Seasonal tips for better life. Winter

Seasonal tips for better life. Winter

Winter, наверное, и создана для того, чтобы длинными,
winter evenings analyze your past, take a fresh look
on some situations and start life from scratch. In the most
the sad months of the year can be put in order not only
emotional state, but also the whole family. She took care of herself
nature, you just need to properly dispose of its clues
which she generously shares.


The rituals are performed from the first days of December, and they will begin gradually
act directing the flow of positive energy to the right

For wealth

As soon as the first snow falls, touch the coin and
They whisper: “How many snowflakes the sky gave, so much money came to me.”
You can repeat the words for subsequent snowfalls, but the first
considered the most effective.

Washed out litter, represent that swept away poverty, and
coins spread out in the corners of the room attract money

The power of imagination enhances monetary rituals.  The main thing –
one must believe in the power of magic.

They pick up a handful of the first snow, bring it home, put it in
white dishes with a few coins. Put the dishes on the windowsill,
so that the light of the month falls upon it. If there is no month in heaven, let
melting snow stands until it appears.

Утром на воду шепчут: «Талая водица, дай моему дому
the energy of the sky and the power of wealth and help save them. As I ask, so
will be. Amen”.
Bypass the house in a clockwise direction and splash
this water. Coins do not spend a month.

On New Year’s Eve, money is put everywhere, saying:
�”Let the money be born, multiply every day and all
On the Christmas tree are sure to hang coins so that they
attracted wealth.

For family well-being

AT начале зимы, 7 декабря, православие празднует
St. Catherine’s Day is one of the few holidays that
Both Catholics and Orthodox are revered. Catherine believe
patroness of the family hearth. If the family often quarrel,
appeal to St. Catherine with a request for the preservation of peace, about
well-being at home and harmony between family members.

Unmarried girls and single guys ask for mutual love.
Turning to St. Catherine, they light 3 candles;
attend the favorite color of saint – blue.

St. Nicholas Day, December 19, is especially revered in
many religions.

No wonder he is called the Skoropomnik. He is asked for peace and
agreement between spouses, about the pacification of disobedient children, about helping
traveling. Appeal to Nikolai in their own words, the main thing –
sincerely and with faith.

On the last day of December all bad things are written on paper.
deeds committed in a year and sincerely apologize for them. Above
candle burn paper, saying: “Burn the fire all bad, take off
mental load. ” Burnt paper dispel the wind.

After that, do the cleaning in the house and bypass all the rooms with a burning
candle, while reading the prayer. This ritual will clear the house of heavy


The most mystical time of the year. Divination in January is true, but
plots have tremendous power.

For wealth

From the first day of January 2 weeks in a row slander for food and
drinks such words: “Bless me, Heavenly Father, let me
live this year in wealth, satiety and health. ” Before that
baptize food and yourself, calling your name.

On the first day of January, they are symbolically “washed” with paper notes.
in the morning, afternoon and evening. Pockets must be laid out
coins, wallet is also filled with money.

Forget about the material problems will help the money pot. AT
Christmas Eve is filled with a small pot of coins to the top and
they speak it with these words:

�”The star of Jesus lights up,

The soul is filled with joy

As the bells ring,

People are pleased

So the Angels give me money. ”

The pot must stand under the tree for a week, then it is removed from
prying eyes.

Epiphany rite of wealth has great power. Late evening
on Christmas Eve they sprinkle holy water on walls, windows, doors and ask the Father
Heavenly send wealth and wealth. AT эту ночь все просьбы
conspiracies are of particular importance, so you need to ask
carefully and only good.

AT эту ночь принято купаться до рассвета, чтобы смыть с себя все
failures. And they are washed with melted snow for beauty and
attract good luck.

For family well-being

As soon as the New Year comes, you need to be facing east and
three times to say: “The old year is gone, but I’ve left my luck, the New Year
came and added. Happiness in my home and joy will be in it. ”

For the materialization of desires the best time is Christmas
Christmas time.

Рождественская ночь наполнена магией, в эту
ночь небо «открыто», и все просьбы будут услышаны ATселенной. Looking
on the starry sky, make wishes, ask for the necessities.

AT эту ночь можно подкорректировать свою судьбу. To do this, write
on paper, shaded in red, their data. On the second
side, not painted over, write 3 cherished wishes. Put paper
under the pillow and say: “What is said, it is written – will be done.”
At night a dream should come, foreshadowing the future. The paper is hidden from
prying eyes until it is fulfilled a wish.


AT високосный год 29 февраля не начинают никаких дел, не
arrange noisy holidays, this is an energetically difficult day.

For wealth

There is one magical day this month that is made for
attracting money.

AT день Святого ATеликомученика ATасилия, 24
, все бумажные деньги кладут на столе в 4 ряда и 4
times read these words over them.

�”I put the coin to the coin, the profit in the house
I call.

The coin sticks to the profit in the house

Money – multiplication, and I get rich

After such a ritual, every business will be profitable and successful.

Get rich without doing anything is unlikely to succeed.
Wealth and laziness do not live near. Rituals only help any business.
to become successful.

For family well-being

AT каждом доме живет невидимый «хозяин» – домовой. If a day
his birth give him honor and respect, then he will be a whole year
to protect the house and tenants from troubles and troubles.

February 10 in a secluded corner put a plate of candy
and cookies, pour milk.

Treat put with a bow, with a request to take from the heart, they say
warm, affectionate words, trying to cajole the “owner”. AT этот день
Do not kill insects in the house, so as not to annoy the brownie.

Protect the home from fire, lightning and evil spirits
Sretinskaya candles, which consecrate in church 15

They are lit during severe thunderstorms and for the purification of energy

Rituals for the return of lost happiness spend 21

AT этот день читают защитные молитвы, обходят дом по часовой
the arrow with a lit candle, sprinkle the house with Thursday salt and
splash consecrated water.

These simple rituals will help strengthen family ties and attract
peace and well-being in the house. Conspiracies have great power to treat
they must be taken seriously, pronounced with love and faith, and guided
only for the benefit.

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