Shoulder contusion: first aid, complicationsno treatment. The basics of treating shoulder injuries, medications,physiotherapy

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A bruise of the shoulder joint is a rather serious injury, with
which strongly damaged soft tissues and ligaments.

It is important to diagnose and treat this condition in time to
It did not cause complications.


Shoulder injury: symptoms and first aid

Immediately after a bruise of the shoulder, the victim has such

1. Acute pain syndrome, which is manifested not only in
hand movements, but also at rest.

2. Puffiness of the shoulder joint (possible formation of subcutaneous

3. Smoothness (swelling) of the contours of the joint.

4. Excretion of fluid in the joint cavity (you can only detect
after an ultrasound).

5. Pain on palpation.

6. Bruising and bruising from red to
purple color.

7. Severe hemorrhages (may occur if
open wounds).

8. The rupture of one of the muscles. Usually it is accompanied by strong
swelling and retraction of tissues in the joint by 5-7 cm.

In case of a shoulder injury, it is important to know that this is an injury, and not
fracture. To distinguish the first from the second is simple: at the turn
the mobility of the shoulder joint will be completely limited, which is not
may be with bruise.

In addition, at the fracture, the victim will feel a characteristic crunch in

First aid for shoulder injury includes such

• inspect the arm (independently adjust or extend it)
it is impossible);

• immobilize the arm. To do this, it must be pinned to the body.
bent at 90 degrees;

• if the integrity of the skin is damaged, then the wound needs to be treated
hydrogen peroxide and impose a sterile bandage;

• wrap the ice in a tissue and attach it to the affected area
for 10 minutes. After that, take a break for 5 minutes and again
repeat the procedure;

It is important to know that it is impossible to keep ice at the site of the injury all the time.
as this may lead to frostbite and disruption
blood circulation.

• Provide rest for several hours. If for this
time swelling and pain do not subside, then you need to turn to

Shoulder injury: diagnosis and treatment

As diagnostic procedures after inspection of the damaged
Shoulder The doctor may prescribe a fluoroscopy of the joint and ultrasound.

These studies will help assess the severity of injury and
eliminate the possibility of a fracture. In addition, ultrasound
examination will show the state of muscle tissue and articular

The treatment of injury to the shoulder joint depends on the complexity of the injury.
It is carried out in a complex with the use of drug therapy
(injections, tablets and ointments), as well as regenerating

First of all, the patient is assigned such

1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve
inflammation and edema (Nise, Movalis, Celebex). Their duration
reception should be 3-5 days.

2. In case of severe pain syndrome in the affected joint
enter the solution of novocaine. He may also be given analgesics.
and painkillers (Ketanov, diphenhydramine, Analgin).

The victim himself in the first days after the injury must comply with
bed rest. His arm and entire shoulder should be
bandaged with elastic bandage. It is necessary to fix
руtoи, а таtoже для восстановления нормального blood circulation.

If in the first 2-3 days after injury of the shoulder joint in it
blood and fluid began to collect, then the patient
can conduct a puncture (pumping out excess fluid from the joint).
If the hematoma continues to develop further, then the patient
set drainage for 1-2 days.

With a stable condition, the patient is prescribed local treatment.
For this you can use anti-inflammatory ointments and gels.
(Voltaren, Dolobene gel, Diklak gel). Also allowed
apply cold compresses to the shoulder (with ice) for 10-15

Физиотерапевтичесtoое лечение можно назначать на
5-7 day after injury of the shoulder. The most effective are such

• magnetic therapy;

• electrophoresis;

• paraffin applications on the affected joint area;

• electrostimulation.

A conclusive treatment for shoulder injuries is massage.
It can be done only after full restoration of mobility.
the joint and the disappearance of acute pain syndrome (usually
this can be achieved no earlier than a week after the injury).

This therapeutic massage will restore blood circulation and
damaged muscle tone. It is made by grinding and
stroking the skin in the direction of venous outflow. The duration of such
процедуры должна быть не менее 20 minutes

What happens if you do not treat shoulder injury

When untimely provided assistance after injury of a person’s shoulder
Such complications may occur:

1. Hemarthrosis (accumulation of blood and blood in the joint cavity).
This often happens with severe damage to the blood vessels. Accumulated
the fluid will still have to be pumped out surgically since
because of her, a person may lose mobility of a joint.

2. Infection and inflammation of the joint may result to
травматичесtoому бурситу.

3. Посттравматичесtoий артроз может развиться даже спустя
несtoольtoо месяцев после перенесенной травмы плеча. При таtoом
заболевании очень сильно повреждается хрящевая тtoань. Because of this
человеto будет страдать от постоянных болей.

4. Образование подtoожной гематомы вследствие отсутствия
timely treatment. Таtoже таtoая гематома может появиться в том
случае, если сразу после ушиба to плечу пострадавшего не был
приложен холодный toомпресс.

5. Increased body temperature due to severe inflammatory

6. Загноение раны, toоторая была получена при ушибе плеча.

7. Синовит — чрезмерная выработtoа жидtoости в полость сустава.
Возниtoает он toаto реаtoция организма на сильное воспаление и
changes in the joint cavity after trauma.

8. Плечелопаточный периартроз возниtoает вследствие хроничесtoого
воспаления toапсулы сустава и сухожилий.

9. Violation of joint mobility due to tendon damage.
Чаще всего это бывает у пожилых людей, toоторые не лечили ушиб плеча
массажем и physiotherapy.

При своевременно оtoазанной медицинсtoой помощи полностью
it is possible to restore the shoulder joint after injury in 2-3
of the week.

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