Sea water poisoning: how does it manifest itself?is being treated. Is it possible to drink sea water, how to protect yourself frompoisoning

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World Health Organization Specialists
conducted a corresponding study. They concluded that
sea ​​water has a negative effect on the body. In her
many salts are present, so this liquid is unsuitable for


The negative impact of seawater on human
an organism

Salts present in seawater promote irritation.
mucous membrane of the digestive organs. The fluid contains
sodium sulfate. This substance has a laxative effect on
an organism. In addition, sodium sulfate may provoke
vomiting and nausea. Therefore, poisoning by sea water often leads
to dehydration.

The liquid may contain various malicious
микроan organismы. Therefore, accidental ingestion of seawater is often
causes gastroenteritis. With this disease
the mucous membrane of the digestive organs becomes inflamed. Most
disease prone young children.

By consuming seawater, man harms his health.
First of all, the kidneys are affected. They start working in
напряженном режиме, поскольку пытаются вывести из an organismа избыток

Seawater poisoning can be fatal.
Из-за повышения содержания солей в an organismе нарушается работа
nervous system, deteriorating condition of the internal organs.

How to escape in an extreme situation?

Adventurous can get fresh water with different

• condensate forms on the bottom of the vessel. It consists of fresh water.
It can be collected with a sponge or small cloth;
the traveler can squeeze out fresh water from fish. For this on
her body make small holes. French Dr. Alain Bombard
managed to survive precisely because he regularly drank such fresh

• in the rain, collect as much rain water as possible.
Liquid will help quench thirst;

A person can eat plankton. It contains
vitamin C and other beneficial substances. When eaten
plankton reduces the likelihood of scurvy.

The benefits of seawater

Calcium is found in seawater. The substance increases the strength
connective tissue, accelerates the healing process of wounds on the skin.

Magnesium, which is part of the liquid, reduces swelling,
contributes to the normalization of metabolism. Substance endowed
soothing properties. It helps to cope with nervousness and
irritability. Magnesium prevents the appearance of allergies.

Silicon improves tissue structure, improves cell elasticity.
Sulfur in seawater has a beneficial effect.
on the skin. Йод нормализует гормональный баланс в an organismе, улучшает
mental abilities of a person. The fluid contains и цинк. is he
prevent the occurrence of tumors, improves immune function

Следовательно, морская вода благоприятно влияет на an organism при
external impact. Therefore, experts advise not to flush
seawater immediately after swimming. It should be left on the skin.
several hours.

By what signs can you recognize the poisoning of the marine

After accidentally swallowing seawater may
The following symptoms appear:

• nervousness;

• weakness;

• pallor of the skin;

• problems with urination;

• diarrhea;

• unpleasant smell of urine;

• elevated body temperature.

AT отдельных случаях признаки poisoning исчезают самостоятельно
in 24 hours. Therefore, when the symptoms listed
need to visit a specialist.

How to provide the necessary assistance to the patient in the case of

A person who drank seawater needs to give first
help. It is necessary to wash the stomach:

1. To do this, drink 1.5 liters of warm liquid, in which
pre-added potassium permanganate.

3. Then you need to provoke an attack of vomiting in the victim
pressure on the tongue.

To replenish the fluid lost during diarrhea or
frequent vomiting, drink the solution “Regidron.” The medicine contains
большое количество salts.

At high temperatures you need to take antipyretic.
medicines. Children are advised to give medication, consisting
which there is such a substance as paracetamol. To reduce
body temperature should wipe the baby wet sheets. Fine
knocks heat 9% vinegar. Before rubbing it is necessary
dilute with water.

The drug “Smekta” with marine poisoning
by water

Many tourists accept “Smektu”. This drug
выводит вредные вещества из an organismа. The medicine is having
enveloping and adsorbing effects on the intestines. �”Smekta”
It helps with diarrhea, it eliminates pain in
abdominal area.

The duration of the drug is about five days.
The drug is allowed to drink during pregnancy and breast

The drug is prohibited to take in case of intestinal obstruction,
the presence of human intolerance to fructose. Need to strictly abide by
recommended dosage of the drug. For example,
babies under one year should drink no more than two sachets per day.
The daily dose should be divided into several doses. Powder bred
in a small amount of liquid (approximately 50 ml).

AT первые сутки после poisoning человеку показан голод. AT
further he should follow a gentle diet. To the patient
it is recommended to eat mashed vegetable soups, knitting

Как снизить вероятность poisoning морской by water при

Для того чтобы избежать poisoning, туристу нужно отдыхать на
clean beaches. Do not swim in places with large concentrations

Parents of young children should definitely be with you.
special first aid kit. AT неё нужно положить лекарства от повышенной
temperature adsorbing means.

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