Severe bruised arm: what to do to preventcomplications, first aid. How to cure bruised hands quickly andeffectively

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A bruised arm is an injury that occurs when falling or hitting the

No one is immune from its receipt, which is why it is important
know how to provide first aid and to further

Severe bruised hands – what to do: ambulance

First of all, you need to consider that if there are external damage
manifested by wounds, then provide first aid
Caution. There are a number of basic actions aimed at
relief after bruising:

1. The place of a bruise is always accompanied by pain,
therefore, your main task is to numb the damaged area. Have
each person has a different pain defect, respectively, and a feeling
pain may be different.

2. In the absence of bleeding, you must give the victim
ketans, ibuprofen or aspirin.

3. In order not to form a large hematoma and did not appear
swelling, you need to attach something cold, and then smear the sick
place ointment with a warming effect.

4. The main symptom of a bruise is swelling, gradually
blue color. In addition, he is accompanied by a strong
pain that suggests that the functions of the upper limbs
slightly disturbed.

5. To remove the tumor, an antiseptic dressing is applied.
Good effect can be achieved by local treatment, which will remove
pain and inflammation.

6. Wrong hand is not recommended to move.

What not to do

With proper first aid, recovery will come
much faster. But in addition to the measures described should be aware that it is impossible
do in a similar situation:

1. It is impossible to warm the bruise site immediately after injury.
Bleeding may increase, there will be severe swelling.

2. It is not recommended to massage and rub the injured
area, especially if you are not sure that there is no fracture.

3. Open hematomas in no case be impossible.

4. Do not try to bend your arm forcibly.

If you cannot cure the bruised arm yourself, you should
contact a medical institution. In order to exclude
serious complications, radiography is done. Upon detection
трещин или разрывов связок, назначается специальное treatment.

Severe bruised arm – what to do, treatment: drugs and

Treat such bruises need in such a way that was not caused
harm to health. After receiving a strong injury you need as much as possible.
rather take steps to get rid of the pain
and discomfort. The main treatment rules are as follows:

1. Attach a piece of ice to the injury site, this will reduce pain.

2. If a wound is present, it is treated with brilliant green or
hydrogen peroxide. This is done until it is completely
will heal.

3. With a damaged hand, move as little as possible.

If a nail is injured as a result of the injury, it is applied
tight bandage. As medicines suitable conventional

• with severe pain, take painkillers;

• for quick healing apply ointment.

Many believe that the usual bruise does not need to be treated, since the bruise
was easy and no cause for concern. But apply ointment for
fast healing and resorption of hematoma is still necessary.

In case of severe hand injuries, it is worth contacting a medical doctor.
an institution. The specialist will determine the area that has been affected and
назначит соответствующее treatment.

Be sure to know that it was received injury. Because
if you have a fracture, for example, go to the hospital just
necessary for the imposition of gypsum. Duration of wearing gypsum
depends on the degree of fracture.

In order to get rid of inflammatory processes with bruises
or for their removal, antibiotics are prescribed.

For bruises, the hands and ligaments may be affected.
является поводом для обращения в медицинское an institution. Hand in
In this case, it is necessary to fix in one position in order to
she was not harmed more.

Additional nuances

Sometimes ligaments also suffer with hand bruises. In medicine it is
called sprain. This happens as a result of sharp
movements that are accompanied by a load unusual for the hands. Neither
in no way can you endure such pain after taking
visit the hospital as soon as possible.

In this situation, the intervention of specialists is
necessary because the joints can only be cured
anti-inflammatory drugs.

The important point, after bruising the hands, is to
exercise They need to be done, but carefully and gradually.
They help to quickly restore the mobility of the hands and remove all
pain that occurs when moving.

In order to quickly get rid of the injury is recommended to put
warming compresses. Many are given massage and visit.
physiotherapy room.

Severe bruised arm – what to do, treatment: folk remedies

Haveшиб руки доставляет много боли и неприятностей. In folk
a lot of money ways to eliminate all
the unpleasant consequences after it, namely the accumulation of fluid,
hematomas and edema.

In the old days, in order to get rid of bruises, they used heat
from the stove, which proceeded after the burning of birch wood. Stove
completely filled with logs, after they burned,
the fever was raked out, it was placed on the top. Near this place
I lay down the patient, so that the sore spot could warm up well.
But you need to ensure that there are no burns.

There are many recipes in traditional medicine for treating bruises, they are all
different, many of them include medicinal herbs.
Some products are recommended to be prepared and stored in
a fridge or a cool place and then use as
of necessity.

In case of severe injuries, it is recommended that you first be examined, and
then apply recipes from traditional medicine.

Severe hand bruises – what to do: step by step instructions

If you have a severe injury to your arm, the treatment should be started as
as soon as possible, without waiting for the moment when the place of injury becomes
severely hurt and swell.

Bodyaga against hand injuries

Take one spoon to prepare the medicine.
warm water and two spoons of bodyagi. Two ingredients are mixed, after
what means obtained is applied to a sore spot. Above
It is recommended to attach the bandage and bandage it. In a day
applied two bandages.


Since ancient times, this medicinal plant is used, it
relieves inflammation and anesthetizes the injury site. Astonished place
heals in a few days, with no patient complications
does not occur.

Pick the leaves, cut them into small pieces, and then attach to
affected place.

Plantain Ointment

To prepare it, take a small amount of leaves.
plants, scroll through the meat grinder, and then mix with
Butter or Vaseline. If you have a lot of plantain, then
composition can also add its juice.

Burdock root ointment

For the treatment of bruises, ointments prepared with
using medicinal herbs. Burdock root ointment – это
The best remedy for the treatment of bruises. In order to cook it,
you need to take 75 grams of burdock root, rinse them thoroughly, and
then dry.

Ready roots are poured 200 ml of sunflower oil, for
some time the composition is infused, and then cooked on fire 15
minutes The medicine cannot be brought to a boil. Taking it off the fire
Cool well, strain and pour into a dark glass jar.
Immediately after the injury, apply ointment to the sick.
places. The finished product is stored in the refrigerator.

Aloe leaves

Surely in every house there is this miraculous plant. It
It helps well with various injuries, including bruises. For
treatment you need to take the leaves of the plant, smear them with honey and attach to
sore spots, fixing the bandage. Forя того чтобы лечебный
the effect was better, the leaves can be cut in half. This method
good for treating bruises on the hands of young children, so
no matter how uncomfortable and unpleasant the product is.
will arise.

Laundry soap

Take the usual laundry soap and rub it on the shallow
grater, adding water and one yolk. All ingredients carefully
Stir, should make a mixture similar to ointment. By her
soak gauze and apply to the place of injury, on top
it is recommended to fix the bandage. Thanks to this procedure
the pain will quickly go away.

Hypericum Ointment

Forя приготовления мази, возьмите свежую траву, и тщательно
chop, then mix with pork fat, if it is not,
take the butter. Ready means well helps with
bruises, it is applied as a compress. Forя более
effectivelyго лечения, одновременно можно принимать отвар из

Garlic tincture

For того чтобы избежать образования опухоли в месте ушиба, нужно
use this tincture: take two small heads
garlic and rub them grated. The resulting slurry pour vinegar
6%. The tincture is poured into a container of dark glass and put
insist on 7 days. The finished product is rubbed into sore spots.
два раза в день в течение 10 minutes You can store it no more than 8

Bruises, bruises – at first glance it’s just a trifle and not
what danger is there of it. It is because of such reasoning,
serious complications arise. Even if your injury seems to you
minor, consult a doctor, and if this is not possible,
Be sure to use folk remedies.

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