Self-massage for weight loss

samomassage-dlya-pohudeniyaSlim figure is not only
lack of extra pounds, it is also a clear body contour, and
skin elasticity. A massage allows you to achieve this.

If you can not attend a professional masseuse –
help self-massage for weight loss, to perform that every woman
can at home.

What are the same effects are accompanied by massage and self-massage for
losing weight?

The first is the improvement of lymph flow. As a result
both metabolism and skin tissue structure are restored. AT
in particular, the layer of subcutaneous fat is reduced.

It is believed that for effective self-massage you need to use
not by brushing, but by hand – only in this case, they will be from the body
harmful substances are removed, and nutrients, on the contrary,
will be digested as much as possible.

It is believed that even seven sessions of massage performed
right, it will be enough to see positive
changes in shape and skin condition. And a similar effect can be
to achieve not only in the beauty salon, but also at home.

Basic self-massage techniques for losing weight is easy to master. ATо
In many ways, they resemble the rules for handling a dough that is creased,
going and pounded, stroked. About the same
movements performed self-massage. And so that its effect was more
pronounced, before the session is used warming up
massage creams.


Technique self-massage for slimming hips

For this type of self-massage for weight loss, you need to sit down
on the sofa, and put one foot on the floor, and the other – put along
the couch. This foot is massaged with light movements until relaxation.
Then the skin along with a layer of fat is collected in the palm and
rolled, outward towards the inner thigh.
Then the massage is performed by the edges of the palms, towards

ATнутренняя сторона бедра разминается движениями, аналогичными
kneading the dough, but not before the appearance of pain. For massage
outer thighs, knuckles are used. AT
completion, the skin is patted and stroked. Similarly
self-massage of the second leg is performed.

For massage задней поверхности бедер можно использовать ту же
position The leg is set aside and slightly lifted to the toe.
Receptions are used similar. If it is more convenient, self-massage can
hold and reclining. Leg while half-bend in such a way
to the knee was sent to the ceiling.


Self-massage for weight loss живота

This self-massage is carried out only standing, so as not to affect
internal organs. The waist and abdomen are first stroked over
the direction of movement of the hour hand. Movements are performed immediately.
with two hands, the brush of one lies on the brush of the other.

Start a self-massage for weight loss is better with the abdomen, and then
go to the waist and lower back. When lumbar massage, hand position
periodically change. Movement is repeated 10-12 times.

ATыполнив разогревающие движения, можно переходить к основным
movements. First, stretch the skin of the abdomen. Fat fold
going between your fingers and being delayed, and then
rolls, from right to left and vice versa. Similar
movements are performed with several folds throughout the abdomen.

AT завершение, выполнить поглаживания. Next, the skin of the abdomen
pounded from top to bottom using knuckles.
After that, you can do the rubbing movement throughout
the surface of the torso – they are also performed with the help of the knuckles.
Complete self-massage with stroking palm.

If body fat is pronounced, such
reception like knocking down. Fat fold как бы поколачивается по
from top to bottom with knuckles. Such movements
are performed 5-6 times, and then the fat is knocked off by the edge of the brush, which
for this, a few bends.

Features self-massage

For this massage you need to sit on a chair, straighten your back and lift
chin. ATажно выполнять все движения с осторожностью.
Self-massage is performed from top to bottom, from armpits to
collarbone, without pulling the skin. Simultaneously produced
massage of both breasts, the number of movements is no more than

It is advisable to perform self-massage for weight loss regularly, at least
for a certain time. Even better if it becomes useful.
habit, allowing you to constantly maintain your body in

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