Scientists: red wine is priceless for people leadingpassive lifestyle

Wed, Mar 12, 2014

A large-scale study of scientists led them to conclude that red
wine is extremely healthy. However, it is said about very small
doses. In particular, this applies to people leading a sedentary image
of life. Included in the wine substances are able to neutralize
harm from sedentary activity. In particular, quite
useful is the substance resveratrol, the effectiveness of which was
proven in laboratory mammals. As it turned out,
sedentary rats, having received resveratrol, had the best
feeling better than their inactive tribesmen who did not receive this

Despite such encouraging results, the experiment is once again
proved the importance of physical exertion, which, however, often
difficult to reach, because people spend at the computer many hours in
day. Neutralize this situation, according to scientists, are able to
малые дозы красного вина — один бокал в day.

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