologers say

С точки зрения астрологов, самыми
unfavorable times for housewarming are:

  • solar and lunar eclipses;
  • the opposition of the moon with Mars or Mercury;
  • birthday of someone from the newcomers.

But the new moon – the most appropriate time in the month. Of days
weeks, the most favorable are considered Tuesday, Thursday and

The main signs for a successful settlement

So what should newcomers do first? If speech
is about the apartment that was inhabited before, then the paramount
care – cleaning. And this is the influence of fashionable Asian
Feng Shui teachings are other people’s things, and even more so – garbage, are
concentrates of foreign energy, whose interweaving into energy
newcomers may be “parasitic”, even if past
the hosts were the nicest people. Just figuratively speaking, two
these forces will be cramped in space, plus, greater energy
the reservoir has moved with the people who have left, and the remnants … it’s true
already unnecessary litter.

But even if after past tenants everything is clean, all the same – not
It will be superfluous as soon as possible after receiving the keys to the house.
комнатам и хоть символически подмести пол в направлении к
entrance door and at the end – through its threshold.

И важно отметить — убираться нужно в светлое время
. When this is over, open briefly.
all doors and windows letting in the house light and fresh air, as well as all
taps – running water will carry the rest of the negative.

And it so happens that in the new house the owners do it themselves
housewarming repair. Then you can use the ancient tradition and
спрятать в стене монетку из серебра — чтобы
never knew family need.

About a cat

Finally, it’s time to bring your stuff. But if there is a cat / cat
(подчеркнем — свое собственное домашнее создание, а не
взятое взаймы у друзей)
— первым в дом входит питомец.
It was always believed that in this way he expels the negative and
scares evil spirits. You can walk the animal to the room selected.
under the bedroom and if the cat / cat lies somewhere is a good sign
there and need to put a bed.

What to bring first

Постель же желательно внести первой из мебели
(but collecting is not necessary immediately).

Затем, в доме должна появиться печь
(electric, gas, and at least a microwave), symbolizing
hearth with its live fire, warming, giving food and light in the dark
night, protection from all evil. It will serve as a worthy alternative.
the old rite to transfer from the hut to the hut is the flame for the new
the furnace.

The rest of the furniture is entered in any order. But with
зеркалами нужна аккуратность — ни в коем случае
you can not hang them so as to get a “mirror corridor” – so in
new home can access unwanted otherworldly

Подкова над входной дверью приносит удачу и
protects against financial losses, only it should not
souvenir, and shot with horse legs. True as a design element
interior, horseshoe is not always appropriate. But here is our latest amendment
days – it is enough for her to hang over the door for seven days and seven nights,
after which it is wrapped in a green cloth and removed on the top
shelf of the highest cabinet – the effect of it will be the same.

As soon as the owners of the dwelling with the household arrived at the new place
со всеми вещами, народная мудрость рекомендует всем
to eat
Just do not go to the cafe – should either
cook something delicious, or order delivery from the catering.
The main thing – to arrange the first meal for the family in the walls of the new
houses. What promises further abundance and a good table. But strict
the rule is no alcohol this time.

Housewarming Gifts

A little bit of alcohol will not interfere at the housewarming party, where
guests will come. And by the way, it is also advisable for them to be aware of
gifts for the owners.

So, you can not give:

  1. Вилки и ножи — так можно привлечь в дом ссоры
    (other utensils and kitchen utensils are welcome).
  2. Часы — в принципе никогда не подходящий,
    promising bitter separation, a gift.
  3. Одеяла, постельное белье — считается, что эти
    personal things a person must acquire himself, and from others
    (even good hands), they will bring insomnia.

Дарить наличные деньги еще лет двадцать назад
was considered a bad omen – the owners will live in need, but to
today, not only under the influence of Feng Shui, cash
appeared in the list of approved gifts. The main thing is to first invest
them in an envelope (postcard), and secondly, a guest with such a gift, in front of
the entrance to the house must throw a coin across the threshold.

The owners of the house, no matter what the table is set there, relies
встречая гостей, обязательно предлагать им хлеб и
In ancient times they believed that only with their abundance in the house
will be enough and everything else. If there is a skill, it is imperative
you need to bake two pies – one sweet, the second – with chicken, again
for a well-fed, prosperous family life.

First night in the house

Special importance is attached to the first night in the new house. For
getting a dream, showing how the rest of life will develop,
it is advisable to have time to fall asleep before midnight.

If the family has a young unmarried girl, then saying
«на новом месте приснись жених невесте», она
may well see his chosen one that night.

Finally, before the moon completes its full cycle in the sky with
moment of housewarming, to strengthen happiness in the house,
нежелательно приносить в него срезанные цветы
because they, in fact, die. And although there is a small
contradiction – it’s not forbidden to bring vegetables and fruits, it’s
probably due to the fact that it is the fruit for food, and the flowers – just
so, for aesthetic pleasure.

But very positive in terms of energy can be
garden arrangement on the balcony or windowsill, with flowers in

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